Couples Try To Recognize Each Other’s Smell


How much do you trust your nose? How much should your partner trust your nose?

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Heartbroken Husband Tries to Win His Wife Back With a New iPhone

Heartbroken Husband by SWNS TV

Darius Wlodarski waited in line for 44 hours, hoping a new iPhone 6 might save his broken marriage.

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How a Bean Becomes a Fart


Get the straight science of a bean and its journey through the intestinal system.

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14 Sentences That Would Not Have Made Any Sense 10 Years Ago


4. Reblog my selfie.

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24 Significant Others Who Know How To Keep Things Interesting


Erin Chack of Buzzfeed shares the photos of possibly the most interesting significant others of all time.

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You Can’t Help But Smile When You Watch This Orthodox Jew High-Fiving New Yorkers Hailing Cabs


Meir Kalmansan is conducting a social experiment that seeks to break through the big city blues and connect with isolated New Yorkers. How? By giving unsuspecting strangers high-fives.

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One Man Spent Two Years on a Creation Destruction Ritual

circle of abstract ritual

Circle of Abstract Ritual took 300,000 photos of riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses—two years and zero graphics to make.

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NFL Player Adrian Peterson Texted about Whipping a Four Year Old


Yahoo Sports is reporting the Vikings player tweeted about the whipping he gave a four year old.

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This Dad Made His Kids a NASA-Style Spaceship

This Dad Made by MAKE

Houston, we have a problem. This dad has raised the “build something cool for your kids” bar sky-high.

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The World’s 1st Fully Driveable 3D Printed Car

The World's First by localmotors

Choose your design and have your new car “printed” by the end of the day.

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The End of a Family Farm

Istockphoto image of a farm, barn

A small Hudson Valley fruit farm is very different than a large Midwest commodity farm.

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Dad Catches Daughter Doing Selfies

Dad Catches Daughter by Rumble Viral

Sometimes, we catch our kids in moments of pure, unabashed freedom. This girl’s selfie session is one of those moments.

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Wow. This Guy Is Faster than a Speeding Train.

race the tube

Watch as James Heptonstall gets off at one stop on the Tube and races to the next stop to beat the train. Hint: He wins. #racethetube

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This Dad and Daughter Sure Know How to Shake It Off!

This Dad and Daughter by jprinder1

Taylor Swift topped the charts with “Shake It Off,” but Josh Rinder and his daughter shake it to a whole new level.

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Breathe: The Air of the Moment


Living, breathing, being. Life should be that simple.

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My True Addiction

run spot run

From the time she read “See Spot run,” and saw the picture form in her mind, L.T. Lewis has been addicted to painting word pictures of her own.

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