What it’s Like to be Hopelessly Addicted to the Woman You Love


You are still your own person. You lead your own life and probably even have your own friends. Nevertheless, the two of you are connected to each other forever.

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Review of Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag (Black)


“Conditions that worked for my kid won’t be the same for yours, etc.” By Evan Lavender-Smith

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Family Comes First


In the world of sports, the word family is thrown out a lot. There’s the family you play with and the family you play for. In this week’s Sports Dump we look at families, both on the playing surface and at home.

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12 Signs The Fight You’re Having Is Not Actually A Fight

frank kobola

Frank Kobola lists 12 of the stupidest reasons you are fighting with the person you love.

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If Two 13-Year-Olds Kiss On TV, Does Anybody Care?


The answer is probably not…unless they happen to be boys.

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A Dad Finds Out From His Son That Parenthood is a Dirty Business, But, That’s OK!


Writer Ian Colvin really had no interest in getting down in the mud. Then he found out why he needed to. — “Can we play basketball with that big yellow ball over there, Daddy?” “I don’t think so, little buddy.” “But Daddy, there’s a basketball court, and we don’t have a ball!” In all honesty, […]

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Why Principals Matter

why principals matter

Changing the school, changing the culture.

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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But Names Will Always Hurt You

Sticks and Stones by Joana Coccarelli

Jenny Kanevsky explains how body shaming hurts whether you hear it from others or do it to yourself.

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Love After a Narcissist: Preparing to Learn, Trust & Date Again

learning-to-trust-again-narssacist1 (1)

Finding love after a breakup is hard to do; finding love after a narcissist can be even harder. Regain your sense of self and trust with these helpful steps.

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NBA Joins the #LeanInTogether Team

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.33.28 AM

The NBA is “in” on gender equality, joining the ‘Lean In Together’ Campaign on gender equality at work and at home. Are you?

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Healthy Ways To Move Through a Bad Mood


Bad moods happen. The question is, how do you handle it?

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‘Dad, Do You Think My Teacher Is Pretty?’

Dad Do You Think by Jose Kevo

Mike Berry wants to teach his sons respect. It starts with modeling.

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A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son’s Race Is An Issue

A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son's Race Is An Issue

Although Alex Barnett knows his son is Biracial, when he looks at him, he doesn’t see race.

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Just When You Thought We Were Done With That Dress …

GMP Stupid Internet Dress by Judy Clement Wall

Want to know what color that dress was? Here’s your answer.

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The Dad Who Went Viral Announces a New Book!

Doyin Photo

Doyin Richards was more surprised than anyone when a simple picture of him tending to his daughters went viral. He now hopes his new mission to get the word out on good dads gets a similar reception.

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Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Rock Music’s Mixed-Race Roots?

roots of rock

The founder of the brilliant fyeahblackrockmusic Tumblr talks racial politics, Kelis, and . . . the Doobie Brothers?

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