Will You Take the #2Dto3D Challenge?


Make “social” social again by making your 2D online relationships 3D!

I’m as guilty as the next person about having a lot of online friends, some in-person friends, and very few that go from the former to being the latter. Even if you have a friend online that you enjoy talking with or Twitter friends who share the coolest links, sometimes it can be awkward to make that transition to “IRL” (in real life) friends.

Jason Dominy decided to do something about this and create a fun project for other people while he was at it. He created the #2Dto3D challenge:

The goal of the #2Dto3D initiative is very simple, it’s meant to take as many of your 2D social media relationships into 3D, or “in real life.” This in turn builds stronger community as it develops greater relationships in your community, which enhances it and makes for a better quality of life. The more of these 2D relationships you take to 3D, the more people you have inspiring you, encouraging you and supporting you in what it is you are working towards, too.

He goes on to explain why he thinks this is important and why he created the challenge.

It’s time to make social “social” again, to utilize social media to engage people in a real way and to develop solid friendships. What you will find is that many people on your Twitter and Facebook list are your neighbors, your spouse’s coworkers, your kids baseball coaches, your baristas, friends of friends. You will find lots of commonalities and lots of shared interests. Who knows? You may make a love connection. Either way, it’s a great way to meet new people and hear their stories. Be inspired by the cool things they’re doing. Connect.

Is this something you’d do in your own life? Will you take the leap and discover your (potentially) new best friend? Here’s what to do to enter the contest:

So, to help get this initiative started, I’ve created the Project #2Dto3D Facebook Page, and The #2Dto3D Challenge. The Challenge is this:

“Simply engage in a real #2Dto3D experience, where you meet someone on your Twitter or Facebook followers/friends list that you’ve NEVER met in person, ask them out for coffee, lunch or a beer, and share with us your story about it, including a picture from the meeting. We’ll pick a winner from the stories, and the story with the most Likes will win. We’ll also have second and third place prizes, and prizes are going to be great, including local art, coffee, dinners, etc. Post your story on the Project #2Dto3D timeline, and tell all your friends to participate and vote for you!

Visit the #2Dto3D Facebook page or visit the original Tumblr post and start creating a new story of your own.

Disclaimer: Obviously, be safe and take precautions. Meet in a public place. If you would be more comfortable, take a friend along with you, or start with a friend of a friend you’ve always known you had a lot in common but never had a chance to meet.

I will if you will! If you do submit, comment with the link to your story and we’ll help vote.

Photo credit: Flickr / CarbonNYC

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I always think of my Twitter & Fb friends in real terms. I have also thought it would be great to gather a group of adult CSA survivors and tour around the US, talking in person to the adults who are parents or who have responsibility for children (caregivers, youth-serving organization leaders, high schoolers…ESP if they have younger siblings). That would be bonding, inspiring, wonderful!

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