4 Ways to Beat Procrastination Now!


You can get more accomplished than you ever dreamed possible. — It happens to us all. We badly want to get something done. We tell ourselves that we will definitely do something or finish something, but we take our time in getting started. We tell ourselves, “I’ll do it in a few minutes,” and then […]

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God’s Work? The Battle Over Religious Belief in the Office

pope f

The workplace is a key site for religion’s expression and constraint—and the law is playing catch up to public sentiment on its rightful role.

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Your Best New Friend—Adversity!


David Shechtman puts context and framework around how handling Adversity constructively can powerfully contribute to a person’s ability to improve.

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Enter the Mind of An Introverted Entrepreneur


Wanting that time alone might mean you’re special. — The unfortunate reality (even in the 21st century) is that introverts have yet to be fully accepted by the majority. It doesn’t help as a man since society expects so much more from us. Sometimes, we even face discrimination because we don’t live up to our culture’s definition […]

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How Being Sex-Positive Can be a Career Killer

interview in a mask

A personal story about how my being sex-positive was interpreted as being a possible predator by a popular tech company in the bay area.

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7 Reasons Every Man Needs a Successful Woman

successful woman on plane

Far from being intimidated, Cliff Townsend believes having a successful woman in his life only makes him more likely to succeed.

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When Peter’s Problem Robs Paul’s Business

empty pockets

Personal problems can sink a business if you aren’t prepared and willing to get help.

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How to Know When You’re Burnt Out and What to Do About It

tired businessman

Some people don’t need to find joy in their work. But for those of us who do, here’s how to make it possible.

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5 Things You Can Do to Earn Respect as a Boss

business boss

Can you manage people without trust and respect? Sure, but you won’t be a true leader or get great results.

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6 Reasons Men Won’t Lean-In and Create Extraordinary Lives


In order to create our extraordinary life it is necessary for men to transform their mindset. We must understand why achieving the ideal work-life balance alludes us.

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3 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Southwest Airlines

3 Leadership Lessons from Southwest Airlines by Dale Thomas Vaughn

“Absurdly, our most important human affairs – marriage, child rearing, education, leadership – do best when there is occasional loss of control and an increase in personal vulnerability, times when we do not know what to do.” Richard Farson, Management of the Absurd.

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Starting a business is harder, and more rewarding, than you thought it was.

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5 Steps to Improve Your Relationship With Your Wife


Having a healthy relationship is easier than you think. — For better or worse, marriage is about compromise. The highs are great, but the lows are sometimes unbearable. When my marriage was hitting a rough patch, I didn’t realize that I was fixated on the wrong issue. I would try to fix her problems. I […]

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Pushing Past the Terrifying Dip in Motivation

one step after another

You know, ‘The Dip’ — that slump that we all hit when things get hard, which is (sometimes) before the place where things get great.

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The Secret to Achieving Fast and Lasting Change


Most change efforts fail to deliver results, especially when done on a large scale. Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) gets the job done.

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6 Keys to Achieving Business and Personal Success


The wrong balance will ruin your business, family, or both. — As I talk with clients, friends and family members who are business owners, there is one struggle that I often hear. “How do you balance the demands of work, your personal health and relationships?” We all face this. We are passionate about our businesses […]

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