Two Men are Kissing in a Restaurant: What Would You Do? [Video]


 Two men are kissing in a restaurant. What would you do if you saw this? What if a patron started harassing them? What then?


As part of their What Would You Do? series, ABC sent two males actors into a restaurant as a gay couple and asked them to be affectionate. They also sent in an “offended woman” and a “by the rules server”.

What happened is simultaneously disheartening and hopeful.

But don’t forget for one second that this goes on, the good, the bad, and the cruel, whether cameras are rolling or not. And by and large, it’s perfectly legal.

What would you do?


wwyd-gay men


h/t Upworthy

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  1. I would walk out fast, even if it meant not eating food and losing money. completly disgusted by that.

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