How to Spend All Day in a Place You Hate, Doing a Thing You Hate

How to spend all day in a place you hate, doing a thing you hate

See your dreams as they are: the first steps toward disasters.

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How Branding 101 Can Make Leaders More Mindful of Diversity

branding and diversity

Not in terms of the Kardashian-style “personal brands” in vogue these days, but by using the practice’s core principles to make leaders better and more mindful of diversity.

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Why Most Leadership Development Doesn’t Work

ducks leadership edited

Jody Gold believes most leadership development efforts either grow individuals or build teams. Successful organizations need both.

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My Second Book: Endless Encores


Ken Goldstein celebrates his second book, and invites you to have a look.

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6 Warning Signs your Day Job is Killing your Family


Your work could literally be killing you.

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You’re the Boss and You’re an Idiot

yelling boss

6 tips on how to NOT be “that guy” when you’re the man in charge.

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The Unexpected Connection Between Being Funny And Being Successful

laughing together

What they don’t teach in business school — a sense of humor turns out to be a key factor in success.

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The 4 Mentoring Styles That Benefit Men Most

meeting with a mentor

No one gets through life on their own. Men need other men as mentors as well as friends.

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7 Things I Want My Son to Know About Leadership

high school basketball

What this father thinks every teenager needs to know about leadership to make life a “slam dunk.”

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How to Stop Limiting Yourself with Prejudicial Thinking


If you want to combat prejudice, start by looking in the mirror.

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Why Being Busy Isn’t Cool

Busy isn't Cool by Tim Askew

Stop bragging about how busy you are. That’s not the way to achieve status in business.

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5 Things You Learn on the Journey to Success as an Entrepreneur

journey in the clouds

5 Lessons every entrepreneur learns — the sooner the better.

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Why Creatives Don’t Succeed in Traditional, 9-To-5 Work Environments

creative in a nine to five job

Full-time jobs are not for everybody.

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5 Steps to Craft a Company Culture with Gender Energy Balance


Patty Beach and Roger Toennis believe that traditional approaches to understanding masculinity and femininity in the workplace aren’t helpful these days. They suggest a new way.

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4 Vital Health Tips for Time-Crunched Dads


The best four health tips for a busy schedule.

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6 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Invest in a College Savings Account


Even good intentions can have negative consequences. — When I was a financial advisor, the main goal for many parents was to pay for their children’s education. This means investing in accounts like 529 Plans or Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. Unsecured debt is difficult to eliminate due to the compounding interest. Though our hearts may be […]

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