Outlander – A Men’s Survival Guide


A step-by-step method to keep your wives away from men in kilts. Because they’re dangerous. John Patrick Weiss tells us how.

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What’s Your Favourite Halloween Song?

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.55.30 PM

Actually, I mean “Favourite Song to Listen to During Halloween But Isn’t Necessarily ABOUT Halloween” but that’s not a great title for a blog post.

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Quiet Survival: A Story of Detainment


Erin Kelly recounts the story of Jeffrey Fowle and two other Americans who were recently detained in North Korea.

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How to Tell If Your Child Is Bullying Others (And What to Do About It)


Most parents don’t want to believe that their child is capable of wrong — especially bullying others. But the truth is, this denial is only making the problem worse. Here are some helpful tips on how to begin the process of facing the reality of bullying.

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The Success of Captain Whitaker’s Dress


To mark Halloween, here’s a poem from Stephen Scott Whitaker about a costume–a costume that is both funny and indicative of how gender affects interactions.

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Non-Ray Rice NFL Halloween Costume Suggestions from Our Sports Team

pixellated boy2

Halloween. It’s not just candy handouts. There’ s also the pressure of coming up with a great costume. Here’s a hint: ditch the Ray Rice costumes and instead look to the NFL’s good guys.

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Dear Mental Illness Sufferers: Saying Something Flippant About Mental Illness Doesn’t Make Someone an A**hole

speak up

Danny Baker would like to remind you that mental illness is minimally spoken about, so a lot of people haven’t been educated about it—and as a result, a lot of people don’t understand it.

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Thursday’s Reader Tweets of the Day


See what people are sharing about @goodmenproject on Twitter!

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4 Hidden Nuggets for Success That Dads Can Uncover for Their Daughters


The advice from a father to a daughter can never be underestimated in its importance. Tim Jordan, M.D. shows us how to give messages of success.

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Watch This Adorable Baby’s Belly Laugh When Daddy Coughs

baby heath

Baby Heath thinks his daddy’s cough is just about the funniest thing ever, and we think baby Heath has the most infectious laugh on the planet!

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What My Wife Taught Me About Street Harassment

street harassment poster

Damon Young is surprised and disappointed at many men’s reactions to the Hollaback! video. Haven’t they listened when women have told them about being afraid?

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Elizabeth Warren and Henry Ford Agree. Middle Class is It

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.14.44 PM

Prosperity in America rises and falls with the middle class. Making higher education affordable and refinancing crushing student loan debt, will grow the economy for all.

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Funny or Die’s Satire: A Biting Illustration of White Male Privilege


On the heels of the viral ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman’ video, Funny or Die brings us ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man’

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Unbelievably Bad Comics: TUG!

JB Comic Top

Lesson #229: Think before you “hide” the Halloween Candy.

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‘Mandatory Fun’ is Weird Al Yankovic’s Best Album Yet

Al 3 redone

Weird Al’s first album to be #1 in the US, and it may be his last.

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A Dad’s Guide to the 10 Worst Halloween Treats


Tor Constantino offers this guide as a public service to all men who get stuck eating the misfit Halloween candy their kids don’t want—life’s too short to eat bad candy.

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