Men Are Actually More Emotional Than Women, They Just Hide It Better


Men are often ridiculed for being emotional, so they’ve learned to hide what they naturally feel.

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If You’re Against Marriage Equality, You’re Against This


Something huge happened today, and a lot of people didn’t see it coming.

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#LoveWins on #MarriageEquality Because of One Brave Man: Justice Anthony Kennedy

Justice Kennedy

The four liberal judges on the Supreme Court were expected to support marriage equality, but the fifth is going to take a lot of flak for it. A doff of the hat to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

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Are Women Really Less Ambitious Than Men?

Are Women by anton petukhov

Sue Nador hates to agree with Fox News, but she finds common ground on what’s holding women back in the workplace.

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The Hazards of Being a Man Who Writes About Men and Masculinity


When you touch people deeply, they react emotionally.

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I Had to Run Away From My Problems Before I Could Face Them


Faced with feeling like he had nowhere to go, Cameron started running. He stopped on a California freeway.

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The Evolutionary Function of Gay Men is to Make You Look Fabulous


Whether they’ve been closeted or out, oppressed or honored, Raymond Rigoglioso wants us to know that gay men are, and have always been, a powerful evolutionary force in society.

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Who Wears the Pants?

Who Wears by Jamie McCaffrey

Edie Weinstein looks at modern male-female relationship dynamics.

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Young STIR: The Transgender Youth Movement


A teen reaches out to adults and questioning youth about the effects of a disapproving society.

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The Era of the Co-Gendered Human

gender divide

Stephen Michell asks us to imagine a world where humans get to experience much more than just 50% of humanity’s awesomeness.

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This is What It Feels Like Like to Be Transgender


In this TedTalk, Lee Mokobe gives a soul-baring description of what it feels like to be transgender in a highly gendered culture.

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Can You Really Change Your Sexual Orientation?


A new booklet says sexual orientation can be changed and offers “proof.”

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Information is the Key to Fight Myths of Sexuality

African_homosexuality_laws.svg copy

LGTBI rights in Africa get some help from science.

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Is This Man a New Kind of Role Model?


Pink eyebrows, beard, stilettos, pre-teen fans. What comes next?

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Religious Freedom and Sexual Discrimination

A crucifix in St Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne, Thursday, June 11, 2015. (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy) NO ARCHIVING

Australia has an apparent conflict between religious freedom and sexual anti-discrimination legislation.

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Caitlyn Jenner’s Sexy Does Not Negate Women or Challenge Men


Jenny Kanevsky argues for an inclusive transgender community where differences matter less than similarities.

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