4 Ways Conflict Can Be Your Key to Happiness

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Conflict doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can open you to new possibilities for greater happiness and fulfillment.

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6 Ways to Invest In Yourself Without Spending a Dime

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As we reach the end of the year we start thinking about how we want next year to be better. Peter Diamond suggests we work to first BE better.

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An Open Letter to My Wife on Our Anniversary


They were told getting married young would lead to divorce. Sixteen years later this man wants to say “thank you” and “I love you.

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10 Things You Must Stop Doing That Sabotage Your Success


Bernard Haynes let doubt and fear keep him from an amazing life. Once he let go and learned these lessons, he was able to achieve success. He says you can too.

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Who Knew That Tink and Peter Pan Were Great Examples of Leadership?

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People need leaders, and they follow the ones who get involved and inspire them with purpose, direction and trust.

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Dreaming And Doing


How to sustain dreams simply: through listening.

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Who Are You Really Throwing Under the Bus?

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It’s easy to blame your lack of success on everyone else. But who are you really hurting?

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Victoria’s Secret, Horse Manure, and Why Choosing Yourself Saves The World

Victorias Secret

The ONLY way to change the world is to solve a problem that is important to YOU.

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5 Things I Learned About Customer Retention Just by Eating Dinner


An almost farcical dining experience turned into an important business lesson for entrepreneur Barbara Abramson.

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Confessions of a Time Ogre: How to Give Your Work and Family the Time They Deserve


After the death of his wife, Paul Evans vowed to be there for his son in every way possible by not wasting time.

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You’re Not Getting Paid Enough


The stats tell us that we now spend 47 hours of our week working. Are you getting paid enough for that time?

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3 Reasons Why Focusing on Impact Instead of Income Makes You More Money Sooner


Many entrepreneurs know how to make money, but money fades while impact continues to change lives.

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When the Why is Important the Work is Less Difficult

why are you here

At 42 she decided life was too short to settle for misery. Five years and three questions later she’s too fired up to ever settle again.

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Plans and Trains Both Get Derailed – What You Do Next Makes All the Difference

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A long night of unfortunate events and bad decisions offers some important reminders about life and business.

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Kid Designed, 3D Printer Produced, and Too Cute for Words!


Take that drawing off the ‘fridge, scan and send it, and Budsies will make a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy sure to please your little artist.

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5 Lessons Learned from a Decade of Being My Own Boss

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Shawn Doyle has been running his own profitable business for 12 years, and he’s learned a few things about making it happen.

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