Discovering – and Embracing – His Sexualilty at a Christian College


Wanting to flee from his sexuality, Shawn Walker chose to attend a Christian college. What he didn’t expect is that it was where we would come face-to-face with, and ultimately embrace, his sexuality

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The SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Case Plaintiffs Sound Off on the Mormon Church and Call for a Boycott

unmormon choir

The Mormon Church changed its handbook to treat same sex marriages, and the children of those families, in the vilest of ways. Now some who fought for marriage equality are speaking out against religious bashing as well.

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I am Grateful My Doctor Made Me Come Out


Sophomore Magazine’s Garrett McDonnell had never been “outed” before, but then his doctor backed him into a corner. Coming out was the right thing to do. Here’s why.

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Thank You, Pink Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Hat


Yes, I should be thankful for friends, family, health, etc. And I am. But this thing really deserves special gratitude.

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Why I Am No Longer a Sex-Addiction Therapist

shame (1)

Unconscious prejudices, and societal and religious mores can prove to be harmful.

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Yes, He Came Out, But That’s Not We Should Be Talking About


Modern Family’s Reid Ewing opened up about his struggles with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery. So why is everyone focusing on GAY?

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Inequality Within India’s Third Gender Community

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.30.12 PM

People who identify as “third gender” in India have achieved legal recognition, but many face inequality within their own Hijra communities.

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The Changing Roles of Men on Thanksgiving


My father was a couch potato. My husband makes the whipped potatoes.

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Manly Men (With Cats) Melt Me

cat guy (1)

Arianna Jeret sings Mo(vember) praises as men discover their deeply hidden love of cats.

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Cougars, Cat Woman, & Cat Ladies! Where Are The Cat Men?

cat man

If our beloved pets can defy gender stereotypes, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

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Not Your Typical Underwear Models


Bronzer? Six-packs? Hair waving in the fake breeze? Nope. None of those here.

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His Loving Wife Encouraged Him to Have a Sexual Experience with a Man


His wife suspected he was gay. It took several years of marriage and her encouragement for him to figure it out.

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What Does a Woman Filmmaker Know About Masculinity? A Whole Lot, Actually.

interview jennifer siebel newsom

An interview with Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who created Miss Representation, and then turned her lens on what’s happening to boys and men with The Mask You Live In.

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Dear Closeted Gay Christian Teen


Growing up gay in the Christian faith leaves some teens feeling isolated and fearful. Advice from someone who’s been there.

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How a Straight Guy Finally Understood What It Feels Like to be Attacked for Being LGBT


David Stevens always loved his gay brother. An incident of his own rejection gave him a deep feel for the depth of LGBT discrimination. His advocacy led him to be named one of the top Allies of 2013 by the Huffington Post. Here is the video that moved hundreds of thousands.

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What Gay in the Military Looks Like


In honor of Veterans Day, let’s look at some pictures that would not have been publicly possible in 2010.

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