The Best LGBT Books of All Time


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Benoit Denizet-Lewis asked our country’s leading queer writers to suggest five indispensable books.

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I Think You’d Be Proud of Who I’ve Become, Dad

proud dad

Jared used to be embarrassed to have a gay dad.

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Gay Day at Disney Meets the Promise Keepers

Super Q at Gay Pride

Justin Cascio remembers when being out and proud has been a courageous, life-affirming act.

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Gay Pride 2012 on The Good Life

pride montage

Gay Pride on The Good Life

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Kings for a Day: A Bear’s First Pride

Bears at Boston Pride 2012

Gay pride is more than sex: it’s acceptance, diversity, and love.

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Gay Catnip

leather chaps

A straight Peace Corps Volunteer goes to D.C. Pride as an ally, never guessing at the support that would be reciprocated.

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What Do LGBT+ Have to Be Proud of?

We are the GLBT+ community, and we are proud

What do we in the LGBT+ community have to be proud of? Us.

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A Gay Cowboy’s First Castro Pride

gay cowboys

One gay cowboy’s mind is opened by the diversity of celebrants at the 1987 San Francisco Gay Pride parade.

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The Long Road to Pride


From “Gays for Ford” to the 1979 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, Kile Ozier makes a lifetime journey to Pride.

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Pride’s Progress: The Mainstreaming of Gay Culture

Rachel Maddow

Stefan Borst-Censullo believes the mainstream success of Pride Parades means the gay rights movement is winning.

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The Monster at the End of This Post

grover float

The first rule of monsters is learning who is a monster.

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Bear Pride


Friendly, diverse Bear culture includes geeks, men who dance ’round purses, men who like pie.

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Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us

NYC Trans Pride marchers

The freedom of gender expression is not just a trans issue.

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Half Court: An FTM Story


After a long journey, Eli Walker finally has a body that matches his heart’s desire.

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It’s Time to Open Up Your Closet

closet door

We all have our own closets.

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What I Learned From Launching


What coming out stories share in common.

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