Never Cut a Tree in Winter and Other Truths About Decisions

tree in winter

How to avoid giving up in the dark before dawn, the snow storm before spring, the funk before the breakthrough.

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What if You Asked MMA Fighters Adorable Questions?

UFC guys adorable question

Puppies or kitties? Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Your toughest MMA fighters battle out the cutest of all questions.

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Bonsai: Walking the Thin Line Between Life and Death


A master is somebody who, every single day, tries to pursue perfection at their chosen endeavor.

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In Praise of Snow and Anarchy


Why it’s good when the city shuts down.

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Listen To President Obama Relate to a Young Man About Growing Up Without a Dad

Obama and Noah McQueen

It’s always moving to hear two men relate, man-to-man, on something emotional. Even more so when one is the President of the United States.

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Guys Explain How They Flirt [video]


Very important…don’t send those pics.

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Things Guys Can Do That Women Are Secretly Jealous Of

buzz feed girls jealous guys

What if you could ask the women in your life what makes them jealous of you?

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How to Avoid Rape : New York Prison’s Powerful Welcome Video to New Inmates


Watch what convicts have to say to new inmates about sexual abuse. Shocking ?

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If You Could Stop Just One Person From Picking Up a Gun… Sing Sing Inmates Are Trying

prevent gun violence Sing Sing

It’s not “Scared Straight” – it’s straight talk, man to man, about how you go from feeling the power of a gun to being the worst thing that ever happened to an innocent family.

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Glad To Be Gay [music video]


The Classic LGBTQ rights anthem from ‘the first gay rock star to be out-and-proud from the off.’

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Megasahd’s Top 5 Go-Pro Videos of the Week


Owl hilarity. And some jaw-droppingly crazy other stuff.

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How Hard is it to Find Happiness? [video]


Victor is here with a ‘little’ help to show us where happiness is.

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Hope For the Future: Pint-Sized Percussionists Nail Zeppelin on the Xylophone

Led Zeppelin Xylophone

Prepare for the awesome.

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Guy Races NYC Subway Because He Can


Guy says, “The most difficult part was getting people to move out of the way.”

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Saturday Ridiculousness: Guys Assess Whether Their Buddies’ Moms Are Attractive

BuzzFeed hot moms

BuzzFeed is really on its game when it comes to putting their video stars in cringe-worthy situations!

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One Good Man [music]


Janis Joplin had the equation figured out.

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