How Romantic Comedies Set Us Up For Failure


Charles J. Orlando points out the flaws in a popular movie genre.

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You Are About to Remember


A letter from a father to himself (before he was a dad).

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The Key to Preserving Your Emotional Health

The Key to Preserving

Emotions don’t respond to pain the way the body does. Understanding that can prevent a ton of heartache.

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Live Smarter, Not Larger: Why Contemporary Man Won’t Be Measured By the Old American Dream


Seth Trent explains how the suburban fantasy is moving aside to allow for a different definition of success.

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Relationship Status: It’s (Not) Complicated


JD Roberto insists that the whole idea of a “complicated” relationship is a just a refusal to take responsibility.

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Dear Sons, The Real Reason Why I Say No to Electronics

no electronics

“I know that feeding the desire to play with your device is like giving you candy. It satisfies for a moment but provides no long term nutrition.”

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Why I Love My Husband

Why I Love My Husband

Elaine Sheff describes how one uncomfortable night in a hospital with their child made her realize how much she loves her husband.

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If You Have to Convince Someone You’re Right for Them, Maybe They’re Not Right for You

romance photo by jeroenbennink

Paul Hudson tells his own personal story of trying—for years—to convince someone to love him. Perhaps there is learning for us all.

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Here’s a List of What One Guy DID NOT Buy From TARGET Today


The easiest way to create social change is to wield your consumer power wisely. Here’s one man setting out to do just that.

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Boys Will Be Boys Will Be Broken

have gun will travel photo credit images by westfall

I am a boy.

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Why Father’s Rights is a Win for Women’s Rights


Mark Greene believes that freeing women from the domestic sphere while supporting men to enter that sphere is a win/win.

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Can Divorce Be an Act of Love? One Man’s Perspective

photo siti famtimah 6

Love and Divorce are as closely related as Love and Marriage, and both can and should be done well.

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Sharing The Best Parts of Your Life on Facebook Isn’t Necessarily Deception

scott thompson

Joanna Schroeder challenges a viral video’s assertion that Facebook is basically a haven for lies and narcissism intended to make people’s lives look perfect.

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The 3 Most Damaging Myths About the Sex Lives of Men


What Jordan Gray has to say about sex just might explode everything you know about guys and desire.

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“My Dad Says You’re A Fag”

Raymond Miller endured a lot of hate for being gay, but the reason behind the hate was sometimes surprising.

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When Partners Say They’re Leaving, Don’t Ignore Them.

Don't ignore them

Heather Gray helps you find the middle ground between ignoring your partner’s pain and shouldering the blame.

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