14 Ways Growing Up With Brothers Makes You A Stronger Woman

brother and sisters

Brothers really can be a girl’s best friends, and can prepare them for the best of everything in life.

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His Daughter Wanted Labyrinth Dolls, So He Made Them!


One inventive dad used pieces of barbies and stuff around the house to make custom dolls for his 7-year-old daughter.

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They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a story on interviews with Germans from the WWII era.

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Losing Center in the Tank


Keeping your head together can be a struggle, especially in “The Tank”.

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Blockbusters: Junk Food, or Essential Nutrition?

titanic movie

Are blockbuster movies really inferior, high grossing, cheap thrills? Or do they put us in touch with something we need to feel?

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Reflections of a Mental Health Care Intern

reflections by hiking artist

Ariel Gordon shares some insights from her work in mental health care.

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The Glory and Burden of ‘Promposals’


It’s not that these teenagers’ epic prom-proposals aren’t romantic. But is this just too much pressure for a kid?

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Leadership Momentum: 5 Easy-Peasy Ways to Create a Thriving Workplace

happy workplace

Is it important to keep people happy at work? Only if you want them to WANT to work!

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Forget the Legacy, Just Live Your Legend

bruce lee tshirt

Knowing what life is really about is what it takes to be a living legend, now.

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Today I Walk Away

walking away

Sometimes leaving is a kindness — for both of you.

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Good Men Project Sports Speaks With Jeff Saturday


Mike Kasdan speaks with ESPN football analyst and former Indianapolis Colt offensive lineman, Jeff Saturday, about nutrition, life as an analyst after playing, Super Bowl build-up, and the integrity of the game.

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Why You Need to Experience a Group Hug


In the heart of a group hug, powers of the universe living inside every one us, unlock to heal untold hurts.

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The Benefits of Walking in the Face of Your Fears

fear of falling

Avoiding things that you fear only increases your anxiety. Here’s how to face fear head on.

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DIY: Easy and Attractive Tile Floor

tile tool

Great tool for diagonal tile floors! But what is wrong with this picture?

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‘The Wedding Ringer’ A Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Ringer 2 crop

Jay Snook reviews this new raunchy buddy comedy.

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Want Better Relationships? Travel More


Alex Cequea took a trip around the world, and all he came back with were these practical life lessons.

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