Call for Submissions: War & Veterans

Veterans Memorial

We are proud to announce the beginning of a new War & Veterans section.

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Semper Fi-Bulous: Gay in the Marines Before DADT


Former Marine Marc Winslow describes his experience being gay in the Marines before the repeal of DADT.

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Remembrance Day: “The Silence Where A Father Should Have Been.”

A Fighting Family Jack Thompson

Carmen Thompson, on “The Quiet Man, my father, a Gunner in the Navy…and a quiet deeper than the sea.”

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Soldiers and PTSD, Part 1: Going Vegan

Nad-e-Ali, Helmand

How Veganism Helped One Soldier with PTSD.

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The Breech


Sean Davis gives a haunting first-person account of the inhumanity (and the humanity) of war.

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Yellow Card Warnings and Iraqi War Crimes

Iraqi War Crimes

Tommy Raskin wants to leaders to be held accountable for war crimes so that students can learn the truth about consequences.

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Should Marine Animals Be Trained for Warfare?

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 10.57.39 PM

Capt. William E. Simpson was stunned by the beauty, grace and intelligence of dolphins in the Sea of Cortez. So he hated to see them then be used by the Navy.

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9/11. We Remember

911 tribute from Good Men Project

Let the stories add meaning.

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Afghanistan and Iraq: Photographs by War Correspondent Michael Kamber


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“You can’t enter here with a camera,” I was told repeatedly.

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Egypt: The Unraveling

Graffiti on walls erected by the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) last May, taken by Aschevogel.

Egyptian Poet Yahia Lababidi on Egypt’s violence and trying to find hope and humanity after the scores of killings.

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When Being a Parent Makes You a Bad Person

World of Hurt

Michael Noll had to learn—the hard way—that raising children comes with the risk and the temptation of becoming a bad person.

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Is It Better to Be a Guy or a Girl?

Wolverine v Wonder Woman

Coke v. Pepsi, Ford v. Chevy—we all have our favorites. So which is better: being a guy, or a girl?

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You Don’t Really Want Them to Understand

Kid shouting

Kevin Macku examines internet and domestic conflicts from an actor’s perspective, and shows that arguments often run deeper than the surface.

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The 50 Greatest Civil War Names

Unconditional Surrender

In honor of 4th of July, Brandon Claycomb lists the 50 greatest names in the history of our nation’s Civil War.

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Abuse is Abuse: Domestic Violence Against Men

Photo by ian_munroe

Recognizing domestic violence against men is not easy, but it is urgently necessary.

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Can You Unintentionally Commit Child Abuse?

nathan daniels, child abuse, reflection, molestation

After a tumultuous childhood filled with abuse and neglect, Nathan C. Daniels reflects on how some of the pain he experienced may not have been inflicted intentionally.

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