Can Ditching the Golden Rule Create Equality in the Workplace?

coffee with a heart

Treating people the way we want to be treated won’t ever achieve equality. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. A proposed solution.

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5 Lines Not to Cross When Pursuing an Office Romance

sneaking a kiss

Losing your heart at work can be a good thing, so long as you don’t lose your head.

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Why Your Family Hates Your Big Dream – And How to Get Them to Dream It With You


He nearly lost it all chasing his dream alone and trying to pull his family after him. Only after inviting them to be part of the vision was he able to make his dreams come true.

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Are Baby Boomers Doomed to Irrelevance in the Workplace?


Steve Kayser shares tips for aging workers.

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Managing Business Risk in the Dark Ages of Social Media

Angry Mob

How are you supposed to keep your head if Social Media has returned us to a day of vigilantes and angry mobs?

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Want to Work Faster With Fewer Mistakes? Try Using a Trauma Checklist

Trauma Center photo by MilitaryHealth

Think you have a busy day? Try working as a trauma specialist in one of the busiest hospitals in the world. Here’s what you can learn from someone who was there.

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What Do You Stand For – and Do You Have the Right to Defend It?


Perhaps the freedom we guard most passionately is the freedom to stand up for what we believe is right. Do you give up that right when you represent a business entity?

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If the Ads are Wicked, but People Are Buying, Who’s Really to Blame?

wicked campers

Wicked Camper’s slogans offend a lot of people, but they’re making money so why should they care?

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The Lesson of the Beauty and the (Dead) Beast


For anyone who’s dreaming of being discovered, the story of almost-L’Oreal-model Axelle Despiegelaere is neither a fairytale nor a horror film. It’s a parable.

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Does Fighting Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Limit Your Privacy?


A careful and observant eye is the better solution.

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3 Proven Management Techniques That Work in Any Business

management photo by pedrosimoes

Identify the influencers on your front lines, CEO Peder Johnsen advises.

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Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

Ken and Barbie

Born on the cusp of Gen X and the Millennial Generation, Sam Kressler breaks down the reasons why being an adult doesn’t mean what it used to – and offers a suggestion for growing up on your own terms no matter your age.

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Stop Dropping the Ball

Stop Dropping the Ball Photo by Dave Hosford

There is an exceptionally easy way to solve half of all of your problems, and it involves only two words. Ken Goldstein explains.

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How to Build a Thriving Work Culture


What makes a successful business thrive? That’s what eight out of 10 new entrepreneurs would like to know, because their businesses fail within the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg.

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Does Splitting Hairs Really Make You Smarter?

jigsaw puzzle

Is it possible that when someone says “you’re comparing apples and oranges” they’re not trying to tick you off — they’re just practicing getting smarter?

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Changing the Face of Business – Call For Submissions

Changing the landscape

Business ain’t what it used to be. We’re looking for the voices that will shape what it becomes. If you’re a writer with a perspective on business, please let us hear from you.

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