What Happens When Two Strangers Sit in a Ball Pit and Talk About Life’s Big Questions (Video)

One ball pit, two people, one city. Take a seat and make a friend.

In the middle of a city square sits a giant tub of colorful balls and above it hangs a sign that says, “Take a Seat & Make a Friend“. Two strangers climb in and talk about life questions, some funny, some serious.

What starts out as what may seem like a weird social experiment turns into the sharing of life stories, laughter, hugs, and even a secret handshake or two.

This video made me so happy I almost got teary. I think that if we could stop long enough to just sit and listen to each other for a while,  we’d all be a lot better off.

We found this gem from our friends over at SoulPancake, brainchild of Rainn Wilson of “The Office”. According to the site, SoulPancake is:

Our brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor is designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good.

So perhaps if you don’t have a SoulPancake ball pit in your hometown, maybe take this opportunity to find some other way to take a seat and make a friend. An incredible story and your new best friend might be waiting for you.

Thanks to SoulPancake for the inspiration!

About Deanna Ogle

Deanna Ogle hails from the greater Detroit area and her work has appeared in The Good Men Project, The Printed Blog, and Provoketive Magazine. She is studying journalism and religious studies, and writes at her personal blog Soul like a Spider. Loves: carnations, iced espresso, and watching movies with her husband. Find her at Twitter, Google and Facebook.


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    I love this!!!

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