Video: Nerdy PSA Asks You to Stop Pretending to Be a Nerd

Okay, so it’s a PSA spoof from Portlandia, but the message feels really true to a lot of men and women who do not appreciate the Hipster mainstreaming of nerd-dom.

Two real-life nerds, Sam Sattin and Noah Brand, duked this issue out on GMP last week and inspired some really interesting conversation about who “owns” any certain label or terminology.

This issue goes even deeper, into sexism and elitism, harkening back to the many articles written about “fake geek girls” during gaming and comic convention seasons.


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  1. I used to be a nerd…..

    …until took an arrow to the knee.

  2. Never mind fake nerds, I’m more worried about all these fake Scotsmen.

    It’s getting to feel as though there’s no true Scotsman at all.

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