Workplace Bullying: A Chronic Corporate Disease

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About Rakesh Malhotra

Rakesh Malhotra, founder of Five Global Values (, is a world-traveled, values-driven business leader who specializes in organization behavior. Rakesh’s fascination with the connection between human behavior and core values was sparked many years ago. As a result of working, living, and traveling around the world to nearly 40 countries, Rakesh realized that the Five Global Values determine overall  human behavior  across all cultures. He is also the author of Adventures of Tornado Kid: Whirling Back Home Towards Timeless Values.


  1. One option not mentioned is to ask your tormentor to step outside and settle a few differences. I know one guy who did that. Of course the guy was fired. However, he proved the other guy a coward with a big mouth since he chose not to take him up on it. Completely destroyed his reputation.
    I know a women who did the same to another guy. He didn’t step outside either. However, she wasn’t fired. Female privilege I guess. (Oh, it wasn’t a baseless threat…her being a one-time world champion martial artist and all.)

  2. I worked for a tyrant. There was no stopping him. He retired in the last 4 months I worked for the company. It was unreal. What was more unreal was how long I put up with it…5 years. When he left, I didn’t know how to behave anymore. I gave my new boss a 5 hour meeting to discuss the damage control he would need to be doing in our department and how it effected the rest of the company, but I mostly needed to deflate from the last few years. I really just didn’t know how bad it was until it was over, especially now being a stay at home dad and being completely removed from the company. Stand up, there’s no use putting up with it. If no one listens, sound the alarm louder, that’s what I should have done. He should have been fired a long time ago.

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