This Doctor Welcomes Newborns to the World With Song

This Doctor Welcomes by UPMC

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center carries on the tradition of singing to newborn babies passed down to him by one of his predecessors.

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From Hugh to Amy: An Anniversary Tribute

From Hugh to Amy by Hugh Weber

Hugh Weber still isn’t sure why his wife of 8 years said yes, but he’s sure happy she did.

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9 Misfortunes Everyone Experiences That You Don’t Realize Are Blessings In Disguise


Turn the way that you think of these common occurrences on their head—and transform your life in the process.

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7 Mannerly Things Our Kids Should Really Be Doing


Rude kids become rude adults; teach them early and save them heartache in the end

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7 Things Men Want In A Relationship


Jordan Gray says that there are seven simple things that basically all men crave in an intimate relationship.

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Updating Your Hardware – How Not To Get Screwed


Time to pitch the old bucket of rusty screws and nails, the run-down on fasteners that make your DIY projects faster and easier.

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12 Reasons Why Divorced Women Rock


Mark Radcliffe considers it an honor to date a divorced woman. Here’s why.

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What Love Is & What Love Isn’t

love is isnt 2

After the overwhelming response to his story about falling in love with his best friend, Mike Iamele wrote down some of the things he’s learned about love.

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12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 3 – Move It

challenge 3

You work out your body, why not work on your whole self? The Be a Better Man Challenge with Michael Ellis. 12 weeks to a better you.

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How Would You Better Engage Boys in the Classroom?


GMP Editors were asked: “You can be the principal of a school for a week. What’s one thing you would change to better engage boys in the classroom?” Here are their answers. What’s yours?

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Are You Losing Your Compassion?

Are You Losing Your Compassion

What does compassion mean to you and how does it show up in your daily life?

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If Robin Williams Was Your Dad: A True Story

If Robin Williams Was by Amy Scher

Amy Scher’s father chose to end his own life. She’s proud of him, and she never judged his decision.

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What stops black people from being successful, and what can they do to overcome this (Part One)?

What stops black people from being successful and what can they do to overcome this (Part One)

Dr. Vibe asks a group of black men from the United States, Canada and England: What aren’t blacks more successful and what can they do to be more successful?

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The Impossible Male Orgasm and Why You Don’t Ask Doctors about Sex

Doctors are clueless about sex

The medical establishment is probably the last place to seek reliable information about mind-blowing sex. You already have everything you need to experience it right now.

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“There are friends who appear at just the right time, say the exact thing you need to hear, and without a single excuse they get why our lives are so precious.”

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My Queer Life: On Being Transgender and Married. Twice.


Alex Myers married his wife twice. Once as part of a same-sex couple and again as an opposite-sex couple. Here’s what this taught him about marriage.

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