The Father of a Thousand Faces


In which Mark Greene puts himself under the parental microscope, and finds more than one Mark Greene.

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Boys in Chairs: What’s Love Got To Do With It?


After receiving a surprise response to a story he wrote, Andrew Morrison-Gurza examines an unexpected double standard.

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How to Build an Empire


A powerful poem from Jessica Server on the wages of imperialism, many of which we’re still encountering in the “post-colonial” world.

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The Manufacturing of the American Douche

screaming photo by Paul Cross

Nathan Graziano would like to talk about our propensity for accepting bad behavior—as long as it is in the name of a win.

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Dear Parents, Let’s Talk About Kids and Gender Roles


Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer is raising a happy and joyful son without following rigid gender roles or rules. And she wants you to understand why.

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My Husband Worked to Be Important. Then He Left Me With a Text Message.

Lisa Arends

Generations of men in one family placed their value on what they did instead of who they were. For Lisa Arends, this was the beginning of the end of her marriage.

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How to Be Unforgettable in Bed

in bed photo by youme

Want to be an unforgettable lover? Forget about technique and try these three simple secrets.

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My Brother’s Future Wife Is a Mail-Order Bride

mail order bride photo by Jan eshenroder

Marriage should be about love and partnership, not politics and servitude.

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Could These Be the Three Keys to Happiness?

Could These Be by mmarchin

Thomas Fiffer looks no further than his wall for three keys to staying happy.

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Skip the Façade, “Get” the Girl and “Land” the Real Prize


Greg Dinkin has some advice for men that does not involve games of control.

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How the Modesty Police are Hurting My Son


Ami Bunker is tired of people trying to protect her son from how girls dress.

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Is Your Partner Lying to You? Your Smartphone Might Know.

Reception - 0003

What happens when our phones understand us better than we understand ourselves?

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The First Time I Found Out My Husband Had Died

The First Time I Found Out My Husband Had Died

Mary Windecker’s husband died during a diving trip in 1994, devastating her family. But a surprising discovery seventeen years later forced her to revisit her pain and loss in ways she hadn’t expected.

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“I Don’t Love This Religion Anymore”: A Conversation With Zach Phelps-Roper


Another of the Phelps family, Zach Phelps-Roper, has left the Westboro Baptist Church Cult and is telling his story. What are we to return to people who spew so much hate?

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19 Terms for Relationships that Re-Humanize Women

19 terms for relationships that re-humanize women

A look at Andrew Smiler’s article “19 Terms for Relationships that Dehumanize Women”, and an attempt to turn those statements around.

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If Asian People Said the Stuff White People Say (Video)

If Asians Said White People Do

White people, I am begging you to stop saying this stupid crap.

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