Nature’s Miraculous Resilience


The summer specialists are starting to appear within the ecology.

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A Glorious Rainbow Coalition of Living Forms


This is the full reveal of the mountain from the stony redoubt of Betis.

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Off-Grid Power Solutions in Africa Set to Present a $3.1 Billion Market for Investors

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.50.47 PM

The Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016 predicts a brighter future of Africa.

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The Landscape Breathes Deeply


An abrupt punctuation to the rising heat of an Andalucían summer as the Poniente is drawn in off the Atlantic.

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These Extreme Athletes of Nature Inspire Us to be Better Humans

albatross 1

They mate for life (and they live into their 60’s) they co-parent their young, and the “teens” even “babysit.”

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Raised Toward Our Radiant Star


As the meadows gently fade, so the hedgerows come into their magnificence.

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Nature’s Crochet

natures-crochet copy

The beauty of form and the expression function is found here in one tiny wild grape vine.

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The Symphony of Water


This is the local source for all the abundance, vivacity, and life here upon the mountain.

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The Impacts of a 2°C Average Temperature Increase are Far More Significant than We Think

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.59.02 PM

Recent decades have seen an increase in climate impacts, and scientists now know that most of this is from anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide. Anthony Horton explains why we humans need to pay attention NOW.

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Magical Golden Beauty


Still the vivacious yellows fill the meadows with their own floral note in the symphony of this ecology.

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We are the Rock


These rocks are as living and animate as any great forest.

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Hunting the Wild Rose


Along the now parched stream sides, one finds the wild roses.

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He Bows Deeply to the Landscape


The yellows return in what is the great finale of the Spring meadows.

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The Last of the Spring Flowers


The flowers are slowly fading within in the vast swaying seas of grass.

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Protect the Great Barrier Reef Rather than be Critical of It

barrier reef

Ellen DeGeneres calling for the protection of The Great Barrier Reef is exactly what we need to hear ahead of the 2016 Australian Federal Election.

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Ecology: The Constancy of Change Personified


These flowers gently merge, one into the other with an intimate floral embrace.

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