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Looking for a place to share articles and swap ideas? Become part of The Good Men Project’s G+ Community.   The Good Men Project wants to be available in every way we can. We understand that not everyone is on Facebook, or tweets, or wants to get emails with “What to Read” in them. So […]

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On Existential Manhood


Is manhood something we have or something we put on? Jeremy Brunger looks at how we show people who we are.

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What Happens When Children From Same Sex Parent Homes Speak Out


Anti-gay conservatives often refer to children raised by same sex parents as “social experiments.” They are not experiments; they are human beings, and human beings with voices. Here is what those voices say.

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Spending Money In Your Twenties


When to spend money foolishly in your twenties (and when not to).

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Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?


For kids, it’s the little things that matter. If you do Christmas in any way, Santa’s a pretty influential guy. Why not let him represent all the diversity of the people who love him?

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Like Father, Like Son? Rex Ryan Is No Head Coach. Not Now. Not Yet.


The Jets’ soon-to-be former fearless leader never learned from his father’s mistakes. Dave Chmiel questions why anyone should trust him with another franchise.

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What Does Sony’s Pulling ‘The Interview’ Mean for Free Speech?

What Does Sony by MrTinDC

Matthew Rozsa believes North Korea’s threat to Sony challenges the very essence of our democratic freedoms.

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Why Men Need to Tell Men “I Love You”


After a late night phone call with a best friend, Tim Mousseau realized it shouldn’t take tragedy for men to tell each other “I love you”

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Rethinking Your Hatred of the Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Has a Long Tradition of Being a Little Creepy

Be Good Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf—creepy or not creepy? Kelly McQuain thinks not.

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What No One Teaches Us About Love


Most of us, if we are really honest with ourselves, have some idea of how we keep deeper love at bay.

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If You Don’t Think Ballet is a Sport—Think Again


Tor Constantino makes a case that ballet is not only a sport, but it might be more of a sport than other forms of competition.

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GQ Covers Reveal How Women And Men Are Sexually Objectified—But In Very Different Ways

gq lead

Noah Berlatsky takes a look at how men and women are seen as objects.

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“Where, oh, Where Can All the Men Be?” Challenges in Men’s Advancement of Social Change


Where are all of the straight, white, cis-gendered men who should be standing up for social change?

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7 Lessons From My Online Dating Experiment

7 lessons by torbakhopper

Liskula Cohen and Matthew Rozsa look at how men succeed—and fail—with women in the world of online dating.

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A Kinder, Gentler Homophobia


Homophobia hidden behind “helpful words” and guidance “to be kind” is still hurtful and dangerous, no matter who’s saying it.

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10 Ways to Avoid Misery, Despair and Depression This Holiday Season


Ira Israel reveals that authentic well-being means getting off the hedonistic treadmill and instead cultivating these surprisingly simple habits for happiness.

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