10 Lies Guys Need to Stop Telling Themselves


You’re sick of the daily grind, but you don’t know how to break free. The missing piece to the puzzle could be the things you’re telling yourself.

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8 Unrealistic Expectations Fathers Have for Their Sons

father and son shaving

Sons let us down, it’s inevitable. But is it (at least partly) because we ask too much?

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It’s Healthy for Men to Question Our Sexuality

its healthy for men to question photo bryan reeves

The four months I spent questioning my sexuality in the military when I was 22 has made my life vastly richer.

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How a Straight Man in a Gay Relationship Made it Work


After telling how he fell in love with another straight man, Mike Iamele heard countless stories of other people creating relationships that feel right to them.

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3 Things Besides Love That Parents Need to Give Their Kids


Love is essential, but Tor Constantino identifies three things parents need to provide besides love to raise healthy children.

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Why I’m Abandoning the Pursuit of Happiness

How I'm Escaping by Thomas Fiffer

Tor Constantino is no quitter, but he’s giving up on happiness. He’s pursuing something better …

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The Many Ways We All Lose in a Heterosexist Environment

More Than One Way Keoni Cabral:Flickr

“I find it paradoxical that we live in a society where love of difference makes one the same, while love of sameness makes one different.”

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The Day I Stood in the Command Tent Hearing of Your Death, Father


Veteran Airman Nicholas Miele skillfully juxtaposes a personal rite of passage with a personal loss.

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I Know What Causes Autism

I Know What Causes by Carrie Cariello

Carrie Cariello, whose boy Jack has autism, has answers … to the questions every parent with a child like hers asks.

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This is Leo’s trans-story. Pay attention.


There is no one kind of man. There is no one kind of trans-man. And every story matters.

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The Culture of Shame: Men, Love, and Emotional Self-Amputation


Mark Greene talks about the ways in which shame kills men’s courage for living and loving.

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The NFL Has Great Guys Too


Justin Ricklefs profiles Andy Studebaker of the Indianapolis Colts, one of the sports true good guys

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11 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love

awesome love

“If you desire that big love you know you deserve, and are feeling a little lost along the way, these steps will help.”

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4 Promises From a Christian Pastor Dad if His Children Turn Out to be Gay


A Christian Pastor, and father of two, has thought long and hard about the possibility that a child of his might turn out to be gay. Here are his four promises if that happens.

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Me & T, 5 Years Later

Pre-t, 5 Years on T

Watch 5 years in the life on one young transguy, as his voice and pictures tell the story of how he’s grown not just as a man, but as a person.

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What Affirmative Consent Looks Like


How to give and accept consent without necessarily verbalizing it.

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