I’m a Single Dad and My Son has 61 Girlfriends

little boy

  Matthew’s son has more game than he does, and he’s only 5. ___ I’d like to think I’m a good role model to my children.  I’d like to think that I set a good example for my young son to follow of how to be a good man. But when it comes to attracting – […]

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My Teenage Son (Who Has Bipolar Disorder) is My Mentor

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Liza Long looks to her son as a mentor. ___ In the third week of September 16 years ago, I met my second son for the first time. A difficult pregnancy with preterm labor and several long, tedious weeks of bed rest concluded anticlimactically with an apparently healthy baby born on his due date, a […]

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I’m a Man Who Refuses to Grow Up


When Kevin Nordstrom turned 31, he refused to grow up. __ “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis Last April, there was a birthday party. This birthday brought friends and family over in a dazzling array of costumes. There were Batman and […]

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Ode to My Son on His 23rd Birthday


A sliver of light beneath the door.

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Figuring Out the Highly Sensitive Child

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Sometimes the right reward makes everything better for the child who needs it the most.

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My Sensitive Son and His Place in the World


As a therapist, Lina Acosta Sandaal knows that our society does not let boys and men have big feelings.

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Here’s the Bad News, Son

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Steve Almond’s reflections on having a baby boy, after a lifetime of trying to deal with aggression.

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Thank God It’s Autism


My mind goes to the dark places I work so hard to fight against: tumor, cancer, six months to live, eight months, eight years …

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Brother’s Keeper

kochman brothers

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Eric and Greg Kochman were athletic, well-liked high school students. So why did they kill themselves?

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I Hope My Son Is Lucky


JD Roberto wasn’t a bad kid growing up, just a little wild and very lucky.

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Why I Blow-dry My Son’s Hair

Why I blow dry My Sons Hair

Starring resident bluesman Todd Mauldin and his son.

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Boys are From Mars, Parents are From Another Solar System


Learn to talk with boys about their feelings in their own language.

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Open Thread: Things Boys Discover


Boys explore the world and test limits differently. What truths did you discover as a boy?

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Down a Path We Don’t Know Where

John hike

Lisa Hickey looks back on the fears she had and the mistakes she made with her son.

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“Whatever Life Hands You, Kick it in the Balls and Run.”

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A short film by Dan Guilbeault, who lost his sight at an early age but eventually re-found his best friend.

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When a White Boy Wears a Hoodie

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Erin Kotecki Vest believes we owe it to every child to move the discussion on race forward.

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