Fall in Love with a Stranger

Strangers on a subway

There is a beauty in the human connection that comes from falling in love with someone you don’t know.

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5 Ways You’re Trading Incredible Sex for a Miserable Job


You know that moment when you’d like to rip her clothes off, and she’s given you the green light, and you are just too tired to care? That job.

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8 Things I Have Learned After 10 Months of Being a Dad


Scott has been a dad for 10 months now, and that has been time enough for some valuable lessons. He shares his top 8.

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Fierce Compassion: Why Men’s Compassion is Unappreciated

Braveheart actor

Are men more compassionate than women if we expand the definition of compassion?

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Why I’m Keeping My Kids Uncool

Why I'm Keeping 3 by tinkerbrad

The cool quotient among preteens has Tor Constantino longing to be a luddite.

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Not Every Break Up Should Leave You Broken

Relationship Breaking

Not every relationship ends with happily ever after. But not every break up needs to break your heart either.

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3 Traits We Correct in Our Kids … But Ignore in Ourselves

3 Traits We 2 by woodleywonderworks

Tor Constantino points out three ways parents who talk the talk don’t always walk the walk. But relax, no one is perfect.

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Tearing Down the Walls Around My Heart


Introspection is one of the most difficult things a person can do, but Christian Clifton knows it is something he must do if he is to ever truly live his life.

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The Sex or the Love: Which Did you Lose First?

love or sex

Steve Horsman doesn’t think this is about sex or love. It’s about the moment you stopped speaking your truth.

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10 Things No One Ever Told Me About Having a Daughter

father 588x350

Bret Spears was excited to be a dad and bewildered by everything this meant to him.

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I Turned 50 and Surprise! My Life Didn’t End


Joe Rutland just turned 50. And he is still as ready for life as he ever was – maybe even a little bit more.

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The Happy Male—a Work in Progress

The Happy Male by Timothy Krause

Show me a happy guy and I’ll show you a man who’s sleeping!

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Bullying: Your Kids Are Keeping Mum


David Kanegis calls for teachers and parents to really play an active role in the prevention and ending of bullying.

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10 Lies Guys Need to Stop Telling Themselves


You’re sick of the daily grind, but you don’t know how to break free. The missing piece to the puzzle could be the things you’re telling yourself.

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8 Unrealistic Expectations Fathers Have for Their Sons

father and son shaving

Sons let us down, it’s inevitable. But is it (at least partly) because we ask too much?

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It’s Healthy for Men to Question Our Sexuality

its healthy for men to question photo bryan reeves

The four months I spent questioning my sexuality in the military when I was 22 has made my life vastly richer.

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