3 Proven Management Techniques That Work in Any Business

management photo by pedrosimoes

Identify the influencers on your front lines, CEO Peder Johnsen advises.

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Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

Ken and Barbie

Born on the cusp of Gen X and the Millennial Generation, Sam Kressler breaks down the reasons why being an adult doesn’t mean what it used to – and offers a suggestion for growing up on your own terms no matter your age.

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Stop Dropping the Ball

Stop Dropping the Ball Photo by Dave Hosford

There is an exceptionally easy way to solve half of all of your problems, and it involves only two words. Ken Goldstein explains.

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How to Build a Thriving Work Culture


What makes a successful business thrive? That’s what eight out of 10 new entrepreneurs would like to know, because their businesses fail within the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg.

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Does Splitting Hairs Really Make You Smarter?

jigsaw puzzle

Is it possible that when someone says “you’re comparing apples and oranges” they’re not trying to tick you off — they’re just practicing getting smarter?

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Changing the Face of Business – Call For Submissions

Changing the landscape

Business ain’t what it used to be. We’re looking for the voices that will shape what it becomes. If you’re a writer with a perspective on business, please let us hear from you.

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A Man’s Net Worth – What Price Should We Put on Freedom?

Father and son on the beach

With “Let Freedom Ring” still echoing in our ears, today seems like a good time to ask what freedom really is and what’s it worth to the bottom line.

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3 Things NOT To Do to Transform Your Body and Your Business

Boy lifting a barbell

If you’re in pursuit of a better body, a more successful business, or both – and you’re tired of the roller coaster of superficial change followed by being right back where you started – here’s what NOT to do.

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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys – Avoiding Dramas and Distractions That Can Kill Your Day


You’ve heard it before, but here’s how to use the power of words to make it more effective. Because the last thing you need is another monkey on your back.

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I’ll Trade You a Coffee for the Contents of Your Brain

Picked Brain

How valuable is your brain? International Business Coach, Dixie Gillaspie, helps you field the offers of “I’ll buy you a cup of coffee if you’ll let me pick your brain.”

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I Hated My Job. Here Is Why.


Stanley Fritz discusses what makes up a toxic work environment, and how to get out of it.

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Diminishing Returns – Modern Man and His Body’s Cry for HELP!

Back Pain

Is your body betraying your brain? Certified Movement Reeducation and Performance Specialist, Philip Penrose, looks at the impact of practicing outside of the box to improve in-the-box performance.

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What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?”


In a quiet revolution, one company stands up to the mega-giant. We discuss their decision, their vision, and their nomadic lifestyle in the wilds of the world.

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Did the St. Louis Post Dispatch Really Have the Right to Dump George Will?

george will ap photo

Business coach, Dixie Gillaspie, takes a searing look at the ramifications of being the only publication to sever ties with columnist George Will.

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Why Men Should Stop Thinking – For Health’s Sake!

the thinker

A mother’s thankfulness for her son’s new habit becomes a plea to all men everywhere.

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Top Ape Syndrome – How to Give Up the Chest Thumping Without Giving Up Power


Challenging the idea that a rise to power is connected to a show of power, Rena Delevie suggests that innovation, loyalty, and sales actually stem from collaboration and compassion.

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