Disorganized Chaos: My Summer as a T-Ball Coach

Disorganized Chaos: My Summer as a T-Ball Coach

One man’s attempt at wrangling twelve small children provided him with plenty of lifelong memories—and all it cost him was his sanity.

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Me? Racist?! – A Comic

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.02.42 PM

Are you doing these things? If so, Justin Hubbell has some helpful advice (and a great comic).

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Somewhere in Brooklyn


Christopher Stephen Soden paints a picture of sensual satisfaction in this quiet poem.

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What Do Circumcision And Strip Mining Have In Common?

strip mining vs circumcision

Forcefully removing that which we have no right to remove.

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This Moment Is More Precious Than You Think


Alex Yarde heard the story of a young man who found a “ghost” of his father in an old Xbox, and it reminded him to appreciate even the smallest moments with his kids.

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10 Bar Bets You Can Make for Drink Money (And You Will Win Every Time)

bar bet

Just make sure you have friends that will stay your friends after being tricked out of money.

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Why IS there such a resistance to the idea of male beauty?

male beauty

This comment was posted by Carleton on Three Reasons Why Men Don’t Know They are Beautiful :

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I Drum Because I’ve Exhausted All Words


A drum solo tribute to black men and boys brutalized by police.

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game Bro

a-game-shaun-fritz ahlefeldt-laurvig

Shaun Williams challenged men to bring their ‘A’ game to places besides work and competition.

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21 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed

Should Love Really by Guian Bolisay

We all know relationships are hard work, but they’re not supposed to be hell. These 21 tell-tale signs spell perdition for even the most committed couples.

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FGM Is An Act of Terrorism – Not An Act of Islam

AP Photo

Qasim Rashid challenges the order by the ISIS to mutilate the genitals of all women and girls.

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Bloodlines Are Being Eliminated in the Black Community


Author Joe Carter speaks on how violence against black males is wiping out some family bloodlines

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5 Myths and 5 Truths About Online Dating As Adults


Don’t be fooled by their photos, their profile statements, or their fluent email banter. Go for the face-to-face meeting with as little hassle and energy as possible.

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Confessions of Cheating Husbands


Charles J. Orlando documents the reasonings behind the actions of unfaithful men.

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Not in My Name, Prime Minister Netanyahu


Samuel Mahaffy insists that despite what the Prime Minister says, not all men will resort to violence.

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On Personal Blind Spots


Vaughan Granier has some advice for when you are confronted with the reality of a personal shortcoming.

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