Couple’s Massage, Sexual Innuendo, and Getting Down to Business


Teaching couple’s massage IS his business. How Denis Merkas converts those so-called “macho” types who think giving their lover a massage is only for getting “down to business.”

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5 Ways You’re Trading Incredible Sex for a Miserable Job


You know that moment when you’d like to rip her clothes off, and she’s given you the green light, and you are just too tired to care? That job.

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Beating The Commuting Blues: Better Laugh Or You’re Gonna Cry


Tough Commute? Mike Kasdan feels your pain. He prescribes a large dose of humor. Here’s your starter tool-kit.

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4 Types of Bosses You Love to Hate – And 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

the boss mug

It’s possible that your boss really is an incompetent, self-serving, disrespectful micro-manager who couldn’t organize a good game of Monopoly. But hating your boss won’t advance your career.

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You Can Run the Business, But You Can’t Hide

business men

Is the moral fiber of corporate executives really on a rapid decline? Or are we just privy to more of the details, and therefore in a place of power to impact the outcomes?

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What Odin and Thor Taught Us About Customer Service

thor action figure

Three lessons on how being able to roll with the punches can save you from spending a cold day in hell.

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How to Lose a Customer for Life for Ten Bucks

ten dollars

A one-off transaction is much too expensive for a business, writes Ken Goldstein. You want customers for life. Here’s how to lose a customer forever.

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5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Quit a Job He Hates

quit job hate

Most men spend 40 hours plus at some form of work. Why let those hours ruin the rest of your life?

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Boycott Chiquita, Burger King and all Corporate Tax Dodgers?

Tax Dodge

We need a tax system that will encourage business creation, growth and global expansion while providing for fair tax U.S. revenue and investment in America and its work force.

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Labor Day – A Break From the Grind or Burgers on the Grill?

labor day

In 1894 the first Monday in September was declared a national holiday. 120 years later, the meaning of Labor Day, and the future of the American Laborer, have changed dramatically.

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How Do You See Me?

How do you see me

PK Kersey recalls how a single event woke him up to the way he was perceived by others.

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4 Ways to Kill Your Excuses and Go For Your Dream NOW!

open for business

You’ve waited, you’ve worried, you’ve wondered if you’re ever going to be ready. What if we told you that you are ready to start that dream business? Right now!

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7 Lessons I Learned The Hard Way That Saved My Marriage

Good Men Project

Over 180,000 in debt to the IRS, and separated from his wife, this man had lost all hope. After a good cry he determined to turn his business, and marriage around.

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Why Has There Never Been an Unemployment-Themed Reality TV Show?


With the right help, the whole cast could be winners, says employment strategist Richard B. Alman.

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Starting a Business Almost Ended My Marriage


They had just gotten married, and both had good jobs. Life was good until he decided he wanted to start a business—that decision almost ended their marriage.

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3 Easy Steps to Get More By Doing Less

snorkling with a turtle

Once a homeless, addicted, highschool dropout, now a sober endurance athlete and business coach, John Henderson credits 3 steps for being able to get it all done.

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