Why Tim Cook’s Coming Out Is Actually Big News

Why Tim Cook by Blake Patterson

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out doesn’t change our perception of him. But it changes everything else.

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Are You Ready to Lose Your Virginity?

Are You Ready to Lose Your Virginity by Wellcast

This instructional video from Wellcast takes young people considering their first sexual experience through a series of helpful questions to help them make an educated choice.

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He for She—Inviting Men to Address Gender Equality


Christian Lyons discusses the reasons for HeForShe and the conversations about gender equality that need to continue.

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Manual To My Body


Anthony Doubeck on a transgender man’s battle to love his body.

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My Gender Is An Everything Bagel


Sometimes people respond really well to me and we eat cookies together. Sometimes I also get verbally or physically assaulted.

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Your Ally is Someone Who…

ally listens sam killermann

Sam Killermann looks at a few ways to be #BetterAllies.

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The Game is On…Can You Wait for a Commercial?


Family and football loyalty run deep, as Robbie Macaraeg found out when he came out on a Seattle Seahawks game day.

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A Man’s Reflection After a Year on the Transgender Journey


Poet Lex Beatty shares about his life over the last year. This might be the most profoundly raw piece you will ever read regarding a man’s personal feelings about the journey to himself and his correct gender.

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Not All Vegas Weddings are Created Equal


Officiators of the world’s tackiest weddings refuse to disgrace God with same-sex unions.

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Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points


Talking points based on misinformation perpetuate discrimination and mistreatment.

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College Football Captain Comes Out to Team, Gets Unexpected Response

driftwood fb

When this football player came out, he was not expecting the support he got. Don’t thank Michael Sam. This happened more than 4 years ago.

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Growing Up Gay in the Modern American South


The modern South, and being a gay man there, is everything and nothing you’d expect it to be.

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Are Hookup Apps Destroying Gay Culture?

hookup apps

One writer thinks that hookup apps are perpetuating stereotypes and destroying relationships.

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10 Ideas to Help You Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

picture for ED story

It’s a difficult topic for many people. Coach and writer Kian Victorson offers ideas to make handling ED a little bit easier.

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My Transman Identity


Anthony Doubek invites you to join in the revolution of rejecting gender confinement and creating space for new identities.

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7 Things I’m Not Afraid to Tell My Sons About Love, Sex, and Their Bodies


Joanna Schroeder is tired of the expectations put upon boys and men, and encourages her boys to forge their own paths.

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