Comment of the Day: ‘In dating, women get the advantage early, men get it later.’

double standards objectifciation

This conversation was between Freddie, Danny, Silke, and Trey on the comment thread of the post “7 Double Standards That Hurt Men (And Women)”. The double standard they are talking about is pictured above.

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Comment of the Day: “Don’t Cry on My Watch”


This comment is by El Bearsidente on the post Heart-Wrenching Photo of Doctor Crying Goes Viral. Here’s Why.

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Comment of the Day: “I find it sorta amusing, what guys are afraid of.”


This comment was by bud, on the post Straight Guy in Bed With Another Man

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“One problem is that we do not have any sort of ritual for boys to go through to earn their passage to manhood.”

rite of passage

This comment is by Justin, on the post Stop Complaining About Boys/Men a post by Kozo Hattori

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Comment of the Day: “Life is a complex game, not a snapshot”

life is a complex game

This comment is by Lucas, on the post “She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.”

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She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.


One reader writes to a fellow man whose wife came out as a lesbian.

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The Good Men Project Instant Replay


It’s easy. Click on a link, get a story. Want to see it again? No problem. Take as long as you need to make up your mind.

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Because I’m not boldest of men…


One reader commented about why he used to worry about not kissing the girl.

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TwitterChat Rewind: Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration


In case you missed our #GoodMenChat TwitterChat on Connecting with Men Returning from Incarceration, we have your recap right here.

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Things You Might Have Missed


There’s a lot going on in your day. Here are some stories you might have overlooked.

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Social training decides what we think or do and what we don’t.


One reader poses an answer to why straight man don’t experiment, and offers a statement about people as a whole.

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The biggest hurdle to overcome as a parent is the feeling of “owning” your kids.

measuring wall

On his son’s first day of school, this dad did not feel sad. He felt satisfied.

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What Can The Good Men Project Do For You?


The Good Men Project is here for you. Join us. 1. Have a conversation in comments. 2. Facebook gives you four places to find our stories: Dads & Families, Love, Sex & Relationships, Sports, and Ethics, Social Justice, & News. 3. We send our email newsletter right to your inbox. 4. Need a conversation starter? […]

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Your Gotta Read Weekend Reading List


If you’ve got a few minutes, we’ve got something for you to do. Stop and have a read.

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My son has always DEMANDED some sort of platonic touch, and that profoundly changed my life.


One reader reflects on the change in attitudes towards men touching one another.

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The Power of Forgiveness: Questions Answered


This week’s #GoodMenChat was on “The Power of Forgiveness”. Our guests and readers had some powerful and provocative things to say.

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