“When my mom calls to tell me that my father has been hospitalized, it doesn’t take me long to decide to use the information to hit on a girl.” Weekend Fiction by Patrick Hueller

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Should Authors Write Characters Outside Their Race?


Should an author write characters of a different race than his own? Is that exploitation? Appropriation? Race denial? Or is it the author’s right? A conversation with Bill Cheng and Christine Lee Zilka on writing outside one’s race.

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Brat’s Last Things


“This was two months before he left his family. Arthur can’t tell you exactly what he did on that birthday, only that it left a taste of fatty pizza and cheap plastic in his mouth, that it involved a giant singing rodent, and that it was important to him.” Weekend Fiction By Delaney Nolan

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What Changes Everything — an Excerpt


“Political discord in this land had always been marked by blood and pain. The stories were unending, shocking the first time, sad but predictable after that.” By Masha Hamilton

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A Brief Intimacy


“As we lay on his mattress, the cool summer air from his window slipping across our naked skin, he told me about the first girl he’d ever loved.” By Karissa Chen

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The Neighbor


“She looks into my living room as if to glimpse someone behind me. No one should be there.” By Jimin Han

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El Soldado: an Excerpt from LOTERIA

loteria a novel

“When she disappeared Papi didn’t eat for weeks.” An excerpt from LOTERIA, by Mario Alberto Zambrano.

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In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods (2)

“And in this room: The love letters we wrote to each other in the months of our courtship, aflame,” by Matt Bell

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How to Fix Your Life


“My best friend’s father died. I went on eBay and tried to buy a new best friend, but all the best friends on eBay were too expensive.” By Mark Baumer

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The Last Perfect Day: An Excerpt from ON SAL MAL LANE

On Sal Mal Lane

“Mr. Niles’s words rang in his ears: Long ago, he was just a boy like you.” By Ru Freeman

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Foreign Bodies

squash 2

“Eddie said partly why he left was her goddamn nerves.” By Sara Lippmann

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Break Me Off A Piece Of That Funk! An excerpt from the Steamfunk Anthology


An excerpt from the short story, “The Sharp Knife of A Short Life” by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Hannibal Tabu.

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Viewing Medusa


“Josie became a lot like the jellyfish she studied. She could by turns be prickly, stinging, even deadly, yet still soft and elusive, floating along on currents not of her own making.” By Mary Akers

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Three Parables from FUN CAMP


“Why did the chicken cross the road? Where do bats get their energy? Knock, knock, who’s there, the interrupting cow. How do you know when a blonde has been making chocolate chip cookies?” By Gabe Durham

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“Quinn has booked a flight to Connemara, County Galway. But first, this funeral. This director. What is her name?” By Joey DeFrancesco

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Left and Leaving


“Loneliness, poverty, homelessness—these don’t seem to bother him as much as having to announce that he doesn’t have what it takes to keep his marriage going.” By Christopher Ross

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