4 Reasons Why Women Love Men Who Love Football


Maurice Hicks Jr. on what makes a football man so irresistible.

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Watch This Boy Walk With the Dinosaurs

Watch This Boy by The Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres sent her young friend Noah Ritter, also known as the “apparently” kid, to the Walking With Dinosaurs show. His encounter was nothing short of hilarious.

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If You Lose Something at the Airport, Better Hope It’s the Airport Where This Pup Works

dog returns lost items

Just for fun—a dog who has the best job in the world. He returns passengers lost items at the airport, and gets showered with hugs and attention in return.

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Why It’s OK to State the Obvious (More Often Than Sometimes Performed by Shane Koyczan)


Shane Koyczan nails it once again. Relationships, messy and soft and perplexing and beautiful. A first kiss that tastes like pepper. Love like a nuclear power plant plugged into the sun. And stating the obvious.

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Sometimes I Can’t Help But Love the World


The fertile soil along the Mekong grows friendship for the world.

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11 Kids Who Know EXACTLY What They’re Doing


The world is their oyster, as Matt Kiebus of Buzzfeed says.

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Man in Van

man in van

Documentary film maker Sean Dunne chats with Jimmy Tarangelo about why he lives in a van.

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Sesame Street Meets Star Wars

Sesame Street Meets by Sesame Street

What do you get when you cross Jim Henson and George Lucas? The brilliant parody “Star S’Mores.”

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Bizarre Double Standards


Men don’t generally have to worry about being called sluts because we invented the word to put down women.

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8 Things No One Tells You About Growing Up

who am I

The world will try to harden you. Don’t let it.

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Where Children Around the World Sleep


Author James Mollison has put together an amazing book of children and their bedrooms around the world. The images in this photo series come in pairs – the kids and their rooms. You can’t tell by looking at the kid what kind of room they have. And even the ones that seem obvious aren’t. It’s […]

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How About We Fly a Video Drone Through a Fireworks Display?


Why didn’t I think of that?

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Couples Try To Recognize Each Other’s Smell


How much do you trust your nose? How much should your partner trust your nose?

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Heartbroken Husband Tries to Win His Wife Back With a New iPhone

Heartbroken Husband by SWNS TV

Darius Wlodarski waited in line for 44 hours, hoping a new iPhone 6 might save his broken marriage.

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How a Bean Becomes a Fart


Get the straight science of a bean and its journey through the intestinal system.

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14 Sentences That Would Not Have Made Any Sense 10 Years Ago


4. Reblog my selfie.

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