4 Mindset Shifts for Men Who Want to Live a Passionate Life

man at work

A passionate life is within reach for anyone, but you may need to rethink what that means.

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Quiet Leader: The Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome GMP - Adam Levine

Sean Swaby writes about his experience with the Imposter Syndrome.

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How to Love Your Side Business and Relationship at the Same Time


How to create a little balance between your life and your business without neglecting either.

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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way


Then the loud lemming leader of the passive pack said to the lemming blocking the path to the cliff: “Look, buddy, lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

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The Moral Crisis of Firing an Employee

firing an employee

Greg Lhamon talks about the side of leadership many never see.

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A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why


Three important lessons every father should learn to help avoid the inevitable.

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How I Ask For Help (And Usually Get It)

Mentors, Dale Vaughn

I AM HUMAN. First, I start with this. I am not some hero out of Greek or Hollywood mythology. I am a man with flaws (and strengths) and I need a hand sometimes to get through this ridiculous existence.

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Try This Simple Trick To Build A High-Feedback Culture

Jody Gold explains The Golden Ratio needed to make your organization a high-feedback culture.

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7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Creative Mind

man playing with legos

Everyone has a creative mind, the key is knowing how to access it.

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Four Lessons Midlife-Men, Yearning For Entrepreneur Success, Can Learn From First-Time Skiers


As a man in midlife, I’ve noted how you immerse yourself into mastering both the slopes, and your business practice determines when you will reach your professional pinnacle.

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How to Support Your Partner While They Start a New Business


After getting let go from her job, she grew her side business. What she wasn’t ready for was how it would affect her relationship.   — When I first started dating my boyfriend Jeff, I was almost a year into my business. When we first met, I had a full-time job while growing a side […]

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3 Simple Ways to Land Your Dream Job

man in dream job

Your dream job: What is it? And how do you get it?

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Do Male Leaders Struggle with Showing Appreciation?

business man

Do the masculine stereotypes of tough men being good bosses cause a disconnect with their teams?

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Why Fathers Should Make Time For Their Children


Life is busy and it moves quickly, but fathers should realize the importance of time with their children. Are you spending enough time with your kids? — I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa with a father who was farming most of his waking hours. I remember as a child lying in bed […]

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7 Phrases that Kill Income and Business Growth


Your words can hurt. Has any of these phrases ever been said to you? — People spend so much time, money and effort on their business. Yet, blow opportunities with just a few words. There is a famous saying by Maya Angelou that says, people forget what you say, but remember how you made them feel. […]

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How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Even If You’re Not An Entrepreneur


There are little things you can do to teach your kids what entrepreneurship means.  — I wasn’t raised as an entrepreneur.  My mom is a first generation Asian American nurse with traditional views. Even though my dad runs his successful law firm, he never sat me down to have “The Talk.” The Talk about Business, […]

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