Walk me Out in the Morning Dew


The beauty of early morning dew as the sun rises over the high sierra.

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Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide Concentrations are Quite Literally Out of This World

space astronaut

The intersection of carbon dioxide, health, and climate change.

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Sheer, Verdant, Living Abundance


As the season progresses the landscape has returned to life with an almost miraculous speed.

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The World in a Grain of Sand


When Blake wrote about; “seeing the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower”, he could have had no better model than here, for the old bones of this landscape are truly miniature worlds in themselves.

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Extreme Event Attribution Is Turning Up The Heat On Climate Change Deniers

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.58.04 AM

The world’s climates are changing rapidly. Anthony Horton shares some of the current research.

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Reach out to the Bones of the Earth, They Reach for You

bones 1

These are the bones of the earth and the architects of an ecology.

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Where Will the Latent Capsules of Life Land Next?


Until a week ago this whole landscape flashed brilliant yellow to the flowering of Inula.

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The London Fog that Literally Kills

london fog

When pollution kills, what can you do?

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Abundant Beauty is Manifest All Around


The intense greens of the forest floor in an Andalucian Autumn.

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A Matter of Life and Tech


With countries like Germany and France already encouraging people to avoid wireless technology, David Packman discusses why a proactive consciousness is required to balance the benefits with the potential adverse health effects.

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Hang out in the Grass with the Teeming Millions


The little and hidden things in the ecology create and maintain those species we place so much value on.

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Where Water Flows Only in Winter

12065825_10153244990503061_9044286833930530464_n copy

The winterbournes are slowly refilling.

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Why is This Beauty Called a Weed?


One of the great glories of late summer and early autumn is this the purple bindweed.

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The Greatness of Autumn Ecology

autumn-ecology1 copy

The Smilax blossom perfumes the air as it creeps through hedgerows, trees and bushes.

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A Tsunami of Change: What the Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Really Represents

Fossil Fuel Pollution

What climate change means for big business.

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An Autumnal Study of Plant and Seed

plant-seed copy

In this melancholic season of golds and fire reds the flowers return and the seed of new life is planted within the moist fecund soil.

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