Why Am I Here? GMP Published a Story About the Sex Trafficking of Boys That Nobody Else Would.


Award-winning poet and journalist Cameron Conaway on why he thinks The Good Men Project is a mission worth keeping alive.

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Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand

We are a part of the change that is happening. And we’re asking you to be counted as a member of our community and part of that change.

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The Good Men Project: We Aren’t Just For Good Men

angels with dirty faces

GMP executive editor James Stafford on what a cruddy guy like him is doing in a nice place like this.

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31 Reasons to Become a Premium Member of The Good Men Project

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Why what we are doing here is so important.

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Spend $20 on a Premium Membership. And See How Much You Get in Change.

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We’re set on changing the negative stereotypes about men. Want to join us?

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A Movement to Make the World a Better Place. And Me a Better Person.

Good Men Project

Why The Good Men Project is a movement I had to join.

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You Asked for an Ad-Free Good Men Project. We Listened.

photo by Stephen Sheffield

An ad-free Good Men Project if you become a Premium Member. But that’s not all….

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But Can You Do Something About the Ads on Your Site? Why, Yes We Can.

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Become a Premium Member and poof! The ads disappear.

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The Go-To Guys

The Go To Guys photo-by-word-junky

No, we’re not handymen. But we sure as heck are building something. And when we do demolition work, it’s demolishing the stereotypes that hamper men’s progress.

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We Eat Stereotypes For Lunch Around Here

Stephen Sheffield, The Good Men Project, premium membership

One of the reasons we started The Good Men Project was to dispel the notion that all guys were interested in was sex, sports and beer.

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We Are Pioneering Both the Conversation and The Business Model

Stephen Sheffield, life preserver, The Good Men Project

Yes, it’s hard. But we don’t care if things are hard, as long as they are not physically impossible.

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These Are The Stories That Change Everything

Stephen Sheffield Projects 25

Together, our community is changing the cultural narrative about men today.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Man in the 21st Century? And What Does It Mean to Be a Media Company in the Same?

Stephen Sheffield, The Good Men Project, men, manhood, pioneer, conversation

If there is anything we have learned in the past two and a half years since launching The Good Men Project, it’s that both are a lot harder than you might think.

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5 Guys Talking: Men of Action

5 guys talking, men of action, The Good Men Project, men, manhood, masculinity, service, heroes, activism, emergency response, citizenship

An AIDS activist, a Christian missionary, a wilderness first responder, and a revolutionary rock star… Premium Members talk to four men who’ve made it their lives’ work to help other people, and how any of us can be prepared to take action in a crisis.

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Join “5 Guys Talking” about Men of Action

men who rock, men of action, missionary men, men who help, first responders, men talking, 5 Guys Talking, The Good Men Project, GMP Premium Membership

These guys rock: meet men who take the lead in helping others

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Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 10.55.20 PM

At The Good Men Project, we have the difficult conversations. We ask the difficult questions. We don’t shy away from the provocative. We tackle both sides of polarizing topics. We go for multiple POV’s on cultural events that affect men. Why do we set out to do something so extraordinarily difficult?

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