Why Heartbreak Isn’t The End To Your Love Story, It’s The Beginning


A break up can be the end of a chapter, but not the entire book. Danielle Bertoli on how to keep your love story alive.

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Kid Designed, 3D Printer Produced, and Too Cute for Words!


Take that drawing off the ‘fridge, scan and send it, and Budsies will make a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy sure to please your little artist.

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Take the Realness Challenge


How much realness do you have?

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Tweets of the Day:

tweets - 11-22-14-teacher

See what our readers are saying on Twitter!

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Learning Love is a Choice Kept Me From Ruining My Relationship

lovers on the wall

One idea she’d never entertained showed Hilary Lauren how “real love” works — and kept her from sabotaging another relationship.

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Online vs Face-To-Face Learning: Why Can’t We Have Both?

tech class

Ever since the invention of the printed word, academics have been arguing about the proper place of technology in teaching.

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Watch How Your Desk Has Evolved Since 1981. It’s Stunning to See Where Everything Went.

the evolution of the desk

You start out with a very 1980’s desk and BOOM! That’s progress for you.

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I Gave Up on the “Perfect Man” and I’m 10 Times Happier


Revising an old “Ideal Partner” list sparked realizations of the difference between conscious love and the scripted love we learn from books and movies.

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Sorry Guys, Marriage Can’t Save You


The truth about using relationships to ‘fix’ yourself…

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5 Lessons Learned from a Decade of Being My Own Boss

best boss cup

Shawn Doyle has been running his own profitable business for 12 years, and he’s learned a few things about making it happen.

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Poor People Will Kill You

homeless man and child

How a poor-man mindset leads to not only material poverty, but to crimes against yourself and others.

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DIY: Are You Smarter Than Your Smartphone?

cell phones

10 things you might not know your smartphone can do.

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5 Regrets Every Father of a Daughter Will Face

father and daughter wedding walk

Being a dad is never easy, but you don’t have to look back on your little girl’s childhood with regret.

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Accidental Wisdom


After two years filled with physical and emotional pain, Alex Brennan shares what he’s learned, much of it by accident.

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I’m the Mother. Not the Primary Caregiver Of My Children.


Lina Acosta Sandaal on how to share the load as parents.

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The Best Teachers I Ever Had

stock_Katrina_new orleans

Bill Quigley pays homage to teachers, and learns that not all of them are found in schools.

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