Comment of the Day: “Mainstream attractiveness is coveted because of the power and advantages it brings.”

reading & sun bathing @ Tulum beach

This comment of the day is by ogwriter on the post Skinny Dudes and Big Boys: Stigmatizing Men’s Bodies

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Why Are These Two Navy Dudes Doing a Lip Sync to Frozen? [Video]

navy baseball dillan frozen photo

Dillan DiGiovanni is curious why they did it, but all that really matters is, it’s awesome.

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Is Bubble Football the Greatest (and Funniest) Game Ever?

Bubble football

I’m not a soccer fan, but I’d play this in a heartbeat.

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6 Things Guys Should Avoid Wearing This Spring

We asked Fashion Bros hosts Lawrence and James to walk us through some of the must-avoid trends for the spring.

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Race Corners and American Heroes

AP Photo/Utash Family Photo

Steve Utash and the hero who saved him offer us a story that can teach us how to end suffering due to racism, and more.

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Step-Dad: Navigating rough waters.

Can you tell the difference?

Steven Lake explores three challenges of being a step-dad — there are many more!

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Why You Should Never Judge A Woman Only By Her Appearance


It’s usually harder for younger men to look past a woman’s looks. But, it happens. Here, a young writer schools his Gen-Y brethren.

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Determination: A Video Poem by Elvis Alves


The poem “Determination” is from Elvis Alves book Bitter Melon. The video is directed by Georgina Bobb.

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Need That Money Can’t Buy

to do-Courtney Dirks-flickr

Make sure you’ve crossed these five things off the to-do list before approaching venture capitalist, applying for a business loan or crowd-sourcing funds.

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Being a Dad Made Me a Better Sports Fan

Being a Dad Made Me a Better Sports Fan

Brandon Billinger is passionate about sports, but, once he became a father, he realized he had to show his son that being a fan means far more than just yelling and screaming

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It’s “Just” Alcohol

Its just alcohol photo by pinguino

Barry Adkins’ son died of alcohol poisoning the day he moved out on his own. And Barry wants help others so that something good will come out of that.

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Whether Men Haze Bison or Humans, The Explanations Are Oddly Similar

hazing, bison, Montana

Haze (v): (1) Drive in a specific direction while on horseback; (2) Force to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks

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The Upside Down Wonderland of Racism

alice in wonderland-Jacqueline-flickr

We must as a nation get beyond this false and counterproductive notion of “colorblindness/race-blindness” and confront head-on our past history and current realities of racism and white privilege.

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Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

walk a mile in her shoes

Edie Weinstein is ready to don her red shoes for a good cause along with hundreds of spike heeled men. Oh, and she’ll shave her legs for the occasion.

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15 Years Later: How We Are All Columbine


We are all Columbine because we believe in hope and the good of humanity.

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How Hanging Out With the Elderly Helped Me Overcome My Millennial Crisis

couple 1-Mario Mancuso-Flickr

Nothing is permanent, no matter how much prestige is associated with it. As long as we’re alive, there will always be the struggle of “What’s next?” or “Why me?”

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