Just How Much Does James Bond Drink?


He’s suave. He’s debonaire. He’s…drunk?

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The 50 Most Bad-Ass Movies Ever

50 bad-ass movies

How many have you seen?

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The Men of Marvel’s Agent Carter


They’re more than just sexist jerks, they’re the heroes of a different show.

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Happiness in America: A Quest for What It All Means

Cover image

Three guys travel America in pursuit of the meaning of happiness. What is your take?

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Sticking to His Roots to Save a Culture from Extinction


Sticking to his roots to save a culture from extinction.

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5 Life Lessons from Frank Underwood


Can we illustrate lessons on living a better life through America’s favorite villain? Alexander DeLuca thinks so.

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Leonard Nimoy: A Tribute


James Halcomb remembers the acting legend.

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John Boorman’s Real Queen & Country: A Cinematic Master Brings the Love Home


Likely to be Boorman’s last film, the sequel to Hope and Glory shows us love and war through the prism of a non-conforming, love-struck Bill Rohan.

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Backlash for Backstrom


James Halcomb deconstructs Fox’s new crime drama.

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The Hunting Ground, A Film That’s Honest About The Hypocrisy of Campus Assault

Hunting Ground Review

There are 3 steps in social change movements: awareness, attitudes, behaviors. If everyone saw this film, we’d suddenly be able to focus on attitude and behavior… which is a huge leap.

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‘Focus’ A Film Full of Suspense and Mystery

Focus 1 crop

A Movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the finale.

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Sean Penn’s Big Mistake and What We Should Learn From It


Sean Penn forgot that behaviors which may seem appropriate in private are often inappropriate in public.

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Aliens, Tentacle Sex, And Racism: Surprising Lessons From Sci-Fi


Scientists are hotly debating whether we should send messages into space. Perhaps they should consult Octavia Butler for some wisdom…

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Graham Moore Wins Oscars Night: ‘Stay Weird. Stay Different.’

Graham Moore

In his acceptance speech for ‘The Imitation Game,’ Moore shares a powerful message based on the story of his own attempted suicide as a teenager.

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Money Porn: The Objectification of Christian Grey


A story with toxic ideas about gender includes the toxic image of men as success objects.

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The Only 9 Men We See on TV


Matthew Branch is giving up on finding worthy role models on Television — here’s what he has to choose from.

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