Where is the Supernatural We Can See?

supernatural 1

The natural world can be supernatural when you have the right perception.

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Have you Ever Seen The Avian Dance of Sunset?

sunset 3 copy

The sun set this evening is accompanied by a wild avian dance.

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What do You See When You Look Down?

look down 1 copy

This is the landscape telling its story.

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The Keys to Preventing Stress Might Be Found in the Animal Kingdom


All animals stress about predators, hunger, and lack of sex. So, what can we learn from them?

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Deadly Carousels and Strange Fruit

deadly-strange-1 copy

A surreal combination, beautiful but poisonous.

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Isn’t it Time You Had a Conversation with Nature?

medicine spot 2

The conversation will ignite the animated spark of life that lives breathing within us.

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How Often do You Sit, Listen, and Engage with Nature?

medicine spot 2 copy

The Medicine Spot is where we used to go and sit quietly, becoming reacquainted with the greater environment.

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When It Comes to the Environment, Minority Communities Care about More than Injustice


Environmental organizations remain predominately white in part because they are not connecting with the actual concerns of minorities. After Pope Francis’ encyclical, that needs to change.

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Do You Dance with the Beauty of Death?

dance-beauty-death copy

This dance of death is another aspect of the beauty of this mountain.

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Can You Hear What the Birds Say about the Land?


On my way to the Medicine Spot I noticed a subtle yet profound change in the ‘energy’ of this place.

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Are You a Friend of the Flowers?

friend-of-flowers copy

A man in nature find a few moments spent with flowers is a good investment.

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Where is the Line Between The Living and Non?

where-is-the-line copy

Neil Hill asks us to reach out and touch our world, and be touched by it.

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A New Way to Spend Summer by the Shore

Summer by the Shore by Judy Wall

Climate change might just bring the shore to the vacationers.

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The Landscape of Death Offers You Great Beauty

death bone copy

The bleached remains of the cuttlefish bone rolls amongst the jetsam of this tropical shore.

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How Do You Name Your Moons?


Moons, ancestors, time, travel, and personal ecology.

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She is Attracted to Sweetness and Death


The Swallowtail finds her nectar within the bloom and the rotting flesh left behind by the vulture.

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