‘The Neon Demon’ A Sick, Twisted Film

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The Neon Demon takes viewers into the twisted world of fashion but gets too dark for my tastes I have seen my share of dark, peculiar films. If they are done right I find myself enjoying the message they are trying to convey. Yet many times there is too much out of place going on […]

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Were This Year’s Tony Awards Only a Superficial Nod to Diversity?

Hamilton takes Tonys

It’s not clear whether the diversity represented in this season’s Tony Awards is a flash in the pan or a positive sign of things to come.

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‘The Shallows’ Not Just Another Day at the Beach

the shallows, action, columbia pictures, thriller

The Shallows follows one woman on a typical day of surfing that becomes the ultimate test of survival I had seen a few trailers for The Shallows but I was not that impressed honestly. It appeared to me as nothing more than a cheap Jaws rip off. Well I was able to see The Shallows […]

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Night Work

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.53.36 PM

Jesse Kornbluth reviews David C. Taylor’s “Night Life” – a thriller you won’t be able to put down.

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Can We Ever Forgive Kanye the Way We Forgave LeBron?

kanye west

At the pinnacle of his career, LeBron was every bit the humble antithesis of Kanye that he was during his rookie season.

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The Song of my Summer: ‘Nights Like This You Better Not Miss’

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Jesse Kornbluth will be jamming out to this artist all summer.

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Life Lessons for Kids From the Tony Awards


What children can learn from Broadway’s winners (and losers.)

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What was the Chance of Ferris Bueller Being Caught on His Day Off?


This academic has run the mathematical simulations.

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Book Excerpt: Dimwit of the Yard

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Read below an excerpt of the expose of the vandalization of the meat industry in England.

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Who Is The Best Psychologist In The World?

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.26.46 PM

Ira Israel has his money on the psychological teachings of Derren Brown. Here’s why.

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A Terrific Thriller by a Great Writer You’ve Never Heard of

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A thriller for the beach that’s too good for the beach? That’s better than the new Alan Furst? This….

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James T. Aubrey: The Father of Television Stupidity

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.52.53 PM

“His career seemed like a bad novel and indeed spawned several.”

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Is Game of Thrones Sexist?


Sexism in Game of Thrones does not rely on humour to make it palatable, nor is it hidden under a veil of nostalgia.

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Are Pop Stars Destined to Die Young?


Does a quest for fame lead to an early demise?

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A Daughter Is Her Father’s Heart, Walking Away On Feet

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.50.24 PM

Jesse Kornbluth looks at Robert Munsch simple, beautiful story “I Love You Forever”.

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An Interview with Vlogger Sky Williams

sky williams, vlogger, comedy

Jay Snook was able to sit down and talk with Sky Williams and learned a ton about this famous vlogger Here is a Bio for Sky Williams: “Sky Williams is a comedic entertainer and gamer on Twitch and YouTube, most known for his videos and commentary on League of Legends. He also streams, plays, and […]

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