The Bad-Man Hype


How did we go from ignoring the bad things men do to talking about them all the time? Victoria Medgyesi explores the cultural—and personal—cost of ignoring the obvious.

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Thanks Dad, For Not Killing That Guy

The father of Alex Steed

Alex Steed remembers the night his dad almost became a murderer.

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Good Jew


Writer Jonathan Papernick embarks on a quest to become a better Jew—and a better man.

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A Meditation on a Can of Peanut Butter: Barter As the Coin of the Realm

Peanut butter and jelly photo by bark

The Rev. Neil O’Farrell’s reverie about honor and dignity.

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The Night Is Full of Bicycles


Robert Barsanti gives a eulogy for a local man killed in a hit-and-run accident—a man who, in another life, could have been him.

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“I Killed a Man.” Drunk Driver Makes YouTube Confessional Video to do the Honorable Thing

Matt Cordle

Matt Cordle wants to take full responsibility for the horrific thing that he did. And he wants others to stop before they do the same.

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The Unspoken Many: When Disability Hate Crime Lurks in the Shadows for Too Long


Erin Kelly, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, speaks about the tragic rise of disability hate crimes.

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The Complicated Legacy of Dr. King


In some circles, speaking ill of Dr. King is blasphemous. But wasn’t he just a man like ourselves?

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Trayvon Martin and the Fate of the Alabama Segregation Reference Ban Amendment

alabama capitol

Everybody’s talking about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Nobody’s talking about Alabama Senate Bill 112. That needs to change.

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The Left and Right Must Come Together Over Trayvon Martin

photo by WarmSleepy

T.J. McCormack believes that if we truly want a post-racist society, both the left and the right need to drop the rhetoric and up the compassion, and meet somewhere in the middle.

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You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught

Racist Eggs

Jackie Summers suggests we “teach the teachable” when it comes to equality.

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25 Years Up From Bottom

photo by danterzian

Lili Bee interviews a violent offender just released from Sing Sing, and talks about remorse, learning to see consequences, restorative justice, and goodness.

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Stop Barking and Start Working

photo by perfecto insecto

Andrew D. S. James is glad we are having civil discourse on such issues as race. But he’d also like us to take some action.

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Lying About the Truth, Telling the Truth About Lies


When does injustice become justice?

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Damned if We Do, Damned if We Don’t

photo by terwilliger911

No wonder this is a confusing time for men. Chivalry is dead, and men are to blame.

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May I Walk You to Your Car? Chivalry and its Contradictions

Photo by pasukaru76

Even though biology might not be destiny, Hugo Schwyzer writes, there’s nothing wrong with a man being chivalrous.

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