A Man is Inspired by the Power and Beauty of Bird and Wind


Today was a day when the Snake Eagles and Black Kites decided to make the perilous sea crossing to Africa.

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Abundance of the Common Place


The common place and the plain can be so easily overlooked.

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One of the Last of the Summer Flowers Makes a Guy Think of Food


The blooming of the Great Willowherb marks a seasonal crossing point here in Andalucia.

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A Man Who Loves the Aerial Ballet


Nature never tires of selfless giving, and once more I find myself close to water as the fierce Calima heat builds and builds from distant Saharan lands.

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The Wild Ecology a Man Calls Home


The Calima is a hot desert wind that blows straight from the Sahara, and today it has cloaked the mountain in an oppressive and heavy heat.

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A Man can See Natural Beauty in The Oiliest of Beetles


The huge glistening Oil Beetle is one of the few residents that actively seeks the searing midday heat of Andalucia.

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The Night Time Soul of Nature and Man


Each creature has its own allotted time, place, and role within the ecology.

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A Man’s Dreams Fly With the Birds


As the sun glides gently down towards the horizon every night, so the birds begin to flock together.

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What Magic Between the Sky and Sea


This is a masterpiece in a different kind of blue.

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Can You Sense the Moon of Great Heat?


As with those moments either side of sunset or sunrise, the emergence of the moon over the mountain is met with a pausing of the songs, calls, and movement of the nightwalkers.

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When a Man Loves the Reflection of Light


The golden wind reveals itself as shimmering ripples in this limpid pool.

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Man is Naturally Drawn to the Lake at Sunset


As the incessant heat continues to build, most living things retreat further into dark, shady and moist corners of this Andalusian ecology.

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Music Calms the Wild Beast, but ‘Beasts” calmed This Man

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and Dr. Saksit Simcharoen visit together in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. The two first met when Simcharoen worked as a research assistant to Rabinowitz in the late 80's. Now Simcharoen is one of the world's leading Tiger biologists and a recently elected Thai senator.

Mahopac, NY Conservationist gives Voice to the World’s Big Cats

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Why Are the Bees Dying? A Beautifully Illustrated Video Shows How It Is Parasites, Poison and Humans

Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 6.34.24 PM(1)

The honey bee is much more important than you might think. In fact, our human society is founded upon their importance. And the scary part is – they might not be around for much longer.

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When a Man Listens to the Conversation Between Wind and Trees


When the hot summer wind blows around these trees, one can sense the whole ecology move.

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An Ocean of Ancient Feelings Unmodified by the Hand of Man


Sitting at this last southern outpost of Europe, the pure wildness of the ocean rushes to meet you on the edge of the tides.

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