Simply Punishing Students for Bullying Will not Address the Problem

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Anti-bullying laws can both help and hurt students.

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Sit Down and Shut Up

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I went to a high-performing charter school to become a better teacher. Instead I learned how to silence and punish kids.

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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to College

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College may not be such a great idea after all.

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For Poor Children, Two Healthy Meals a Day can Keep Obesity Away

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School nutrition programs help reduce the risk of children developing obesity.

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Teachers Must Be Free to Treat Each Class… Differently

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Overly-prescriptive curriculum and a maniacal focus on conformity can leave teachers feeling replaceable and stifled. Not to mention the students themselves…

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How Children’s Brains Develop to Make Them Right or Left Handed

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Left-handedness is no longer seen as an abnormality.

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How Universities can Teach Their Students to Respect Different Cultures

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Universities expose students to difference, providing them with a unique opportunity to learn from others.

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Kindergarten Boy Suspended Fourteen Times. Fourteen.

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Having high standards and expectations for students is one thing; punishing them with suspension for fidgeting is something entirely else.

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Call for Submissions: A Teacher Who Changed My Son’s Life

teacher and students

It takes a village to raise a boy. We’d love to hear about a teacher who made a difference in your son’s life.

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What do Child Prodigies Have in Common with Kids with Autism?

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In many ways, prodigies look a lot like savants. They have the same preternatural abilities. They have the same prolific output.

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Single-Sex Vs. Coeducational Schools: How Parents can Decide the Best Option for Their Child

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Research shows that teachers are one of the main factors influencing a student’s learning outcomes.

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Tiny Houses & the Quest to De-Clutter

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Given the constant noise and interruption of our device-led lives, I expect the tiny house trend, and the simplicity it offers, to explode.

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I Am Your Son’s Female Teacher

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When it comes to a teacher’s love for a student, what kind of category is that love?

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Public Schools Need More Than Google’s ‘Happiness Directive’

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The problem with schools won’t be solved by aiming to make the students happy.

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The Police Have it Right

information overload

There’s simply too much stuff crossing our screens every waking moment of the day for us to check it all.

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How Dads Can Step Up for Positive Change for Their Kids in School

dad and school

Reforming our public schools is one focus shift away

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