Mormon Mom’s Unconditional Love for Her Transgender Son

mormon mom and son

Grayson Moore, a self-described “sheltered, Utah Mormon boy”, received the kind of love that all trans*children should get from their parents.

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Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You


or, How the Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign I Made is Being Manufactured and Donated to Colleges.

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I Want to Say Gay…When It’s OK

i want to say gay 588x350

Still not sure when it’s ok to say “gay”? Let this flowchart be your guide.

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The Path of Acceptance vs. The Path of Rejection

im from driftwood - eric thomas

Eric Thomas talks about the impact of rejection or acceptance on gay teenaged boys.

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Why Choose Polyamory

poly-robert ashworth

Polyamory isn’t right for everyone, but Vlad Dolezal lays out his case for keeping an open mind.

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How my Past as a Black Woman Informs my Black Male Feminist Perspective Today


Dr. Kortney Ziegler candidly shares how past life experiences and black feminism have taught him how to love black men.

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Still One of the Best Proposal Videos Ever


It all leads up to the big moment. It just may not end how you expect.

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Truth.Be.Told. TV Series to Document the Lives of Black Gay Visionariees

truth be told

A new episodic documentary series, “Truth. Be. Told.” aims to get viewers to ask tough questions, gay or straight, black or white.

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I’m a Freak and I Like Being a Freak

Keith Levy, aka "Sherry Vine"

His life vision was to be in the movies, but he’s had a life he never dreamed of as drag superstar Sherry Vine.

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Got Memories? Your Wedding Photos Wanted!

The Wedding Party

A new art exhibition is collecting wedding photos from stepfamilies and LGBT families. What do you have to share?

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The Gamers You Don’t Know About [Video]


Be ready to have some stereotypes busted.

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Straight Guys: What to Do If You Get a D–k Pic


You get one of “those pictures” at 3AM. Except it’s not what you usually get. Darianna Jones takes you through how to handle it.

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How to Be Openly Gay and in School – High School

submissions photo guillaume paumier

High school can be hard for anyone. Darianna Jones has some advice to make it easier for kids who are out in school.

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Coming Out is About All of Us


A FTM transgender man on how he learned patience in terms of understanding, with himself and with others.

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How Same-Sex Couples are Redefining the Big Day

Wedding Survey photo Laura Dye

As more same-sex couples choose to marry, they are changing what weddings look like and mean.

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The Year of Dating Invisibly


My first steps as a young bisexual man.

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