Five Fatherhood Truths You Probably Never Knew


Five things you didn’t know about being a father in the modern world.

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The Modern Dad: RadioAmerika Interview With Rob Watson, Editor, Dads and Families


Our Dad and Families Editor, Rob Watson, was interviewed by RadioAmerika’s Barb Adams. He discusses the new world of families and dads, one where choice leads the way and cliches are left in the dust.

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Schools & Celeb Baby Names: Dads & Families Podcast Episode 55


Is finding a good school for your kids nearly imposible these days?

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A Dad Falls for the Irresistible Magnetism That is Parker Pearson


One fateful day the author met Parker Pearson, his world changed, and he will never be the same again. Here’s why.

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A Dad Takes a Moment With the “Measuring Wall” and Discovers Life’s Truths


Mathew Lajoie makes marks on a wall as his kids grow. Recently he stared at the wall and it gave back some profound insights.

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A Dad Speaks About Adoption and the Amazing Power of Nurture


A dad who adopted his son observes the difference between children of nature and the children of nurture. He likes what he sees.

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How to Talk to Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent


Jerry Mahoney offers a list of techniques to teach children about accepting different types of families.

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The 17 Secrets All Dads (and Moms) Need to Know About LEGOS to Survive


Nerdy Dad Shirt‘s secrets to living with a Lego master (and his proclivity for losing a piece).

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A Dad Shares 12 Important Life Lessons With His Sons, the Keys to the Kingdom


A father of two and teacher for 14 years feels compelled to share the 12 life lessons with his sons on how to become a “Good Man”.

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A Gay Dad Tells Dolce and Gabbana: Time for a New Vision


Gay dad Rob Watson was floored last week, as were many LGBT parents, to hear gay icons Dolce and Gabbana use words like “synthetic” and without a “supernatural sense of belonging” to describe their families. He offers misters D & G a new set of glasses.

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Our Dads Cartoon of the Week!

gmp gargoyle teaser wording layout

In this Dads Cartoon of the Week, Charles Danziger lets us in on a family nickname and how it was earned.

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I’m A Transgender Woman, But Still Her Father

A timeless moment

Christine Connelly shares how family turned against her when she changed gender.

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A Dad Gives His Daughter the Legacy of Strength


Lisanne Rogers credits her dad for teaching her to compete in a rousing game of shuffleboard. Ultimately, it turns out, he taught her so much more.

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Why Your Son is Lazy and Defiant

Your son is lazy

A significant portion of the laziness and defiant behavior young men exhibit stems from their poor dietary habits.

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Dad Raps for His Disabled Son

Dad Raps by 23cjayce

Watch this amazing dad sing a special song for his son.

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You Might Be an ADHD Parent If…

ADHD parent

From one parent with ADHD to all the others… 14 hilarious signs that you are easily distracted.

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