How I Stopped Being Angry With My Employers


Angry with your company? You can quit or adapt. Here’s how to adapt.

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Why the Most Successful People Have the Most F*cked Up Stories


It’s not that they’re looking for trouble, but pursuing the things they want in life puts them in some extraordinary situations.

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It’s Time For Business Leaders To Look In The Mirror


Matt Auron believes that culture change in business need to start with the leader and go deep.

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Finding My True Manhood After Losing My Job


His job was everything, when he lost it, he lost himself. It took a sobering experience to wake him up.

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For Better or Worse, How Business Culture is Changing

men and women around the water cooler at work

Three exciting trends in business culture. What works for you, what doesn’t, and why?

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The Day After I Quit a Job I Hated


After 12 years of crappy work and dealing a terrible boss, he could final see freedom.

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When You Need to Have Difficult Discussions at Work


In the wake of Charleston, TJ Trent says we don’t have to avoid difficult discussions at work.

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Are Your Attitude and Commitment Holding You Back?


You can’t hold your hand out and simply ask for great things to happen. You need to take success for yourself no matter what obstacles may appear, and let’s be clear; they will appear.

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The Art (and Science) of Making Great First Impressions


The majority of communication is non-verbal. Here’s how to change the trajectory of your life by understanding how to make a great first impression.

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It Takes A Lot To Know A Man


Pretending to be someone you are not is hard work, sooner or later cracks start to appear. — A Poem by: Steve Biddulph There are men who wake up in the morning energized and happy. Whose partners and children love and trust them. Who do work they believe in and enjoy. Have loyal and interesting […]

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The SuperChicken Model of Leadership

Super Chicken

We badly need a better way to work and a richer way to live.

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Honest Communication Doesn’t Hurt


Sometimes the truth hurts but is absolutely necessary.

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Leadership Development: Consider Tapas Rather Than A Five-Course Meal


Lori Hellefinger thinks that the most effective leaders “consume” their development in small, digestible serving sizes.

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5 Things To Do Right After You Lose Your Job


William Mize shares wise words for men who have just lost their jobs.

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How You Can Find A Mentor Through Your Life’s Calling


The right mentor can change your life. Here’s how you find them.  — I am unhappy. I am not “woe is me” unhappy but more like fed up with continually being lost… unhappy. How could I possibly be lost, again? How did I so epically lose my way… again? And everywhere you look there is […]

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4 Reasons Being Sick Can Be Wonderful


You can choose what you focus your energy on.  — It’s felt wonderful to relax. That’s right, you read the title correctly. I’m sick as I wrote this but decided instead of focusing on the negative things about being sick, I’d share four reasons being sick is wonderful. ♦◊♦ 1. It’s relaxing. Okay, so maybe it’s just me, […]

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