Ahmed’s Cool Clock And The Duty Of Teachers

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We make heroes of educators who risk — and even lose — their lives to protect their students. Are they just doing their job?

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Dads Need to Stop Asking “Can Girls Have Too Much Confidence?” (But Give Her More)

father and daughter talking

Fathers can help their daughters counter stereotypes about confident females — here’s how.

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Grade School Gets Schooled on Obvious Gender Bias

kids in classroom

Because boys don’t need to learn confidence and girls aren’t going to college? Yeah, right!

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When Sex Education Emphasizes Shame, It Doesn’t Help Youth Who Have Been Sexually Abused

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 4.59.08 PM

Monica Faulkner on how the sex ed system in America perpetuates an idea of shame associated with sex. Not only is this a harmful lens to view sex, but it also continues a cycle of silence for abuse victims.

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Empowering Uganda’s Teachers Offers a New Route to Reducing Violence in Schools


Can physical violence by Ugandan school staff really be reduced with the introduction of a new program? We can only hope.

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Gender-based Violence Prevention in the Classroom Teaches Little Boys What They Need to Know as Men


If we are going to change attitudes to gendered violence and women’s equality, school is a good place to start before the wider lessons of life.

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Justification for Higher Education


We are STILL paying for it.

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Dear Teacher, You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are


You might even suck if your students are already 95% educated on DAY ONE.

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8 Pieces of Advice Nobody Else Will Give You About College


What every guy needs to know about college and future possibilities.

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Hey Dad, What’s the Best Age for Teaching your Kids Another Language?


Easier than it looks? The Florence Myles on picking up a new language.

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A Teacher Uses ‘Star Trek’ for Difficult Conversations on Race and Gender


The stories and characters in Star Trek blend the past and the future with the complex problems we face today.

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Want to Help Your Children with Literacy and Brain Development? Try Music!


Kids might think music lessons are a waste of time. But musical training has been shown to improve literacy, memory, learning and verbal intelligence.

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Mandela’s Belief that Education Can Change the World Is Still a Dream


Two years after Nelson Mandela’s death, the challenge remains to use education to change South Africa and the rest of the world.

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Dads, It’s Time to Apply Good Office Habits to Our Children’s Classrooms


Children shouldn’t sit at desks all day. They need to stand, walk, and move around — just like we should do at work.

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Where Adjuncts Go When the Music Stops

Screen shot 2015-07-18 at 12.15.14 PM

Most universities in the United States could not open their doors without cheap adjunct labor. But where do those adjuncts go when the system breaks them?

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Workaholism isn’t a Valid Requirement for Advancing in Science


Despite macho career advice, it’s time for scientists – and everyone else – to understand that the point is to work smarter, not longer and to strive for a realistic and livable work/life balance.

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