The Strongest Couples Don’t Need a Timeline to Tell Them They’re In Love

strongest couples

Because every couple has its own timing.

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The Earthquake that Shook the Snow Off Mt. Everest


Live footage from Basecamp at Mt. Everest where the Nepali Earthquake triggered a deadly avalanche. “The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives.”

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The Real World


Spending time in the woods reminds you that a real world exists out there, outside of the virtual world of fire-light shadows that we create for ourselves (and each other).

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Reflections from a Masculinity Panel, March 2015


Abdul Staten sat on a panel about how the idea of masculinity is hindering adolescent boys from blossoming into their authentic, non-violent, non-misogynistic, non-abusive selves.

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Simple as Italian Bread

loaf of bread

One family gains a more simple, less stressful life by making where they live more important than raw square-footage.

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I’m A Believer: 5 Ways The Cynic In You Dies When You Fall In Love

couple on the bed

Don’t get too attached to that snarky alter ego, because it is doomed to die when you fall in love.

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How Love Evolves, and How I’ve Evolved Because of It

lovers with city skyline

Truly loving ourselves and others requires that we evolve. And stories of evolution can inspire us to love better, and evolve faster.

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How To Avoid Getting “The Fade” from Women


Do the women you like disappear after a few dates?. Harris O’Malley on how to keep her interest.

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How My Online Business Nearly Ruined My Marriage

man aruging with wife

After nearly sacrificing his marriage he learned that balance is about putting your focus on what is most important.

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Two Worlds, One Town: Ferguson

billy flood two fergusons

Billy Flood visited Ferguson, a town divided by race, and the difference between the two worlds screamed the story of America.

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Transgender: 7 Things We Know For Sure


When Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, a national conversation was started.

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Sex, Gender, And Manhood: Lessons From Bruce Jenner’s Coming Out

bruce jenner

What we can learn from Bruce Jenner’s coming out and where we’re headed as a society regarding our transgender friends and family.

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Escalation In The Emergency Room: An All Too Common Occurrence.


Shawn Henfling responds to an unknown nurse’s treatment of a mentally ill young woman in an Emergency Room.

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BB Guns, Gangs, and Other Teenage Rites of Passage

boy with bb gun

Scott Laudati on the marks left by the need to belong, and the greater need to be true to self.

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Power Tools and the Modern Man


It’s funny the things that make you feel more or less of a man.

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Captain America and Hawkeye Just Called Black Widow A ‘Slut.’ No, For Real Guys.


Being a Superhero puts you in one of the biggest spotlights there is. Choose your words carefully.

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