Ozone Hole Closing for the Year

alaska sky

…but full recovery is decades away.

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Forever Boogies

boogies one

Forever Boogies involves some great surf, some great beaches, and some great men doing everything they can to make a better world.

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US-China Deal Shows All That Effort to Tackle Climate Change Might Actually be Worth It


Months of secret negotiations have paid off, as the world’s biggest polluters sign a landmark deal.

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James Inhofe a Not-So Sly Fox Set to Guard the Henhouse

Jim Inhofe

Who thought it was a good idea to have a climate change denier oversee the EPA?

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American Atrocity: The Wild Horse Round-Ups

1wild horse round-up

It is time for Americans to stand up for the relatively few remaining Wild Horses.

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The Doings at the Wildhorse Ranch

wildhorse ranch10

There are few animals in nature that match the majestic beauty of a stallion running wild and free.

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The New Forest National Park: An Accessible Adventure Story


Martyn Sibley shares his experiences within the wild.

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Science Might Have a New Way to Help Save Endangered Species

55th Annual Grammy Awards - Press Room

From Beyonce the fly to Darth Vader the beetle, naming species can help save them

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Golden Year for Silver Salmon

Randy  Coho

Good news for conservation in the Pacific North West, Coho populations are rebounding in 2014!

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Want to Feed the World? Tackle Pollution From Ozone and Soot


Researchers in India have uncovered a direct link between air pollution and declining crop yields.

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Doom and Gloom Won’t Do it

Global climate protest kicks off in Australia

Here’s how to sell the climate change message

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Scarcity vs. Abundance


The outcome may determine the fate of the world.

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Seed Bombs Make You a Ninja Gardener [Video]


See that spot?! The soil is perfect for some free food. Get the seed bombs and sling shot ready!

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Exploring Our Adversarial Relationship With Food

Poison Apple

Food, environment, people. These three things form a ménage à trois.

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Who Owns the Moon?

moon for sale

Greedy eyes are gazing at the moon glossed over with the potential of high profits from the next land of conquest.

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Why Climate ‘Uncertainty’ is No Excuse for Doing Nothing

climate change

Uncertainty in questions about climate change means there is a greater risk.

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