‘’Yeah’! Usher’s ‘Confessions’ Ten Years Later


Ten years ago, Usher released the best album of his career. It ended up being the last great album the music industry would release. Here’s why we still scream ‘Yeah!’

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Sergeant Major Bart Womack Examines a 2003 Embedded Enemy Attack and Honors Military Children Left Behind

Embedded Enemy, Bart Womack, March 23 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom

“From the moment I sat down to write this book, I immediately wanted to do something for the very young sons of our fallen.”

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Why Your Family Should Take a Weekly Holiday from Technology

Why Your Family Should Take a Weekly Holiday from Technology

Josh Misner argues that spending one day per week technology-free has reaped immense benefits for both him and his family

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6 Ways Jokes about Violence Against Men Harms Male Victims

hand over mouth andy rennie resized 4429438847_b4a3a72491_z

Andrew Smiler lists six reasons why we should stop laughing at male victims of violence.

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What’s Your Favourite Music Mystery?


Many of the best songs ever written beg questions that might never be answered.

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Can We Evolve Our Sense of Time?


Douglas Rushkoff is a good guy that wants to help you deal with Now.

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The Mystery of Time and Space – And How It Might Help to Get Her Back


Chris Lloyd on how to carry yourself with dignity, care and respect after a breakup.

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Those Money Gurus? A Lot of What They’re Saying Could Be Making You Poorer

money401(K) 2012

Only you know where your money goes and what your needs will be in the future. Those gurus can afford to offer hit-or-miss advice, but you don’t have that luxury.

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Boys Gym


Small towns can hide secrets, as they do in Scott Hightower’s poem.

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How I Finally Got It Together To See A Therapist


LeRon Barton had to get past all the supposed reasons a strong black man doesn’t need therapy.

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5 Reasons Why the Boys and I Supported the International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink

Deanna Shoyer supported International Pink Day to as a way to teach her sons about he value of diversity and a show of solidarity against discrimination.

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Non-Believer and Chief: Will America Ever Have an Atheist President?

No God Pic

Atheism is on the rise in America. Secularism and scientific thought is creating a generation of voters with the ability to think critically about the issues. Will the popularity of disbelief give rise to a political party devoid of religious factions?

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How Being Bullied Helped Me To Trust My Parents

bully, wolfgang brolley, neil hill, school, forgiveness, learning, parents, trust, strength, courage, letting go, grattitude,

A thank you note to my bullies.

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5 Real Responses from Kids Living at Home Without Dad

mike baird

A 13 year old boy asks friends how they really felt about their parents splitting up when dad isn’t around like before.

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Australia’s “You Can Play” Campaign to Eliminate Homophobia In Football and Sports

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.09.43 AM

The You Can Play campaign has brought together all the major professional sports in Australia to make their sports welcome to lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

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The 50 Greatest Ideas I’ve Found Scribbled On Scraps of Paper In My Pocket After I’ve Been Drinking


Ever wondered what would happen if you wrote down all the seemingly brilliant ideas you come up with when you’re drunk? Lawrence Benner tries it.

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