Business: 6 Ways To Get Your Creative Edge


Great business people have always known this secret.

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Two Social Entrepreneurs That Are Transforming The Education Sector


Tenacity is a trait that truly defines whether a person is a real entrepreneur.

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5 Ways That Your Health and Fitness Can Improve Your Career


If you are already involved in an exercise program, this is a good time to switch it up and make some new changes, so your body doesn’t get complacent.

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5 Steps For Guys To Regain Career Happiness


Happiness doesn’t always have to be out of reach–even at work.

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5 Reasons to Switch Careers at the Age of 40

man happy at work

What’s stopping you from being professionally happy?

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Procreation, Sex Drive, and the Business of Creation

Creation - Business

The drive to create a business or other works of greatness may come from a surprising place.

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Can Borderline Threats Pull in the Next Great Opportunity?

man hard at work

Take action now that the man you want to be will appreciate.

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You Don’t Need Balance–You Need Rhythm


Linda Quarles doesn’t want balance in her life because no matter how she cuts it, balance sounds tedious, exhausting, and virtually unattainable.

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8 Reasons Being Bold is Such a Scary Proposition for Most Guys

kings on the chess board

If you are called to lead, to serve, and to make a difference in the world you will have to deal with these 8 things. It’s worth it.

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Why Accountability is the Only Sure Path to Success


Turns out, accountability may be just the push you need to follow through and shine.

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Become A Professional At Life: The Small Things Matter The Most

business man

Pay attention to the details. It’s the small things that produce big results.

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7 Destructive Characteristics Entrepreneurs Should Shed in Order to Move Up


“How could I let this happen?” This was the question I asked myself sitting in the parking lot of the Federal Courthouse on May 6, 2009, about to claim bankruptcy.

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What is Purpose And How Do You Use It To Make Your Life Better?

Purpose comes from within you

Purpose is not a goal. Purpose is not a plan. Purpose is a journey. Purpose is the DIRECTION of your most fulfilling life.

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It Is Happening: The Changing Faces of Masculinity

man's face

Positive changes can start anywhere and are cumulative. At times, change seems to move like a glacier and at others, it happens in the blink of an eye.

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Do You Really Want to Be a Leader?

Promotion with Disclaimers by Michele Paiva

Moving up the ladder is for some, is it for you?

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Let Down Your Guard: Business and the Power of Vulnerability

mans open palms

What happens when anxiety builds to the breaking point and you decide to get “naked” with your audience? This.

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