The Fortune Cookie as Parent


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” how do we give our children advice that is both enough and not so much that it stifles them. Look to the cookie?

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Thank God It’s Autism


My mind goes to the dark places I work so hard to fight against: tumor, cancer, six months to live, eight months, eight years …

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Living Life With a Sense of Awe


Teaching gratitude, not “thank you”.

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Wimpy Guy’s Guide To Getting A Vasectomy


Jay Palter wants you to know that getting snipped is really not a big deal.

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An Open Letter to Children of Screaming Parents


Kenny Bodanis has some sage advice for the parents of that kid who won’t stop screaming.

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Roughing it on the River


Eight year old teaches dad the joys of a kayaking camping trip

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The Soccer Ref


It was the Yellow Wasps versus the Highlight Cupcakes. Actually, it was a 36 year old, out-of-shape dad, versus fourteen seven-year-old girls.

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Have a Heart! Legally, I Must Explain Organ Donation to My 7-Year-Old.


Getting a child’s informed consent to donate their organs is as much fun as it sounds.

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The Smoking Ruins of Your Sexual-Romantic Life


Life with children calls for compromises, but it can’t keep you from making love.

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49 Things You Must Tell Your Baby


Tell her everything now, while she’s listening.

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Dear Dad


We both became adversaries with our ego, to see which one would crumble first.

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Stay and Play: A Guide to Etiquette


You can’t just dump your kids off and start drinking. What do you think this is, the Chuck E. Cheese?

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How to Stay in Shape for Fatherhood


Carving out time to take care of yourself is essential to maintaining energy through the first weeks of new fatherhood. Justin Cascio talks to Jon Finkel, a former columnist for GQ and Muscle & Fitness, about his new book, The Dadvantage.

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10 Delivery Room Survival Tips For First-Time Dads From a Cocky Father of Three

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 1.01.26 PM

Jason Greene fancies himself a delivery-room expert. Here he offers 10 pro-tips to dads on how to survive the birth of their first child.

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The F-Bomb: Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Curse Word


Adam Rabasca mourns the loss of every Italian’s favorite word.

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The Ninth Circle of Hell – Dante and the DMV

Screen Shot 2012-09-15 at 9.16.04 AM

Dante has nothing on Jason Greene, who stood in line at the DMV for an entire day… With three kids.

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