Can You Skateboard Without Wheels?

without wheels

Get your bearings straight and be ready to roll on a wheelless skateboard

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The Reinvention of Normal


What is normal? What is creativity?

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I Wish I Could Show You What I See

deserted church

There is wonder and beauty still left in this world if you know how and where to look.

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7 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Will Crack Your Kids Up

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

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You Can Overcome Social Anxiety in 5 Steps

overcoming social anxiety aaron marino

From our favorite how-to guy, Aaron Marino, a step-by-step guide to overcoming anxiety in social situations.

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Oh How Fast Our Children Grow

GMP-MeasuringWall by Judy Clement Wall

From birth to college—Judy Clement Wall captures her son’s journey into manhood on the measuring wall.

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Meet the Real Love Stories Behind the “Dancing Skeletons” Video

love has no color video behind skeletons

The skeletons danced behind a screen, and then the people came out. But did you know they had real stories of real love and friendship?

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A Princess of a Man – Is There an “Uncle of the Year Award?”

Uncle of the Year

She wasn’t sure that wearing a princesses dress to the movies was OK, until her Uncle Jesse offered to dress up as a princess too.

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Extreme Bungee Madness

extremem bunge

There’s nothing quite like the terrifying life or death experience of bungee jumping.

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Meet the World’s Most Evil Pop Star, Lord Voldemort [video]

dark lord funk

What happens when you take some very talented guys and cross them with Bruno Mars and Harry Potter? You get an evil bald wizard in curlers.

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The Pigeon Kings of Brooklyn

pigeon kings

Take a moment to look up from the busy streets of New York City.

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Engulfed by an Avalanche While Skiing, This Guy is Lucky to Have a Friend with a Shovel in His Helmet


Yes, the guy buried underneath the snow where that ski pole is survives.

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Why Pronouns Matter For Trans People

pronoun still

If gender pronouns confuse you, or if you think it’s not important to get it right, you need to watch this.

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Two Grown Men Act Out the Convos of Two Older Ladies: Bill Murray

kloons bill murray

What would happen if you acted out YOUR mom’s hilarious conversations?

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7 Ways You Can Be More Likable

alpha m be more likeable

Aaron Marino with man-to-man advice on how you can improve your likability. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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Are These Really the Standards of Beauty for Men?


BuzzFeed’s examination of standards of beauty around the world has some interesting facts… but some notable exclusions, too.

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