The Science of Depression (Video)

science of depression

The best explanation of the Science of Depression we have ever seen.

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The Darkest (and Best) Dad-and-Daughter Ad I’ve Ever Seen


What happens when a dad realizes how their town is treating his goth daughter?

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Explainer: Why Chilli Burns, and Milk Helps Soothe the Pain

on fire

Chilli might make it seem as though your face is on fire – so why is milk so soothing?

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Weird Things Couples Do in Public [video]

more couples

If you are, or have ever been, part of a couple, you’ve probably done at least some of these. You can admit it. It’s okay.

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This Funny Video Just Might Show You That You’re Racist

diet racism

Do you think it’s only fair that there be a White History Month? Then we’ve got the soda for you!

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Siri to the Rescue? Um, Not Exactly

Siri to the Rescue by CollegeHumor1

Siri, the iPhone’s virtual assistant, is truly multi-talented. But even she can’t save this dysfunctional couple from doom.

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A Butterfly Thought Called FREEDOM

Butter fly thought called freedom bhav.bhav:Flickr

The tiniest detail of a butterfly shows freedom is a choice we can all make.

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How to Peel a Clove of Garlic Without Touching It


Now that’s what you call a cooking hack.

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Dance Until Your Pants Light Up the Floor


Chill. Watch. Say “I wish I could move like that.” Repeat.

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What Happens When You Do the Ice Bucket Challenge With Diet Coke and Mentos?

charlie capon ice bucket challenge

Pretty much nothing.

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Slide Into Happy

Slide Into Happy by Christopher Bill

Take a break and listen to trombonist Christopher Bill’s cover of Pharrell’s “Happy.” Wherever you are, we promise you’ll be dancing.

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Wow. Watch a Healthy Lung Inflate. Then Watch a Smoker’s Lung Attempt to Do the Same.


In just 7 seconds, you’ll see all you need to know.

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How to Spot a Narcissist on Facebook

How to Spot by Dr Sylvia Gearing

Facebook is a paradise for narcissists. Dr. Sylvia Gearing shows us how to spot them. Oops!—am I one?

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Love Affair, 45 Years Later [video]


That one first love. The last ten seconds. You’ve been warned.

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OMG! This Looks Like Soooooo Much Fun!

OMG This Looks Like by NGHTMRE

Sometimes, an image, or a sequence of images, totally captures a feeling. That’s the case with this thrilling music video for “Walking on Sunshine.”

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Transcending Redwoods

+Crepuscular Rays Humboldt

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

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