It’s Time for Men to Become Fashionable! But Can Guys Learn Style?

good men style

It’s time for men to open their worlds a little wider to fashion and style.

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Would You Eat This?

raindrop cake

What you’re looking at is not a breast implant – it’s a cake. Yes, a cake.

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I’m Ashamed of Being Irish in America


In my childhood I immersed myself in Ireland’s boldest writers. ___ It becomes painfully clear and more prevalent than ever that the culture I was born and bred to carry with pride is actually an embarrassment. It remains the only nationality that allows itself to be a source of degradation through advertising, merchandising, and an annual […]

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Craft Beer Has Taken The Country By Storm


Craft Beer seemed to get off to a slow start, but once it took off, it never looked back. — The first time I had a beer that wasn’t sold to a mass market I wondered what the big deal was. It tasted like any other beer. But then I refined my pallet and realized […]

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Hey, Can I Have Some Of Your Tots?


Want to make a Tater-Tot Casserole that would make Napoleon Dynamite reach in his pocket? Here you go. — Sometimes you need instruction from someone as eccentric as Napoleon Dynamite to really get something through you head. I can’t promise you this is ole Napoleon, but eccentric? Check. — Photo credit: Flickr/jaebum joo  

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Meat-Lovers vs. Vegetarians: A War of Cultures

man grilling meat

Nutrition is cultural. And so is meat.

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Irish People Taste Test St. Patrick’s Day Treats

3583163932_da3a0d56e8_z (1)

If you’re like me then you love holiday themed food. St. Patrick’s Day (or just Irish food in general) brings thoughts of wonderful beer and shepherd’s pie. But are these really traditional foods? — It’s always funny to find out that traditional holiday foods aren’t really all that traditional. It’s even funnier to find out […]

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Fame is in the eye of the beholder


David Packman shines a light on the illusory nature of fame.

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Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Vaporwave


Can music be democratic? Joshua Ziner says yes… and here’s why.

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“Eyeglasses can be fashionable too,” says Liskula Cohen

Liskula Glasses

Liskula Cohen discusses what men and women should look for when buying an accessory many of us take for granted – our eyeglasses.

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Why Do We Laugh At Fat Women?


Ariel Gordon discusses media representations of different female body types.

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Why I No Longer Care About Superhero Movies

Superhero Mural

Matthew Rozsa has one thing to say about superhero movies: Enough!

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The Truth About Africa


College student Katriona Morgan discusses what she learned about Africa during her time in Ghana.

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Seinfeld, Political Correctness, and Purity Tests


The online Social Justice movement has admirable goals, but it needs to stop applying purity tests to celebrities.

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David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Importance of Personal Heroes


What Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue about David Letterman tells us about the importance of personal heroes.

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Feeling Like a Child in the World of Pop Culture


It’s impossible to enjoy a movie or television show today quite as much as you did when you were a child. Matthew Rozsa speculates as to why.

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