#BringBackOurGirls – Why 300 Nigerian Girls Should Matter To You


Because you can’t do everything doesn’t absolve you from doing something. We must #BringBackOurGirls.

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Soldiers Surprisingly Resilient to PTSD after Iraq and Afghanistan


Studies show that troops in the UK have become more resilient to PTSD

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What’s Going on With U.S. Veterans 2014? (Infographic)


Discover some of the issues facing today’s veterans in this easily shareable infographic.

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We Will Need Monuments Men For As Long As Ancient Sites Remain Battlefields


Emma Cunliffe believes the “The Monument Men” film isn’t just representative of history; saving art and culture amidst war will be part of our future as well.

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The Top 5 War & Veterans Articles of 2013


Our top 5 war and veterans articles of 2013.

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War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

War Is Messy

Experience war through a soldier’s letter home.

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Bullying Experiment: Going Too Far Versus Not Far Enough

bully free zone

Iraq War veteran Michael Anthony talks about battling bullies. Make sure to watch the bully experiment video at the end.

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My Dad: Vietnam Veteran & Man in the 21st Century


Sara Freeman interviews her father about his military experiences and about being a man in the 21st century.

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Slow Motion: Skylarks, Prison and Social Progress


“What just happened?” The court-appointed lawyer repeated Jackie Summers words, then replied tersely. “You got f***ed.”

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Judge to Vet: “Your Service in Iraq Makes You a Threat to Society.”


How war led to a ten year prison sentence for Andrew Chambers.

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Into The Valley of Nod


Steve Jaeger, with a chilling work of fiction about a forgotten way to go MIA in a war.

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Call for Submissions: War & Veterans

Veterans Memorial

We are proud to announce the beginning of a new War & Veterans section.

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Semper Fi-Bulous: Gay in the Marines Before DADT


Former Marine Marc Winslow describes his experience being gay in the Marines before the repeal of DADT.

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Remembrance Day: “The Silence Where A Father Should Have Been.”

A Fighting Family Jack Thompson

Carmen Thompson, on “The Quiet Man, my father, a Gunner in the Navy…and a quiet deeper than the sea.”

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Soldiers and PTSD, Part 1: Going Vegan

Nad-e-Ali, Helmand

How Veganism Helped One Soldier with PTSD.

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Yellow Card Warnings and Iraqi War Crimes

Iraqi War Crimes

Tommy Raskin wants to leaders to be held accountable for war crimes so that students can learn the truth about consequences.

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