I Don’t Have to “be a Man” Anymore! Thank God, Thank Caitlyn!


I don’t have to “be a man” anymore. There, said it.
No gun shots yet?

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Call for Submissions: Let’s Talk Man-to-Man


Gay, bisexual, pansexual, questioning, single, in any sort of relationship, we’re looking for you.

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On Being a ‘Beautiful Boy’


There is a difference between being a beautiful boy and a handsome man. I discovered this when men would tell me as they dressed that they liked being with me, that sleeping with me felt like sleeping with a woman. Being told I was a beautiful boy was like suddenly becoming a famous child star, but knowing that your moment in the spotlight is fading fast.

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The Male Gaze: What it’s Like to be Objectified in the Gay Community


As gay men, we need to become increasingly cognizant of how we perceive and treat one another within our own community.

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I Tick Every Macho Box. How Could I Be Gay?


A rugby player found himself confronting more than one stereotype in his own mind as he struggles with coming out.

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How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies the Millennial Generation’s Courage


The realizations of our own attractions come when people accept others’ ‘unconventional’ sexualities as normal. Open-mindedness is on the rise.

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The Big Gay Choice


We don’t choose who we’re attracted do. But we do choose what we do with that attraction.

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Out and Visible: From Our LGBT Elders


They’re aging right along with their not-GLBT peers, but some of their concerns are very different.

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5 Facts About Conversion Therapy We Know For Sure


These surprising, but simple truths are often missing in the discussion about conversion therapy.

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Before Gay Was OK on TV


Gays were a staple of TV jokes for years…but there were glimmers of hopes in surprising places.

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Defying What’s Blackness, What’s Femininity, What’s Masculinity


One group says, “Act like a man.” One group says, “Femme it up.” Icon does neither.

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Marriage? Yes. The End of the Fight? No


Just because same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean the fight for equality is over. Not by a long shot.

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I’m Still Your Dad: Fears of Coming Out Trans To My Step-Son

father and son on the beach

His stepson knows he’s a a sex educator and LGBTQ activist, but how does he explain that he is also transgender

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Why This Son Loves His Parents and the Family They Made


There is no one definition of family. Daniel Student learned this as his reshaped after the death of his father.

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Boys Can Love Minnie Mouse, Too


They may be known for singing princesses and talking teapots, but there’s more going on than movies…

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What Does “Ex-Gay” Really Mean?


The term “ex-gay” has become a political missile from right wing politics. What are they trying to say?

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