Dear Kids: Lessons I’ve Learned From Years of Work As You Are About to Do the Same

Advice for the Workplace photo by beglen

Pete Louison tells passes along sage advice to his twenty-something year old kids who are about to enter the workforce.

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Are We In a Stock Market Bubble? Curious Minds Want to Know

the new gold rush

Ken Goldstein gets asked once again whether we are in a stock market bubble. Here is his answer to everyone.

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Does This Theme Park Make Me Look Fat?


Kile Ozier, a writer who works in entertainment wonders: Do we have an obligation to be honest when things fall short?

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Dear RadioShack


Ken Goldstein loves the geeks and nerds at RadioShack. And he would hate to see the brand join the other tombstones in the Dead Brand Graveyard.

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How to Make Public Service Into Customer Service

public service made customer service

Ken Goldstein believe public service organizations can improve. Here’s how.

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Saggin or Suiting

saggy pants

Gerard Kersey speaks on individuals being stereotyped based on their appearance, causing them to lose out on great opportunities including employment.

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Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

henry ford

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld explains the importance of holding corporations responsible for their participation in past atrocities.

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The CVS Phase Out of Tobacco Sales Makes Both Fiscal and Physical Sense


CVS Pharmacy’s decision to stop selling cigarettes will cost them an estimated $2 billion. Good for them, and watch them come out way on top.

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Has an Employer’s Market Further Skewed Work-Life Balance?

work life balance- Dita Actor-FLickr

5 tips for ensuring a desirable lifestyle from Exxon Manager-turned-Life Coach.

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From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless photo by Marlith

After serving his country, Col. Robert Freniere finds himself homeless. Unfortunately, his story is far from unique.

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Transgender 101: A “Trans-in-the-Workplace” Primer

Cube, sweet cube.

Don’t think you’ll ever work with a trans* person? You just might. Parker Marie Molloy has an FAQ for those questions you’re not sure you want to ask.

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Work Like Hell and Don’t Stop: Pass it On

Work Like Hell- Steinmetz

A seasoned career veteran offers practical suggestions to a frustrated 22-year-old.

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Accountability: It’s About Commnity

accountability-y ItzaFineDay-flickr

Vaughan Granier explains the upsides of accountability, both at work and in your personal life.

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Why Integrity And A Moral Compass Are Essential To Success In The Cut-Throat Business World

Integrity and a Moral Compass photo by Walt Stoneburner

Whatever you do in business and in life, keep your moral compass on track. Gurbaksh Chahal discusses the principles he’s embraced for success.

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Jobs, Sales and the Fishing Metaphor

photo from morguefile

David Kaiser likes to fish. And he takes what he learns there and applies it to job seeking and sales.

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Why Every Man Needs a Mentor

mentors-by vancouverfilmschool-flickr

Have a mentor. Be a mentor. September Dohrmann discusses why both are so important.

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