Inspiration Unpacked: Stop Faking, Start Acting

actor on stage

A reframe of “fake it til you make it” can make all the difference.

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Business Link of the Week: The Danger of Hiding Who You Are


Does silence endanger your life? Does a culture of hiding damage your business?

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The Dragon Called ‘Average’ and the Sword of Knowledge


How to be more than average, by Vaughn Granier.

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I’m a High School Dropout


This homeless high school dropout refused to accept his circumstances.

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Why Purpose Isn’t Hocus Pocus

Montaigne GMP size

Here’s a Harvard Business Professor telling you why purpose is important.

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I Yam What I Yam — What’s Your Excuse?


2 reasons most people are afraid to share their gifts.

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Powerful Leaders Don’t Fall Into the Victim Trap


Organizational leaders need to toughen up — for their own sake and for the sake of their people.

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7 Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids About Money


This man says you better teach your kids about money now before the world teaches them. — Money fights and money problems are a major reason for divorce. Consumer debt is 3.2 trillion in the United States. Our Government debt is 17.9 trillion. Seventy-six percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. ♦◊♦ Our family has […]

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What Networking and Pitching Taught Me About Love and Rejection

say no with roses

In a relationship, the reality is, the person you may be ready for, may not be ready for you yet.

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Inspiration Unpacked: What is Your Worthy Ideal?

soldier high five with baby

Goals aren’t reached in one giant step. Even a goal of being “nicer” is reached one choice at a time.

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10 Ways Successful People Lead Themselves


After more than 75 interviews with successful leaders, Sean Ackerman is starting to see a few commonalities.

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Endless Possibilities: 8 Reasons It’s Scary To Follow Your Dreams


Following your dreams sounds magical. That is, until you start doing it.

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Business Link of the Week: Emma Watson Tells World’s CEOs “Women Need to Be Equal”

Emma Watson at Davos

Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films, spoke this week at the World Economic Forum about the importance of including women as equal participants in economic leadership.

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5 Honest Reasons Why We Don’t Stick With Big Goals


This could be the greatest year of your life if you get honest about what’s held you back in the past.

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Do We Really Need to Work?

Do We Really Need to Work Photo by Seattle Municiple Archives.001

“Work is simply another playground in which to explore our personal evolution.” ~ Mark Darren Gregor

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Meet The 13-Year-Old CEO Who Made It Big By Helping Blind People Read


This young man is proof that a good idea and the drive to learn can change the world.

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