The New Education Law Won’t Improve Our Failing Schools

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ESSA is a sad reminder that we are too often willing to keep the least privileged students trapped in a failing system.

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A Shout Out to America

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Field Trip of a Lifetime: Thousands of New York City students are set to experience “Hamilton,” the year’s hottest Broadway ticket.

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Adolescence In the Age of Youth Violence

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Needed: Better approaches to balancing student safety with typical adolescent boundary-pushing.

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Why the Potential of White Boys from Poor Homes is Hit by Double Disadvantage

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What no one is talking about: the struggles of white boys.

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Don’t Give Up On Teaching a Growth Mindset

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Some students have more advantages than others; all the more reason to empower everyone with self-belief and an understanding that part of learning is failure.

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Students Are Humans Too

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Our focus on broad reform might blind us to more effective individual solutions in the classroom.

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Should World Religions Be Taught At School?


Is there a way to teach the fundamental tenets of world religions in an unbiased, faith-detached way to diverse groups of impressionable young people?

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Anonymous Student Gives Exhausted Teacher a Thanksgiving Boost

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The tale of an overworked, disillusioned teacher and a shocking act of conscientiousness from an anonymous teen that revitalized her commitment to the classroom.

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Miami Device: The EdTech Conference that Could


Computers and the Internet can’t “fix” education. But that doesn’t mean they don’t carry hefty potential to engage students – particularly boys – in the 21st Century classroom.

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In Attacking Charters, Hillary Clinton Reverses Course on School Choice – and Turns Her Back On Many Black Supporters

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Siding with teachers unions over charter schools is bad news for many minority students… and bad news for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, writes Cynthia Tucker Haynes.

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Look at What is Being Sold to Kids When They are in School


Faith Boninger and Alex Molnar on how stuff gets sold to kids in school – and it’s not pretty.

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How Minecraft Could Help Teach Chemistry’s Building Blocks of Life


Minecraft can be more than just a video game. Here’s how.

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Jamming With Your Toddler: How Music Trumps Reading For Childhood Development


If you want to fast-track your child’s development, forget CDs, books that beep, and toys that whirr. Play music with them, with the emphasis being on “play”.

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Proposed Curriculum Requirement: How to Be Mindful of Technology

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In the rise of the technological era, Jessica Lahitou has some suggestions on how to handle attachment and detachment for students and their devices.

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How Will Education Be Different in 100 Years?


What and how will children be learning 100 years from now?

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In South Africa: Students Protest Tuition Hikes


Thousands of South African university students have taken to the streets in the biggest unified student protests since the first democratic elections in 1994.

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