Mental Illness Hurts Our Economy—It’s Time Companies Got Proactive

email insane

Multi-tasking email alongside other forms of communication such as phone and face-to-face meetings increases stress.

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An Open Letter to My Grandfather


His grandfather gifted him a legacy, taught him to love story, and to live a life without regrets, now he has to say “thank you” and “goodbye.”

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7 Ways to Assess Whether Your Career is in Distress

business man sitting on step

Life gets complicated, careers get stagnant, and men need to know what they can do right now to start moving forward again.

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Are the Workplace Battles of the Old Guard and the Young Turks Really Necessary?

business men on a train

The young guys are frustrated, and the old guys aren’t “allowed to get mad.” Here’s what one behind-the-scenes observer would like to tell them both.

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How Entrepreneurship Will Save The World

hero phone

Can we close the income gap and decrease poverty by fostering entrepreneurship?

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The Dark Side of Political Life: 5 Ways to Promote Civil Discourse

Monkey argument

K. Palmer Hartl wants to know if we’d really rather sling mud and throw stones than talk about the real political issues facing our society today.

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4 Ways Guys Can Live a Happier Life


Separated from his wife, $180,000 in debt, and 170 pounds overweight—it was the last place this man expected to find happiness.

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I Don’t Want to Be a Feminist

Sally Ride

Once hopeful that the “post-feminist world” had arrived, Amy Vernon finds she still needs to be a feminist, even if she doesn’t want to be.

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3 Entrepreneurial Skills I Learned From Basic Officer Training

officer on radio early morning

He never guessed that following his father’s wishes would set him up for the life he loved best – being an entrepreneur.

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A Post For People Wanting to Enter the Job Market (Part 1)


Advice on resume building, cover letters, and searching for a job.

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Why I Support Black Business Owners

black barber

Isn’t it time we challenged all the reasons people DON’T support a business just because of the owner’s color of skin?

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Why a “Living Wage” Will Kill Apprenticeship


With strikes and a national debate on what a “living wage” is, Bryan Orr says this battle could inadvertently kill apprenticeships.

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5 Things You Can Learn from Skillet on Becoming A Rock Star Leader


Joseph Lalonde says there’s a lot to be learned about leadership from rock stars—and gives five actionable lessons.

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Who’s Looking Out for Today’s Blue-Collar Workingman?


“If Wal-Mart is an example of the type of job that the blue-collar man should be grateful to have, things don’t look good for the future.”

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Is Being a ‘Tough Boss’ Different for a Woman Than a Man?


Dr. Peggy Drexler tackles the issue of tough bosses and the “Queen Bee” in the workplace.

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