Finding Happiness in the Vulnerable Self: Rikin Vasani’s Journey

Finding Happiness by Rikin Vasani

Sometimes, a guy just sits down in front of the camera and spills. This is one of those times.

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Show-and-Tell Feminism For Dads Of Daughters


Great writers “show, don’t tell.” Ariel Chessler and his wife are following that motto while raising their daughters to recognize the power of women.

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12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 6 – Fess Up

Michael Ellis Fess Up

Michael Ellis provides a way to spring clean your life with the 12-week series: The Be a Better Man Challenge. Over 12 weeks it’ll prepare you to be, do and have more of what you want. Today’s video is about how to “Fess Up.”

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Should Exes Ever Get Back Together?

beautiful couple

Jordan Gray dives into when you should and when you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

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Roger S. Goodell, Will You Please Go Now?

goodell bye bye gmp

Mike Stilley’s open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: It’s time to step down.

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Men Engage. Yeah, We Do.

Men Engage. Yeah, We Do.

Dameyon Bonson argues that, despite the popular stereotype, men do talk about their emotions, fears, and anxieties, but oftentimes, they just aren’t heard.

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Why Do We Still Have Banned Books Week?

banned books1

Let us revel in the diversity of literature rather than wallow in our own prejudices. The “freedom to read” is something should all celebrate.

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Are You Good at Practical Jokes?


Are you above such things? If not, suggestions are most definitely welcome.

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Living the Void

faith Celestine Chua:Flickr

Writer and survivor Randy Ellison found the strength to heal by finding his faith.

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Leading When You Really Just Want to Cry

Calvin GMP

Business owner Doug Wager didn’t expect to learn 3 important lessons of leadership from grieving the loss of his best friend. But that’s exactly what happened.

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The First Shower


L. Lamar Wilson raises a powerful memory of sameness and difference– a father-son moment that is both tender and sorrowful.

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A Midlife Awakening: When What’s Worked in the Past Doesn’t Work in the Present


Upon reaching 50, the phrase ‘midlife crisis’ seems to fit some men’s lives. Joe Rutland offers an alternative viewpoint.

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Heartbroken Husband Tries to Win His Wife Back With a New iPhone

Heartbroken Husband by SWNS TV

Darius Wlodarski waited in line for 44 hours, hoping a new iPhone 6 might save his broken marriage.

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Being Bisexual Taught Me That Sexual Intolerance is a Bigger Problem Than We Realize


How do we teach our children to love unconditionally when they are surrounded by a culture of violence, discrimination and hate?

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Comments of the Day: “How consequential is the name of an ice cream flavor?”

cotd-ben & Jerrys

Can the name of an ice cream help or hurt an important cause?

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Does It Hurt When You Dream?

teens sharing dreams

Childhood used to be a time of dreaming big. So why have so many teens lost their connection to that thing that really lights them up?

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