Real Foods: Debunking The Myths

rewiliding our food

Rewilding our food

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Place Matters


So much of our global culture is based on a radical denial of place.

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Forget the Lines on Maps

lines on maps copy

As time passes it gets more and more difficult to become excited by lines drawn on maps.

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Bathing in Flowers

bathing in flowers copy

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.” — Walt Whitman

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Today I Sat in the Caves of Ancestors

caves 4 copy

Above my village are ancient burial places carved from the living rock by hands from an almost unimaginable age.

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A Perfect Abstraction

perfect abstraction copy

Nature gives freedom of thought and form

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Raise a Glass to Pure Water

Raise your glass for pure water

Here’s your chance to help support pure water initiatives—just by raising your glass.

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The Real World


Spending time in the woods reminds you that a real world exists out there, outside of the virtual world of fire-light shadows that we create for ourselves (and each other).

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Are Commercial Fisheries Casting Their Nets Too Wide?


Commercial gill-netting and abandoned gear threatens fisheries by being an indiscriminate killer

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Nature is the Great Recycler

great recycler

She takes form and uses it again and again in countless variations on a theme.

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Worlds within Worlds

worlds within worlds copy

There are worlds within worlds when we focus in and see

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Getting Down Low with the Tiniest…

tiniest 1 copy

…The tiniest of flowers.

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What if the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat The Earth?


Mother Earth gets revenge. And it’s not pretty.

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None of This is Supernatural, Simply Natural


It is easy to think that native wisdom is other than our own, something that is the currency of non-western sensibilities.

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Dear Future Generations: Sorry (We Messed Up the World)

Dear Future by Prince Ea

Prince Ea offers an apology to future generations for leaving them with a world that will be nothing like the one we knew.

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One Last Hurrah Before We All Go Green

GMP BI ap 22

This Earth Day, Jeremy McKeen just wants one last consumption-heavy hurrah before we all go Green. Is that so much to ask?

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