Emperor of the Insect World

insect world copy

An emperor of the insect world, a masterpiece painted in 50 shades of grey.

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Farewell Dave, Hope you Enjoy some Time outside the Office


Legendary talk show host David Letterman summarizes the life cycle of steelhead in two words. “Small towns.”

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In a Time of Drought, a Call to Rethink Lawns


Americans love their lawns but are lawns good for America, particularly in drought-stricken areas? A look at our grassy love affair and what might be better alternatives.

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Earth Angel

earth angel

It is not always necessary to look heavenwards to find the angels.

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Camping and the Stories that Make Us


One weekend, four people, one tent. Family camping. Do I need to say more?

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Indonesia Focusing on Forest Protection in the Lead-Up to Paris


Indonesia’s national moratorium protecting some of its forests shows the country is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but Dr. Anthony Horton says there’s room for more improvement.

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Water, Movement, and Community


Earth Strength, where walking to get water is a daily pilgrimage.

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Call for Submissions: Invest in the Environmental Conversation!


The environment section is growing and we need your views on nature.

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For the Sheer Joy of Becoming a Lemon

lemon copy

This pure white flower opens with love as it reaches out to the bees.

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Boiling Point


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book that lays down the truth about climate change.

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Pakistan Confronts Fear of Floods and Droughts


Pakistan faces an estimated cost of $35 billion to recover and rebuild after five years of severe, consecutive floods.

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Purest Living Spring Water

pure water

Sinuously flowing through the ancient veins of this mountain is the purest living spring water.

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How Climate Change is Making California’s Epic Drought Worse

california drought

What explains the unusually dry and warm weather that’s behind California’s prolonged drought? And how is climate change contributing?

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Sometimes, You Have to Pause


Pause and cease doing for awhile.

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I Sit with Venus on This Ancient Mountain

venus copy

All around me is a deep profound stillness as the sun sets.

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Lingua Franca of the Wild

lingua franca of nature copy

There was once a Golden Age that was told of in many childrens books when humans, animals, and even the plants shared a common language.

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