3 Sure-Fire Habits To Successfully Navigate The Zig Zags of Entrepreneurship

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What I learned that no one told me.

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Are You Stuck in a Rut? 6 Sure Fire Ways to Spur Innovation


“The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” ~ “Innovation” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary

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5 Crippling Beliefs Killing Your Ability to Lead a Fulfilling Career


You spend 100,000 hours at work in your life. Are these limiting beliefs holding you back from making the most of those hours? — Follow your passions! Do what you love! Have you ever heard this advice and rolled your eyes? If you have, you’re not alone. I used to think this advice was trite. When […]

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7 Reasons Why “Street Knowledge” Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur


There are life lessons in every situation. — Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon. You don’t have to look far to find incredible success stories from inner city raised entrepreneurs. They often credit some of their success to humble urban upbringings. Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon who turned “lead […]

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The Day I Gave Up Keeping My Wife From Her Dream


For years, he stood in his wife’s way. When he opened his eyes, he was blown away by what he was resisting.

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Successful People Don’t Live By Quotes, They Live To Be Quoted


Successful people have passion, drive, and goals. They’re successful, because they choose to be successful — on their own terms.

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How Guys Go From Tough and Alone to Evolved and Accountable

Dale Thomas Vaughn - You need a team

I work with men on personal transformation and I’ve seen some incredible leaps. I’ve also heard a lot of the same stories and fears from my clients… here are some common points I hear a lot.

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L.E.A.P into Whole-Brained Communication


How to improve communication skills between left brain and right brain employees to create a whole-brained approach

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6 Ways Guys Can Beat Procrastination


Your productivity has an effect on your life and relationships. After experimenting, this man offers six ways to win. — Being eaten alive is an idea that fascinates and terrifies me. I watched National Geographic as a child (and adult). I distinctly remember from my childhood an episode about Venus Fly Traps. You’ve seen them […]

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7 Ways Single Dads Without Custody Can Create A Lasting Bond With Their Kids


It’s a difficult when there’s separation, but these tips can help you get closer to your kids. — If you are a single dad who does not have primary custody of your kids, or you’ve had to move far away from your children since the divorce, it can be difficult to maintain the close relationship […]

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25 Jobs and Homelessness to Find His Happy Life


Homeless and living in his car was his breaking point. It took 25 jobs, but he finally found what he was desperately searching for.

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Eight Powerful Business Lessons from Richard Branson

Richard Branson

What can a high school dropout teach you about business success? A lot.

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7 Reasons Being a Dad Helped My Career


He was a busy guy who had big dreams. His little girl slowed him down and helped him focus on what’s important.  — Fatherhood is a very natural thing; it’s not something that shakes up my life but rather it enriches it. –Andrea Bocelli Before you become a father, you hear people talk how it […]

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One Big Problem with the Hustle Mentality

hard working man

If you are a hard-working hustler, you may find yourself hustling in the wrong direction.

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Why My Wife Loves My “Job”


What would your life be like if you woke up every day to a “job” you love? True freedom in your work doesn’t have to be a fantasy. — For most of our life together, my wife has hated what I did for “work.” We met at Burger King while I was seventeen and fell […]

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How Swearing Put Me Back In Touch With My Manhood


This man says that swearing has become a right of passage to his true manhood. — I was swearing by the age of three.  Modeling the behavior of my dad, I would pick up my plastic toy hammer and hit the drywall saying “Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t.” I must have been so proud.  I was so […]

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