THE FRACKING KING Final Cover - Hi-Res

“I was luckier than my father as the great love of my life seemed to be indestructible. I played Scrabble.” By James Browning

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If I Would Leave Myself Behind


“I wish I could kiss someone I hate.” By Lauren Becker

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Why I Write – Because I See A Need


For Chintan Girish Modi writing is the cure for almost anything.

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How It’s Supposed to Work

virgin weekend fiction

“She was the one who brought the condom today, the mix CD and candle. She’d pulled off his socks the way an expert would, not the way a virgin would.” By Christy Cruchfield

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Shattered by Sam Galison

A wife falls apart, a marriage is broken, and a husband tries to pick up the pieces.

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I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

“I want to be a bigger man, a less predictable man than the kind who confuses love with sex.” By Courtney Maum

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Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng

“Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.” By Celeste Ng

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Saint Roger of Fox Chase


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Roger’s family vanished from St. Cecilia’s quickly. When the real story gets blurry and the details more important, adults become children, and some children become saints.

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Bret Easton Ellis is Vernon Downs


A page by page key to the allusions in Vernon Downs, by Jaime Clarke.

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This weekend, we have the story of two couples, and what it takes to survive a marriage on top of all that life throws at us.

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From BLACK MOON, by Kenneth Calhoun

Black Moon hires cover

“She could so easily recall the dark weight of him in the bed next to her, sinking deeper into shame as his body failed him yet again.” By Kenneth Calhoun

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Ugly American Understudies

dress-up weekend

“So he and Tish would have to use strange cameras and mascara for a week. So what? After all, the swapped suitcase slip-up had quickly made them the center of their tour group’s sympathy.” By Matthew Pitt

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Sleeping Together


“He’d come to appreciate the sounds she made, a steady grumble of snores that lessened whenever she turned on her side. The things she said were invariably hostile: ‘Who the hell is Becky?’ ‘Don’t fucking look at me!’ ‘Why didn’t you answer the phone?'” By Mike Heppner

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The Mask

the mask. photo by miss_millions

A super-short work of fiction by Mark Sherman that the Woodstock Times called “a great, psychodrama-short story (involving psychoanalysis, no less).”

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Siddhartha Remains in His Father’s Palace


“Because of Channa’s guardianship, Siddhartha would become the ruler that he was ever destined to become.” By Phong Nguyen

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Excerpt from SOY SAUCE FOR BEGINNERS, by Kirstin Chen


“I clamped my arms to my sides in an attempt to hide the sweat stains. ‘She’s very bright,’ Uncle Robert added, as if describing a puppy or a small child. He leaned in close like he was sharing a secret.” By Kirstin Chen

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