Where Love Lives – The Everyday Love of a Good Husband


Love comes in many forms: Stacey Connor shares a moment of her day on how the little things are sometimes the most powerful.

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I Refuse To Be One Of “The Good Men”


Charlie Glickman explains why assuming the position of “not like other guys” creates more problems than good.

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3 Superhero Moves That Will Save Your Relationship


If you’re sitting around waiting for your partner to change, you’re giving away your power.

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10 Signs Your Partner Is The Best Friend You Have In This World


Shared inside jokes? Identical hobbies? Love of the same breakfast cereal? The lady of your life may happen to be your best friend, too.

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Winds of Change: Are You Being Rude to People With Disabilities Without Knowing It?


Erin Kelly looks at a series of ads intended to help people learn to be more comfortable interacting with folks with disabilities, and to help nurture empathy.

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Do Men Feel the Sting of Sexism? You Bet We Do.

Do Men Feel by Andy Bullock

We know sexism hurts women. But we need to be reminded that it hurts men, too.

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Why Receiving Appreciation Can Be So Hard For Men

appreciation 2

When men hear “good job”, they’re brought into the light. That can be the most vulnerable place to be.

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Six Terrible Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids

Six Terrible Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids

Dave Lesser breaks down the best- and worst-case scenarios that could result from some of his more questionable parental lessons that he’s been passing down to his children.

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What I Learned From Working Graveyard Shift in a Sex Shop


Allan Mott quickly discovered that the average middle-of-the-night customer at a sex shop isn’t a creep, but just a normal lonely guy.

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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys – Avoiding Dramas and Distractions That Can Kill Your Day


You’ve heard it before, but here’s how to use the power of words to make it more effective. Because the last thing you need is another monkey on your back.

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How Romantic Comedies Set Us Up For Failure


Charles J. Orlando points out the flaws in a popular movie genre.

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You Are About to Remember


A letter from a father to himself (before he was a dad).

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The Key to Preserving Your Emotional Health

The Key to Preserving

Emotions don’t respond to pain the way the body does. Understanding that can prevent a ton of heartache.

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Live Smarter, Not Larger: Why Contemporary Man Won’t Be Measured By the Old American Dream


Seth Trent explains how the suburban fantasy is moving aside to allow for a different definition of success.

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Relationship Status: It’s (Not) Complicated


JD Roberto insists that the whole idea of a “complicated” relationship is a just a refusal to take responsibility.

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Dear Sons, The Real Reason Why I Say No to Electronics

no electronics

“I know that feeding the desire to play with your device is like giving you candy. It satisfies for a moment but provides no long term nutrition.”

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