Video: The Epic Battle of Manliness

Self-proclamed “Internetainers” Rhett and Link present you with a battle of classic male stereotypes—in the form of a rap duel.


“I bathe with sandpaper and my underwear is denim”

“The sun comes up when I tell it I’m ready, then I trim my nosehairs with a razor-sharp machete”

“Search Google Images for ‘masculinity’, then feel free to photoshop your face on that image of me”

“If you addressed a letter to ‘Man’ and sent it in the mail, rest assured I’d receive it, but I ain’t gonna be your pen pal”


So, who won?

What was your favorite blown-up stereotype of masculinity from the song?


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  1. Damn I’m a walking stereotype of manliness and I didn’t even know it, thanks for this video.

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