What it Means to Love a Musician


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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I Don’t Need To Be ‘The Man’ In Order To Be A Man

Jeff Perera

Jeff Perera explains his “Ladder of Masculinity” TEDx talk, and how toxic masculinity is linked to violence.

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Please Don’t Gender Police the Kids

painted nails

Marie Franklin’s daughter paints her grandson’s nails, and she doesn’t understand why people have a problem with this.

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Man Up, Like A Woman

Photo: Boston Public Library

There is no difference between “you need to harness your sacred masculine energy” and “man up, bro.” None.

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Men Defining Masculinity: It’s Not About Sex

boy taking test resized 5781573102_634c5f5b34_z

In surveys of nearly 40,000 men in 13 countries, character, self-determination, and work topped the list of what defines masculinity.

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Great Sex Doesn’t Happen When You’re Sitting Still

Great sex

Dan Bolton knows the secret to better sex. Hint: You’ll have to move.

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Drive Less, Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, Huffington Post UK, Driving, Driving and Narcissism, Entitled Drivers, Drivers are Assholes, Ethics and Values, Drive Less and Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

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Fatherhood: To Be Calm When You’ve Found Something Going On

Fatherhood: To Be Calm When You've Found Something Going On

Vijay Mann reflects on the birth of his first child, marveling at the impact his young son has already had on how he views the world around him

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The “Still Not Asking For It” Photo, And STFU’s Response

Still Not Asking for It FB

Bravo, Indeed.

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The Art of Whiskey: Where Wood Talks to Spirits

Ger Buckley

Modernity and tradition collide to make Ireland—and Irish whiskey—delicious.

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Why Banning Handheld Devices from Your Kids Won’t Make Them Smarter, Skinnier, or Happier

Why Banning Handheld Devices from Your Kids Won’t Make Them Smarter, Skinnier, or Happier

Scott Posey counters a recent argument made for not letting children use handheld devices, arguing that the problem lies with permissive parenting, not with technology

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Blues Philosophy

Blues philosphy

Fifteen places where life and blues collide, according to blues philosopher Todd Mauldin.

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Learning to Live Comfortably in My White Male Skin

resting man shadows

Samuel Mahaffy is a man coming clean about his prejudice against white males in this culture—particularly surprising because he is one.

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Why Sex With Someone With a Disability Is the Best Sex You Could Be Having

messy bed

People with disabilites have sex. Andrew Morrison-Gurza is getting this out in the open.

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Why You Should Maybe Keep Your Crush A Secret


Ferrett Steinmetz talks about when it’s best to bare your soul, and when it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

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5 Little-Known Secrets Couples Need To Know About The Science of Love


Jed Diamond had trouble in relationships, until he learned that love isn’t a mystery. Now he’s happily married for 33 years.

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