How to Use Your Mission Statement to Accomplish ‘Mission Impossible’

guy with a laptop

Too many leaders think a mission statement is just words on a page, when really, it could be their ace in the hole.

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Making Things Clear is Better Than ‘Keeping it Real’

The Cotton On Group’s code of conduct reflects a misunderstanding of what they should be used for.

Codes of conduct can be useful and strategic for employers, but too many are contradictory and vague.

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Five Things Bosses Fear to Say that Would Help Morale

high fives

How you show up can improve morale, and the bottom line, if you’re brave enough to get real.

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The Army Thought it Would Beat Me – How I Overcame the Odds


No one would have predicted TJ Trent’s success, not even him. One thing helped him survive and reach the top.

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Rebirth of Progressivism May Breathe New Life in Labor Unions

labor unions

Rebirth of Progressivism May Breathe New Life in Labor Unions

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I Got Called An ‘Intellectual’ -  Should I Be Worried?

Dale Thomas Vaughn - Intellectual

It never occurred to me that there was a name for being curious and liking books.

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The Reason Why You Sold Your Soul to Your Employer


Your work could be killing you slowly from the inside out. — Have you sold your soul? You probably did at some point in your life. Perhaps you recall the time when you came to the realization that your wife was a sociopath and opting for a divorce would make it emotionally challenging for your […]

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Corporate Hostility to ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Shows Vital Role of Business Pushing Social Issues

corporate gay pride

The corporate backlash shouldn’t be a surprise. Companies have increasingly played a more active role on social issues.

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The Shadow Side of Organizational Culture


By bringing organizational shadows to light, an organization can make more conscious choices and exist in the world in a more dynamic, purposeful way.

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How I Overcame Being My Own Worst Enemy


True freedom start with getting honest with yourself. — Transparency is not easy, and admitting that I was my biggest obstacle is very painful. It has taken time, thought, and the willingness to challenge myself in order to break free and truly excel. Only recently have I been able to appreciate my successes, learn from […]

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5 Things to Remember if Your Boss Intimidates You

young businessman

If intimidators make you quake in your boots you may be forgetting some essential truths.

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Call for Submissions from Dads Who Work

daddy at work

You have a career, and you’re an engaged father. We want to share your stories.

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How I Built a Bridge From the Life I Hated To a Life I Love

man thinking

5 steps took Corey Jahnke from misery and blame to a life of joy and gratitude.

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3 Excuses That Keep Guys From Living Their Dream Life


Change your story, and you’ll change your life.

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5 Things I Want in a Leader


Essential attributes you must develop if you expect people to treat you as their leader.

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Land of the Free Because of the Brave: Life After War


For our veterans, life after war requires assimilation into a culture that understands very little about them and their service.

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