Watch How Your Desk Has Evolved Since 1981. It’s Stunning to See Where Everything Went.

the evolution of the desk

You start out with a very 1980’s desk and BOOM! That’s progress for you.

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Prepare to Be Mesmerized by This Man

Prepare to Be by Mushroom Dreams

Some things must seen to be believed. In this case, the art of the buugengs.

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The Newest ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ Is Magic

Chris Pratt mean tweet

I wish I could be as funny as these guys when reading mean stuff. Also, Chris Pratt is the absolute best.

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Ernest Hemingway’s Books as 15-second Instagram Videos (A Sign of the Times, for Sure)


Will these get more kids to read Hemingway? That’s the goal. (Warning: #Spoiler Alert)

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What Happens When Man Defies Nature? [video]

Surf the lake!

What’s a guy to do when it’s 26 degrees, windy, and snowing in Buffalo, NY? Grab a friend and go surfing, of course!

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It’s Still Movember, Boys, and Nick Offerman’s Got Some ‘Stache Tips

nick offerman made man movember

He’s got a world-class mustache, and plays one of the greatest comedic characters in TV history. Yes, Ron Swanson wants you to grow a mustache.

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Have You Seen My Goat?

have you seen my goat

All we need is one spark of eye contact and in the moment of taking a breath, a relationship can blossom and die.

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What is That on My Plate? An Adorable Dining Adventure

Boy and fish at Daniel

Six second graders sit down to a seven course tasting menu at one of the fanciest restaurants in New York City – how can it NOT be hilarious?

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Guys, Do You Do Weird Stuff Like This When You’re Alone?

weird stuff guys do

Personally, I don’t think this stuff is that weird. Oh, and ladies do it too.

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Introducing Carrot


Carrot is designed with you in mind. It’s a seamless experience, meticulously crafted, from beginning to end. It’s not just a vegetable. It’s what a vegetable should be.

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Baby’s First Words to Dad: I Love You

Baby's First Words by Stephanie Passalacqua

This two-month-old baby melts her father’s heart…and ours.

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How to Be an LGBT Ally Without Forgetting the “T”

Jamie Kilstein being Trans ally

“This is our fault, this isn’t Sarah Palin’s fault, this isn’t FoxNews’s fault.”

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If Dudes Catcalled Dudes – Does This Video Make You Uncomfortable?

Men Greeting Men BuzzFeed

Does BuzzFeed get it right in this video where men greet other men the way men sometimes “greet” women?

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How Did the Village Agree on Time?


A brief survey of the bells a community uses to agree on time.

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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids


Your words carry more weight than you realize.

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Could Teaching Physics at a Skate Park Reform Education for Boys?

physics through skateboarding

This is how science should be taught.

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