Could You Make These Trick Shots? These Dads Can. [video]


Golf, football, soccer, pool, these dads have it.

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Where Is the Line You Walk?


Emotional expression, especially love, can stay locked up until the love is easy to be true.

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The Evolution of Batman


50 years of music and film all rolled together in front of the cars that have become the icons of super hero history.

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It’s Too, Darn Hot

Too Darn Hot by Daniel Jones

Who says guys can’t think on their feet? Watch the Fox 10 weatherman’s improvisational feat.

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Death Match: Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play ‘Mortal Kombat X’ with Conan O’Brien

Gronk Conan Marshawn play mortal combat

It was a bit too much for these Superbowl superstars.

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What Does it Take to be a Man? [Music]

what does it take to be man

Pulp find their way around the statement, “I’m a Man.”

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What He Turns Household Junk Into is Amazing! [video]


What happens when pickup stix, candy corn, aluminum foil, rubber bands, googly eyes, velvet, a Rubik’s cube, and more meet a brilliant man in a kitchen?

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Inspiration Unpacked: What Does Our Nation’s Motto Really Mean?

crowd at the white house

“E Pluribus Unum” ~ How a Nation’s Motto Should Influence us All

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For the Love of Cats and Dads

For the love by Sho Ko

Can a cat make a man cuter? You bet!

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A Good Man is Hard to Find [Music]


Tom Waits paints a portrait of the forgotten man.

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Jealous Guy Apologizes [Music Video]

jealous guy

John was a troubadour of peace and compassion, and a jealous guy.

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The Year in Review—in Two and a Half Minutes

Forward to new 2014 on the road

While some issues may be distressing, that’s how life goes on this crazy planet.

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My Dad’s Amazing Easter Island Snowman

My Dad's Amazing by zaraknowlandzk

A child captures his father’s extraordinary snow sculpture on film.

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The Ultimate Father Song? [Music Video]


“There never seems to be enough time
to do the things you want to do once you find them”

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Dear Kitten: A Cat’s Advice About The Super Bowl

Cat and Superbowl

When you stock up on Super Bowl goodies, don’t forget your cat’s favorites. Here’s why.

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American Sniper: Fact v. Fiction


Although the movie is an initial box office hit, there is a growing backlash against its simplistic portrayal of the war and misleading take on Kyle’s character.

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