Marlon Brando’s Best Film? You’ve Never Heard Of It

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It’s not “The Godfather”. “Burn” is Brando’s best film, and Jesse Kornbluth tells us why.

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‘Suicide Squad’ A Group of Familiar Anti-Heroes

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  This band of villains are coming next year, here are some things you should know about them 2016 is going to be a big year for movies. They are releasing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-men Apocalypse, Deadpool and many other big movies. But the one I am excited about is Suicide Squad. […]

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‘Vacation’ Takes the Series in a New Direction

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This time Rusty takes his family on a trip they will never forget — The Griswold family has been to many exotic locales over the years. They have traveled across the US to visit Walley World, they traveled all over Europe and even visited Las Vegas. In each trip there have been common themes. The dad […]

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The Best Storytelling Podcasts


When you want to listen to a story, these voices are waiting for you.

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The 1998 Version of Godzilla Is Not Pretentious and Deserves a Look


Don’t believe the critics, says Rich Monetti. Matthew Broderick makes this version of Godzilla “a good old ride on the popcorn machine

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‘Pixels’ Brings a New Kind of Enemy

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  Only the arcaders can stop this threat in a life or death game This film begins in a simple time. A moment in history when video games were played in arcades and those who played them well were respected and became masters of the classics like Pac-Man , Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and other […]

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‘Southpaw’ Asks People to Believe in Hope

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The journey of a dad who loses it all and fights to get it back The boxing movie is nothing new in Hollywood. It has been around for decades and became quite popular thanks to the Rocky movies. These films were all about one man, a nobody who gets a chance to fight a champion […]

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Are You Just One of The Boys?

break the mold

Why is being “Just one of the boys” a bad thing?

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Oliver Stone Discusses “Nixon” And “JFK” At The Jacob Burns Film Center

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Oliver Stone took to discussing his recent film, and how it shouldn’t be misinterpreted based on his intentions. Rich Monetti reviews, and weighs in here.

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NBC’s The Island’s Breakout Star Benji Spills Secrets, Muses on Next

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Whether building Fort Bangarang, or performing turtle CPR, Benji Lanpher emerged as NBC’s The Island’s inspirational leader.

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Starship Troopers Requires More Than One Viewing To Get A True Understanding

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Rich Monetti collects more than a fantastical adventure from the movie “Starship Troopers”.

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The Walking Dead is Really About the Beginning and End of the World we Live in Now

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Rich Monetti draws similarities between zombies and world politics.

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‘Trainwreck’ Changes the Rules of Romantic Comedies

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A movie that is vulgar but has its heartfelt moments The romantic comedy is not new to Hollywood. It has been in existence almost since the beginning. The formula is simple really with the man meeting woman and somehow against all odds they fall in love and end with marriage and living happily ever after. […]

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‘Ant Man’ Brings a Shift in The Superhero Genre

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  Superhero movies are all the rage right now. They are in movies, TV shows, cartoons and video games. What they represent is a person or group of people coming together for a common goal to save those who cannot protect themselves from bad people who want to conquer the world. For a long time […]

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Exploring How Black and White Artists Depict Race


Black Like Us? – a new exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art – looks at how blackness has been portrayed in American art through the years.

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Delve into the Secret World of Intelligence – at Your Own Risk


If history and covert activity is something that inspires, this secret initiation is to die for – even if it won’t likely come to that.

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