Dear Kids: Lessons I’ve Learned From Years of Work As You Are About to Do the Same

Advice for the Workplace photo by beglen

Pete Louison tells passes along sage advice to his twenty-something year old kids who are about to enter the workforce.

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Sex Education, Please

young couple

The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.

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Finding Beauty on the Unknown Road of Life


Moving forward and discovering the richness to be savored in a fleeting life, Himay Zepeda reflects on it all.

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Paddling Into the Moment: How a Stranger Helped Me See Where I Was

Gopro and My Sea Kayak In Sydney, Australia - 062

David Packman went paddleboarding to try to get outside his own head, but it takes a chance encounter with a stranger to get him there.

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For Crying Out Loud, Can We Please Stop Calling Them Highly Sensitive Men?


Mark Greene asks, how is it that empathic men have been collectively tagged as “easily hurt” or “delicately aware?” Who made that decision?

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You Guys Ready to Have Some Fun? The Juggernaut That Is Today’s Kid Birthday Party

birthday boy photo by mismithfaro

Kermet Apio on birthday parties, the dreaded bouncy house, and gift bags filled with toys that implode like a Mission Impossible cassette.

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I Think, Maybe, I Just Got Profiled… As a Dad?

I Think, Maybe, I Just Got Profiled... As a Dad?

Cort Ruddy just wanted to buy some paper plates, but instead had his first experience with being profiled as a stereotypical “dad”

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Everything I Need to Know About Marriage, I Can Learn From a Sports Movie


“All your strength. All your power. Everything you’ve got. Right now.” -Duke, Rocky IV

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What Happens When Hipster Dudes Imitate Miranda Kerr’s Super Sexy GQ Spread?

Bondi HIpsters Miranda Kerr Rated G

Miranda Kerr’s GQ shoot is undeniably hot. But what happens when an Aussie hipster decides to duplicate the shots… starring himself?

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“You don’t want sex? Ever!”

No sex

What’s a guy supposed to do when his partner tells him she doesn’t want to have sex anymore?

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How Major League Baseball Is Helping Prove That Paternity Leave Makes Sense

How Major League Baseball Is Helping to Prove That Paternity Leave Makes Sense

Tom Burns thinks that Major League Baseball’s decision to support New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s right to paternity leave speaks volumes and deserves more attention than it’s getting

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Honoring Your Word Like A Man

dillan photo honor

Dillan DiGiovanni explains how honoring your word differs from doing everything you say you will.

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14 Things You Must Teach Your Son about Sex

mistahbloo owls resized 9522635785_f85424c81d_z

Andrew Smiler highlights 14 aspects of sexuality that every parent should teach their sons.

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Terry Lucas presents a real long-distance man…and the son who wishes they were closer.

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What it Means to Love a Musician


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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I Don’t Need To Be ‘The Man’ In Order To Be A Man

Jeff Perera

Jeff Perera explains his “Ladder of Masculinity” TEDx talk, and how toxic masculinity is linked to violence.

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