Our Family Was Handed an Anonymous Note at a Baseball Game Last Night—This Is What It Said

Our Family Was Handed an Anonymous Note at a Baseball Game Last Night---This Is What It Said

An unexpected note from a stranger convinced a family that baseball can be a magical game.

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Boys Kissing Boys: What’s the Problem?

Boys Kissing Boys: What’s the Problem?

Brent Almond wonders why our society stigmatizes boys for showing affection to each other and worries that his young son is already feeling the pressure to conform.

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The Ghosts of My Bullies


The past can hurt: David Vienna opens up about his childhood experiences with hurtful bullies.

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Never Alone – Our Down Syndrome Diagnosis Story


David Perry shares an emotional story of his son’s birth.

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The 6 Worst Things People Say to or Around Kids


Though words often seem innocent, the scars they leave on a child can last a lifetime

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My Relationship Sucks. Could the Problem Be Me?

My Relationship Sucks by Stuart Richards

When there’s trouble at home, we’re quick to avoid blame and point the finger. But what if we’re the problem? These three questions can determine if you might be the primary cause of strife.

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How To Finally Get Over Your Ex (Even If It Feels Impossible)

kissing from above

Yes, you can do it. Jordan Gray shows you how.

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Of Good Men and Beards

via Twitter

Savas Abadsidis talks to men about the way growing – or not growing – a beard defines manhood in their lives.

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7 Reasons You Think Relationships Suck


James Michael Sama wants you to know that not everyone is going to hurt you.

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Busting Stereotypes: Breastfeeding Mom Discovers Her Greatest Ally Is a Teen Boy

photo by elvert barnes

What happens when a teenage boy is told that a breastfeeding mom is grossing people out in a Starbucks? Probably not what you think.

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Where Love Lives – The Everyday Love of a Good Husband


Love comes in many forms: Stacey Connor shares a moment of her day on how the little things are sometimes the most powerful.

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I Refuse To Be One Of “The Good Men”


Charlie Glickman explains why assuming the position of “not like other guys” creates more problems than good.

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3 Superhero Moves That Will Save Your Relationship


If you’re sitting around waiting for your partner to change, you’re giving away your power.

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10 Signs Your Partner Is The Best Friend You Have In This World


Shared inside jokes? Identical hobbies? Love of the same breakfast cereal? The lady of your life may happen to be your best friend, too.

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Winds of Change: Are You Being Rude to People With Disabilities Without Knowing It?


Erin Kelly looks at a series of ads intended to help people learn to be more comfortable interacting with folks with disabilities, and to help nurture empathy.

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Do Men Feel the Sting of Sexism? You Bet We Do.

Do Men Feel by Andy Bullock

We know sexism hurts women. But we need to be reminded that it hurts men, too.

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