Honesty Test: How Many People Return the Wallet Lying on the Ground? [Video]

honesty test

A young man in a hoodie deliberately drops a wallet on the ground 50 times as a part of a videotaped social experiment. How many of those 50 people do you think return the wallet to him?

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600 Hours, 96 feet, and Uncounted Legos Later…[Video]


Tweet JJ Vincent has seen some stunning Lego structure, but nothing like this monster machine.   After seeing this, I’m not sure that I will ever complain about stepping on or sitting on a Lego again. Ever. Because what if my exclamation of pain and irritation discourage the next kid who could grow up to build […]

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Hear the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Theme Played On Wine Glasses


Some said it couldn’t be done…

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5 Cat Machines Roll Into a Ring…

Cat jenga

This ain’t your grandmother’s Jenga.

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Is Bubble Football the Greatest (and Funniest) Game Ever?

Bubble football

I’m not a soccer fan, but I’d play this in a heartbeat.

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Grandson Enlists Grandpa To Help Him Win Back The Girl Who Dumped Him

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.58.49 AM

Ethan Cole and his grandfather, Joe, are back. This time Joe tries to win back the girl who dumped Ethan.

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This Video Will Change Your Perspective on the #WorldsToughestJob

Worlds Toughest Job

One Job, Long Hours, Many Requirements, No Pay. Would You Take the #WorldsToughestJob?

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Doctor Performs Epic Rap Song to Tell Patient How to Take Care of Broken Leg (Video)

rap doctor

Nothing is sadder than seeing a child with a cast on. The anecdote? Put a rapping doctor in front of that child and watch magic happen.

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Oprah Makes Pharrell Cry After Showing Him ‘Happy’ Fan Videos


Because when Oprah says, “Can we roll the tape of that,” your tears are going to be released from eye jail.

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Augmented Reality: Will Ads Be Superimposed On Our Lives? [video]


A film makers shows us the eerie social and architectural consequences of augmented reality.

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An and Ria’s First Flight: Two Grandmothers Fly for the First Time [video]


Two very different women, both in the early 70′s taking their first flight ever, and they are charming.

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Watch Ellen DeGeneres Surprising Detroit Kids


Very touching video of a Detroit kid’s choir surprised by Ellen and Pharrel Williams.

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Too Dang Funny: Grandson Explains Modern Dating Rituals To His Gramps

Explaining things to my grandfather ethan cole

It’s not just the raunchy conversation between the generations that makes these videos awesome, it’s the genuine love between grandfather and grandson.

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‘Us’ — A Masculine & Feminine Narrative

Us A Masculine and Feminine Narrative by Thomas Bowman

Thomas Bowman has creative an 18 part narrative sculpture about the desire for a better balance between masculine and feminine values. What do you think?

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Children See. Children Do. This Ad Will Make You Think Twice About How You Treat Others

kids learn to be abusers

We feel like good parents when we sit down and teach our kids a skill. But do we realize that every choice we make is a lesson to them as well?

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VIDEO: This Muslim and Jewish Girl-Power Team Will Give You Hope


An amazing message from two young women who refuse to be placed in opposition to each other.

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