Raising Emotionally Intelligent Boys: A #GoodMenChat


The Good Men Project hosts regular TwitterChats with a wide assortment of expert and thought leader guests. Have a look at one recent conversation.

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Oftentimes I feel that either you have the itch or you don’t.


Not everyone wants kids. Not everyone realizes men get pressure about this, too.

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Recommended by Our Readers


Here’s a list of what are readers are talking about. These might get you talking, too.

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I Want to Carry This With Me


One reader found help in a surprising place.

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What Happened While You Were Sleeping


You are in California, Australia, London, Istanbul, Rio. We publish in New York time. So we’ll understand if you missed these.

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What Can You Do With Your Wonderful Toys?

more toys

Do your thumbs need a break? We’ve got a list of 10 things you can do with your electronic toys.

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Comment of the Day: What Kids See…and Don’t See


If children don’t see race, religion, or ethnicity, what should we teach them?

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What’s Missing From Your Day?


How about something good to read? Maybe someone new to follow? See what we’re recommending to add something to your day.

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This is what poetry does…challenge the boundaries of what can be said, in order for truth to emerge.

Allen Ginsberg

Sometimes it takes thinking through your initial reaction to find how your really feel. One reader discovered that when she found this article.

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What Our Fans Are Reading…


…and you should check out, too.

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When men forget how to connect with each other, that’s sad.


When do many boys and men lose the ability to connect with one another?

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Psst…Did You Miss These?


Highlights from The Good Men Project. Maybe you missed them, maybe not, but we think they’re worth a look.

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Sunday Afternoon Reading List


We’ve got a shortlist of stories for your Sunday afternoon. Or morning. Or evening.

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Make It a GoodMenly Weekend


If you have a few spare minutes, you have time to be part of The Good Men Project. Here’s how.

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Stoicism isn’t something that is turned off and on with a switch.


What are the long-term effects of discouraging caring relationships among boys?

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Stories You Need to See


Men as objects, superheroes, artists, parents, lovers, friends. There’s something here for everyone.

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