What Can You See From the Ancestor’s Cave?

ancestor cave

Neil Hill marks time with the movement of mountains.

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Who Makes the Desert Flower Bloom?


Neil Hill’s ever observant eye sees the source.

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Do You go Ice Fishing for Friendship?


John Trybulec shares how deep friendships can be formed through fishing, pancakes, and silence.

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Latest WWF Report Shows How To Close The Emissions Gap Now

power plant

Reducing carbon emissions would have a positive impact on the development of the economy and human health. Anthony Horton looks at the most recent WWF report and highlights how.

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What can you See in a Living Sculpture on the Mountain?

A living sculpture on the mountain copy

I can see oak, olive, rock, soil, leaf, lichen, and sky.

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Don’t Get Pinched: A Beginner’s Guide to Crawdadding


Randall Bonner gives you the ins and outs of harvesting some wild protein.

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She is Calling You, Can You Hear Her?

simple beauty copy

The simple beauty of nature can be found on the most familiar of walks, from the lanes to the mountains she is calling to us.

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Indian Heat Wave The 5th Worst In History

coal at dusk

Anthony Horton on a deadly heat wave currently striking India.

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Nature Knows When to Make a Little Adjustment

nature knows copy

Neil Hill doesn’t question nature’s changes, he absorbs them!

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How High Does A Man Have to Climb?

life summits copy

What does he find when he reaches the summit?

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Respect to the Phoenix

phoenix copy

One of the most beautiful inhabitants of the dry rocky slopes of the mountain.

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Drifting on the Silver Seas of Oat

oat field copy

As I drift amongst the silver seas of billowing grasses I sense an aliveness to this landscape.

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Walking Is A Human’s Best Medicine


Walking in nature is truly medicine for both body and soul.

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Imaginary Landcapes that are Real


If Rothko painted landscapes, perhaps they would look something like this.

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Father-son outing results in a catch of a lifetime…


Eight year old lands 57″ Monster Muskie while fishing with his father

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