Lest We Forget The Tragedy In Ukraine


How Long Will The World Permit Rampant Aggression In Ukraine?

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Why Men Might Not Go to Therapy

men and therapy

It might not be the men who need to change. It might be the therapists.

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What Is A Dad, Anyway?

As a new father, Casey Palmer already knew what it meant to be a good mom in today’s society, but what does it mean to be a good dad?

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Redefining My Soulmate


Are we still looking for love in all the wrong places?

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How You Can Create a Healthier Relationship With Time

How to Create by Hartwig HKD

One day, Katie Vessel had an epiphany that helps her enjoy every minute she’s given.

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In the Eyes of Dolls: A British Revolution with Global Impact


Erin Kelly examines the unexpected spark that led to a British toy company’s bold decision to manufacture a line of dolls with disabilities.

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Soldier Watched His Baby Born on an iPad, But Had a Surprise For His Wife the Next Day…

This video reminds us of how much even the tiniest baby means to even the biggest and strongest of men.

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147 Of The Answers For You, For Now (Oh Dear Graduates)

139 grad

 Each year, English teacher Jeremy McKeen gives his seniors a few pieces of advice. It’s been fourteen years since he started teaching. It’s added up. — During the final weeks of my first year of teaching I don’t remember having much advice to give my seniors. I was all of 22 years old and still a […]

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Randy Moss Keeps His Promise To Cancer Survivor


On and off through his storied NFL career Randy Moss has drawn some bad press. But Randy Moss kept a pledge he made to a young cancer survivor he has known since his rookie year.

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8 Creativity Lessons From a Pixar Animator

artist sketching

Sometimes immersing yourself in the creative world of people doing amazing things can bring unexpected results.

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Feelings are as Important as Grades to Teenagers. Can Schools Help?

teen emotion s

There is lot on the minds of teens other than school, grades and friends. Research shows being asked “prying” questions could make a real difference to their mental health.

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Why Falling Out Of Love is so Much Harder Than Falling In Love


Falling out of love can be prevented, but only if you fight the urge to kick back and relax when it comes to your relationship.

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Emperor of the Insect World

insect world copy

An emperor of the insect world, a masterpiece painted in 50 shades of grey.

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10 Obvious Signs of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

10 Obvious Signs by maxvideoxz

If you’re experiencing these dynamics in your relationship, you’re dealing with emotional abuse.

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Before You Decide to Pick Up a Drunk Girl at a Party, Take a Listen to This

Will Evans performs Manifest Destiny

Will Evans performs “Manifest Destiny.”

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Te Amo: The Practically Impossible Timing of Love


How do you ever know if the timing is right? Maybe you never do.

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