Watch This Love Competition Where Whoever Loves the Hardest Wins [Video]

This touching video shows what happens in your brain when you experience love. 

A group of volunteers ranging from age 10 to 75 talk about what they believe love is and if they’ve ever been in love before getting a brain scan. During the brain scan they are told to love as hard as they can.

This is a touching reflection on how love affects us and how wonderful it can be when we focus on the love we experience in our life, whether that be through our chakras, our spouses, or our baby cousins.

As John C. Havens said on Twitter, “Have Kleenex nearby.”

Thank you John for the tip!


Photo credit: The Love Competition from Brent Hoff on Vimeo.


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  1. I watched the whole thing and it’s so worth getting to the ending. Watch it through.
    Are men better lovers? Does experience count? Find out.

  2. Jeanne Shepard says:

    I couldn’t hear it. Bummer.

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