The Beauty and Truth of the Vain, Gay, Passive-Aggressive Facebook User


You might know this person. The bigger question is…are you this person? Well, of course not! Couldn’t be!

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What I Never Expected When I Disclosed My HIV Status


I lost everything within a day of disclosing my HIV Status.

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6 Things I Learned When I Catered My Partners’ Wedding


When my partners got married – to each other – I learned a lot about the people around us.

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The Stonewall Inn Riots (Trans)formed a Movement


What were then called “transvestites” or “crossdressers” were on the front lines, as an advanced guard, of the revolution that (trans)formed a movement.

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How Would You Confront Your Childhood Bully?


If you were bullied as a young person, would you, as an adult, try to talk to your bully? This YouTuber did, and the response wasn’t what you might expect.

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Shutting Down Homophobic Language in a Southern Classroom


During her second week in a Mississippi classroom, Alexa Espinal had to decide how to handle anti-gay language in a Deep South middle school.

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Sorry, Kid. Don’t Want You. You’re Gay.


Or bi, or questioning, or trans, or queer, or lesbian, or something else that “doesn’t fit”.

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A Friendly Reminder of What Gender Transition is Not

Its not a race header

Justin Hubbell puts into words (and pictures!) what so many are feeling. We believe this comic is helpful to anyone at any place along the gender spectrum. We think you’ll agree.

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It Ain’t No Lie, Baby

bi is everywhere

Yes, I can be bi and in a monogamous relationship with a woman. No, I am not a unicorn. Daniel Crocker explains.

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You’re Still Fighting This? Dude, Get Over It


What would you do if you were stuck in a room full of people who don’t know you but hate you anyway?

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Diversity is Good Thing, and Europe is in the Lead

gay men cuddling on sofa

LGBT rights protected, legal same-sex marriage, even the option to not check the gender box. These countries get it right.

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Celebrity, Youth Culture, and the Question of Role Models


While some young people still negotiate their gendered identities through celebrities, it is heartening to note, that more kids are increasingly viewing representations of celebrity as unrealistic.

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Coming Out Late? You Are Not Alone


William Dameron came out later in life, thinking he was alone in his feelings. Now, he interview the editor of an anthology full of stories about men like himself.

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Will Technology Make Us Gender Neutral?


Is technology really what it will take to make all genders equal?

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Boys: Needed and Necessary, Capable, and Loved

young boy smiling

View image | Gena Raymond is rethinking the way she relates to the boys in her life. — I’ve listened to several intelligent men describe why they were not successful in traditional school systems. I’ve heard them talk about feeling like outsiders in a world dominated by female educators in a system that lends […]

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Sexual Fluidity: Queer, Straight, and Anything Else You’re Feeling

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.37.02 PM

For people whose sexuality is fluid, the situation isn’t that we were confused for a while and then suddenly woke up. It’s that (say it with me now) we once understood ourselves one way, and now we understand ourselves differently.

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