An Invitation to Men Who Want a Better World for Women

TED Talk women

Everyone reading the Good Men Project likely wants a better world for both men and women… here’s an invitation to step deeper into this movement.

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Trying to Avoid Failure By Never Starting is a Dead-end Road

Man Stuck Deciding and Not Moving Forward

Many times we get ourselves into a mental trap where not moving forward seems safe. It isn’t.

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Do We Really Need Gender Parity?


Do we need equal representation of men and women in government? Patty Beach talks about gender and the Versatility Factor.

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Personal Leadership Begins With Self Awareness

business man making list of goals

These three questions, answered honestly, are the backbone of even moderate levels of success.

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How To Get People To Do What You Want Them To Do

man advertising

Manipulation. Don’t let it scare you.

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Dear Work, I’m Breaking Up With You

stress ball

Is a job ever worth your happiness?

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What My Resume Doesn’t Say About Me

man filing out resume

Even for a skilled and committed writer, resume writing just isn’t getting the job done.

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The Most Important Business Lessons I Learnt from My “Ugly Sisters”

business man

Sometimes a little humor and reflection can help us learn the hard lessons.

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I’m a Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur Thanks to My Wife


They say behind every great man is a great woman. I can’t quite say that I’m a great man yet, but there’s no doubt that Vicky has proven to be an amazing woman.

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What to Do When She Earns More Than You


If your significant other made more than you, would you be intimidated?

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What Successful Professionals Need to Do to Be Happier


According to Heather Gray, it’s not about working less but it is about making different choices.

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Perpetrator To Glass Breaker: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

man smashing the glass ceiling with female entrepreneurs

I was giving her the “that’s cute” attitude followed by a metaphorical head pat. That’s when it hit me. I’m a perpetrator!

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10 Skills Every Man Should Learn

10 skills every man should learn, by Dale Thomas Vaughn, Photo by Susanne Nilsson

How many of these skills do you have?

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5 Marketing Blunders Almost Everyone Makes

Marketing Blunder Extra Hands on Fingers

Chances are you are making one or more of these mistakes in your marketing. Knowing what they are can make all the difference.

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Can You Step Up and Be More Than An Ordinary Man?

man to man talk

The talk Sean Ackerman gives the men in his life; employees, peers, friends, and his own son, because he wishes someone had given it to him.

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What Do Your Toilet Stall Doors Say About Your Company Culture?


Sue Funkhouser explains that doors can provide much more than privacy.

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