The (in)Convenience of Water Heaters

washing dishes

Convenient isn’t always best, especially when it equals waste.

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Nature Shares so Much Joy and Happiness with Us

nature-shares-so-much-joy-and-happiness-with-us- copy

It is a very special place, this planet.

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Nature Will Plant its Own Trees When it Decides


Despite all that we have done, nature has never abandoned us.

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Going Vegan Today Helps Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

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Putting the brakes on climate change begins with a simple change of diet

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Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

pollution kid

Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize.

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The Male of the Species Decries His Territory


There was a change today in the birds.

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Even the Mighty Eventually Fall


After the storm, the jetsam of the ecology lies strewn across the Dehesa.

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Food Waste: Our Dirty Little Secret

food waste

We throw away nearly $800 billion dollars worth of food each year, and that’s got to stop.

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In Death, New Life Can Grow


After the storm, the jetsam of the ecology lies strewn across the Dehesa.

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Urban Sprawl Costs the United States Economy Over $1 Trillion Per Year

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Economic and environmental costs are the realities of rapidly expanding human impact.

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When Storm Clouds Form, Men Need an Oak Like Grip


A storm is coming to the Dehesa, as the storms come into our lives.

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Be on the Lookout for More Jobs Thanks to Solar Energy

solar panels

Job growth in the US solar industry has grown 123% since 2010.

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The Rugged Faced Dance of Nature and Man


The alchemical mixing of day and night takes place as darkness creeps out from under the rocks.

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Governments Must Act on the Human Rights Implications of Climate Change

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Climate change and Government responses to it will significantly influence how the human rights of billions of people across the world are exercised.

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The Necessity Defense – Should Climate Activists be Allowed to Break the Law?

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Playing by the rules isn’t working – Tara Smith on what needs to happen to make a difference in climate change.

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A Man can Pause and Appreciate Winter Dreaming of Spring


There is a pause here in this place, as there can be in any place.

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