Economists Agree the Stimulus Improved the Economy. Surprised?


After years of political and economic doom and gloom, should we celebrate good economic news and keep moving our country forward?

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Islam’s Way To End Violence Against Women? Civilized Men.


Qasim Rashid sets the record straight when it comes to dealing with the real reason violence against women exists, and how to solve this issue.

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Don’t Watch If You’d Prefer Not to See a Knee Replacement via Surgeon-Cam

knee replacement

Yes it’s graphic. And there is less blood and more specialized saws than we would have imagined.

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The Hole a Father Leaves by Leaving

The Hole a Father by OWN

Kyle’s father abandoned him, causing unbearable pain. But this young man has pushed past shame to redeem his life and claim his manhood.

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The Story of Dr. John Kitchin, aka Slomo


Matt Kohn found inspiration in the story of Slomo — a doctor who stopped being an asshole and now spends the majority of his time rollerblading along the Pacific.

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Queer Polyamory and the Challenges of Male Privilege


Angelus Morningstar explains how queer polyamory challenges ingrained behaviors of masculine dominance within same-sex relationships.

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The Half-Life of Trauma: My Delayed Response to 9/11

The Half-Life of Trauma by glynlowe

Months after the twin towers collapsed, Thomas Fiffer’s life imploded. It took him years to figure out why.

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Clutter is Procrastination


Leo Babauta has some advice on how to avoid creating a mountain of clutter.

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What Makes You a Man? [video]


The answer to the question depends on who’s talking.

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10 Ways To Be The Most Romantic Partner She’s Ever Had

Beautiful Girl With Red Flowers. Beautiful Model Woman Face.

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the way you think about romance in long-term relationships, while giving you some simple, actionable tips.

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5 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Death


Big Bird has some surprising sage advice for talking to kids about death.

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The Terms of My Surrender: Our Divorce Papers


I was asked to sign the Terms of Surrender without being given the full story of custody and child support.

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My Shame Identity

shame-identity-David Mican

Dennis Gilsdorf remembers a time when shame was his primary identity.

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8 Reasons How I Know This Generation Is Capable Of Respecting That Head-Over-Heels Kind Of Love


A Gen Y writer says that his generation is more than selfies and Snapchat. They are capable of adult love.

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Aggression isn’t What Women are Most Afraid of in Men

Aggression isn't What Women are Most Afraid of in Men  Foxspain Fotografía:Flickr

I’ve made a mess of relationships because I was so busy trying to protect women from aggression that I completely overlooked the one thing they were dying for from me.

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Video: I Gave Up Women for 30 Days and This is What Happened


After realizing I was using women to fill an internal void, I gave them up completely and discovered three surprises about myself.

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