Things You Might Have Missed


Busy day? We’ve got recommendations from our Twitter followers.

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I Would Love to Hug Them, But I Can’t


If you don’t learn to express love from your parents, is it harder to express love to others later in life?

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11 Ways to Join the Conversation


You’ve been reading The Good Men Project. Now you want to know how to join in. Here’s your cheat sheet.

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“But wouldn’t that marriage have been unsatisfactory regardless of whether the couple cohabited or not?”

living together

Comment of the Day: Does living together before marriage hurt the relationship?

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“I have promised myself to explore and express being human more this year. “


Comment of the Day: A reader responds to an article about locking oneself into gender roles.

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Things You Might Have Missed


Too busy to read today? Here are some recommendations from our Twitter followers.

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Where the Men Are


Want to find stuff for men that’s not your typical dude-stuff? You’ve come to the right place.

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Comment of the Day: When discussing passionate beliefs, attitude matters.


When it comes to discussing ideas and making intellectual progress, attitude matters.

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What are Men Worried About?


The things men worry about may not change, but the way we talk about them does.

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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


See what our readers are talking about on Twitter!

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Comment of the Day: Changing the Conversation on Mental Illness

Comment of by Thomas Fiffer

Sometimes, comments from readers can drive us … well, a little crazy. But sometimes, a comment brightens your whole day, as this one did for Michael Kasdan.

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Did You Miss These Stories? Time to Catch Up!


We understand you were getting back after the holidays. Here are some suggestions to get you caught up with what’s been happening on The Good Men Project.

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What’s Important to You?


The Good Men Project wants to know what matters to you. What conversations do you want to see?

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Stories Wanted: Join The Good Men Project

Baba C (Lorenzo Calender)


Attention, men of all ages and backgrounds! The Good Men Peoject is looking for your stories.

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Resolution: Step Outside of Your Interest Zone


The Good Men Project covers topics you probably never think of. Make one of your resolutions to check out something new.

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Comment of the Day: I Love My Daughter and Son Differently, Too


Why do dads feel guilt because they may view their love of their sons differently then what they do with their daughters?

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