Three Words From Dad That Changed My Life

Three Words from Dad by Barney Moss

Adam Patrick Kindilien knows a father’s advice can be priceless, and he’s grateful for the gift.

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What Father’s Day is Like for Someone Without a Father


Father’s Day is especially difficult for those of us whose dads have passed away. But it can still be a time for remembering the lessons and legacy our fathers left behind.

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What Fathers Really Want For Father’s Day


We want affordable childcare so that our families are not crushed with that expense and also for our wives, who are often paid less, are not forced to choose between their careers and caring for our children.

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To My Husband on Father’s Day


As someone who grew up without a father, Kimberly Zapata has been humbled by her husband as superhero, boo-boo kisser, snuggler — but most of all, as the foundation of their family’s life together.

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Make Father’s Day Rock & Change Your Life!


It’s Father’s Day and we honor our dads, grandfathers, uncles and all the important males who impact our existence.

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Talks With Dad


Fathers can be so important — in childhood and when you actually grow up, which takes some of us a little longer than others.

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Dads Say The Darndest Things


Shanna Anderson polled her Facebook followers for their favorite “dadisms”.

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Happy Father’s Day – Kinda Sorta


Adiba Nelson’s father died when she was young, and she says it’s a hell of a crux to be in: loving and loathing this great man.

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Sailing Lessons


There is much to be heard in the silence between a father and his daughter.

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Everything To Keep Me Here


Eric Bennion’s dad taught him everything he needed to know about fatherhood by leaving.

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Let’s Do Something Different for Fathers’ Day


Jonathan Delavan urges both women and men to do something more meaningful for the men in their lives this year and into the future.

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Father’s Day: 23 Substitutes For A Red Telsa


Jesse Kornbluth compiles a list for father’s day gifts.

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I’m Not Afraid of Becoming My Father…Anymore


After his musician father, left, Johnny Pharr was torn between his newfound passion for music and fear he would turn into a man he would never understand.

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Make Father’s Day Extra Special — Become a Mentor


Want to change your life? Be a mentor to a child who doesn’t have a positive male role model. Here’s how!

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For the Fatherless on Father’s Day


If you’re mourning the father you lost — or grieving for the one you never had, Kimberly Zapata says you are not alone.

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