From A Father’s Diary: Sweet Sixteen and Blood Baths


The many traumas of a father facing womanhood.

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The Proud Dad of a Vocal Hero


His son’s first vocal try-out was a bust, but this dad did not want to give up hope.
Then he got the phone call.

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A Dad Puts Priorities in Order and Decides to Get Going


Joe Marraccino is facing George Bailey/Wonderful Life crossroads. In his case, he really does not want his kids to live life as if he had never been born. He is addressing it, instead, this way.

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Why Won’t My Family and Friends Do More to Support My Business?


PK Kersey explores why business owners don’t get the support they feel they deserver from friends and families on social media.

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This Dad Just Can’t — He Has To Hold The Baby


Dad Jeremy just can’t — whatever you are asking him to do. He has to hold the baby. Here is why.

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The 30 Lessons I Learned From My Dad By the Time I Turned 30


It is Jeff Moore’s birthday, and of all the gifts he has received, he cherishes thirty that came from his dad the most. Here they are.

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A Dad Declares “My Son is Nothing Like Me, Fortunately!”


This dad was not brought up to feel confident. He felt scared and helpless. It is his goal that he raise his own son to be nothing like that.

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How This Dad Masters Four Little Kids at Once and Stays Champion of the Ring


Mike Smith, the Sunshine Dad, masters taking care of his four toddlers, all at the same time. He shares his secrets.

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Dads in the Modern Family


The word “dad” invokes something different now than it did even fifteen years ago. Alexandra Temblador takes a look at what it means in today’s modern family.

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A Dad Puts Himself Out There To Date — His Wife


The Rookie Dad is about to burst. He is full of romance and doesn’t care who knows it, not even his wife. But she’s about to find out.

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Dear Dad: Am I a Helicopter Mom?


A Mom writes in with a major issue all parents will one day face.

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Portraits of Fatherhood: Calling All Dads—We Want to Tell Your Story!


Call for Submissions: Dads, we want to interview you!

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Tale Of The Tape: Babies vs. Toddlers

Is the baby stage or the toddler stage more difficult to manage? Doyin Richards shares his opinions on the topic.

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Step-Parenting Advice From Someone Who Has Been There


There is no “Step-Parenting For Dummies” so jump in and push forward.

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How I Lost and Found My Stepson … and Myself


Before ending his addiction, Brian Whitney could only pretend to be a husband and stepdad. He lost his marriage, but he’s recovered his family.

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5 Better Ways to Deal With Your Children’s Anger During Divorce

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You can manage your child’s reaction to your divorce and help create a new family full of love and support.

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