Man Before Cat vs. Man After Cat [video]

man cat still

Once Man gives in to the urge and gets a cat, he’ll never be the same.

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Sisters “Perfect Pitch”: Grown Men Acting Out Their Mom and Aunt’s Conversations… Again

Kloons sisters Perfect Pitch

Because there’s something funny about two young men acting out the conversation of two 60 year-old women.

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Stuff Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys…and Probably Shouldn’t

stuff straight guys say to gay guys

This funny video reminds us that our curiosity isn’t more important than people’s right to privacy!

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How to Be a Man: A Goofy Instructional Video

how to be a man buzz feed

Because “sawdust is man-glitter” after all.

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What This Big Brother Wanted to Know About His Little Sister


When one little boy met his brand-new sister, his parents were surprised by one big question.v

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Inside The Mind Of An Inventor


This guy is living the wacky inventor dream: jet bike, remote control trash can, wall of death, and even the world’s fastest toilet!

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Guess How This Couch Is Going to Be Moved Down from This Third Floor Apartment?

couch down

You’re probably wrong.

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The ABCs of Men’s Fashion

NBC/Saturday Night Live/Broadway Video

Just a few suggestions…

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Michael Sheen, a ‘Master of Sex’, On Being a Very Fancy British Person

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen explains how the queen will fully shove you away when she’s done with you.

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A Day in India


We can’t always afford to travel, so this short video takes us on a vivid trip into India.

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Weird Lies All Couples Tell Each Other* [video]


*unless you absolutely never lie to each other. About anything. Ever. Not even little things.

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Confused About Why the R*dskins Name Is Racist? Watch This Funny Video

Hari Washington Team

Comedian Hari Kondabolu explains it better than we ever could…

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What If Straight People Had to Come Out? [Video]

stright people come out

In this video, BuzzFeed imagines the conversations if straight people had to come out.

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How to Wake Up Better [video]


Raise your hand if you love waking up in the morning! Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

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BREAKING: Dallas Hospital Had No Ebola Protocols


Nurses Union: Ebola did not break out of an adequate containment or protocol. There was no protocol in Dallas.

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WTF Happened to Halloween?

sexy cop

When did best costume contests turn into a competition for who would bare the most flesh?

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