Who Says Coaches Can’t Do the Best Locker Room Victory Dances? (Video)

The coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers brings down the house while celebrating a thrilling victory.

Everyone has that super serious coach that you swear might melt if he or she ever cracked a smile. But, unlike that very stoic coach you had in high school, Tubby Smith of the Minnesota Golden Gophers knows how to party after his basketball team shows up and pulls out a win.

Everyone was feeling so good that head coach Tubby Smith was only able to get one sentence into his postgame speech before somebody cued up a Ke$ha party anthem, causing an impromptu dance party to break out.

It’s Friday. Do the Tubby Shimmy!

Thanks to our friends at Deadspin for this one.

Photo credit: YouTube, Tubby and the Gophers dance to celebrate a win over Wisconsin

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