Eight Men Describe Their Wedding Days [video]


You might be surprised at the things these guys remember about The Big Day.

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How Tank Tops Turned Him Into a Feminist [video]


Something as simple as a tank top can change your life. It just depends on how you look at it.

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A Man’s Best Friend—and His Dance Partner, Too

A Mans Best Friend by marcelokpz

This shirtless guy loves hip hop, and his dancing dog does, too!

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The Dancing Men in Heels are Back and Better Than Ever (Video)


Dancing in heels isn’t just for women, and no one proves that better than Yanis Marshall and his dance crew.

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Life Is Short. Time Is Even Shorter.


‘Voice Over’ Reminds Us of Our Being.

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What Steven Liu’s Art Can Do for Everyone


Steven Liu is an artist at Creativity Explored. His art expands what we think people are capable of.

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Are You Loving It?

are you loving it

Oakland Teenagers take on fast food franchises in their catchy music video “Are You Loving It?”

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Time: The Story of Kalani David

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 3.42.40 PM

Skippy Massey shares the video of 13 year old surfer/skater Kalani David.

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Is a Cheesy Love Story Better If Told… Underwater?

kloons underwater still

Okay, why not?

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Bearing the Burden of the Beard


‘Passion’ is the story of Jack Passion. And his beard.

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Officer Caught Doing Something Cool [video]

dancing cop

To the kids, it’s a dance-off. To the rest of us, it’s a reminder that there are some good guys out there.

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Micro Homes on the Road

OTIS 550 jpg

The freedom of having a home, being self-sufficient, and traveling on the road is the quintessential American Dream. Why not combine them into one?

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Ever Wonder How Motors Work?


Let Matthias Wandel break it down for you.

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The Lie of Black-On-Black Crime

black on black crime

You don’t ever hear people excuse the murder of a white person because of “white on white crime” … but the rates are the same.

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Sometimes You Just Need to Make a Lot of Popcorn Very Quickly

korean popcorn

It’s called a “Popcorn Gun”. Watch and you’ll see how it got its name.

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Why We Laugh [video]

laughter video

We lost one of the great men who made us laugh. But why were we laughing?

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