Living on a Prayer


Alexander Lowe examines the role that religions and faiths could play as uniting, rather than dividing, forces.

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The Difference Between Tolerance And Acceptance


We need to stop interchanging the words “tolerance” and acceptance”, Brynn Tarrenhill says. Tolerance is no longer enough. Here’s how this can change.

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How Being Trans Could Mean Being Told To Take A Hike At The Polls This November


Most people who vote show up to cast their ballot without much thought. But what if you are a trans*person who can’t get the proper photo ID?

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A Drag Queen for Jesus

Jason and Momma

From having to keep his orientation “between me and God,” to donning high heels, lipstick and a wig, and having his Pentecostal pastor (also his father) as his biggest supporter.

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How I Found Myself in Love With Two Gay Men

father and son

Ten years into a happy marriage, Pamela Morris’ husband told her he was gay. Years later her son came out. She worked through her own emotions in order to love and support them both.

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Understanding LGBTQ Abuse in the South


Sometimes, the roots of violence against LGBTQ people go much deeper than the hearts and minds of a few people or communities.

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The Non-Fappening & Initiation to the Sacred Feminine

peep hole Robert.Montalvo:Flickr

Every once in a blue moon, something happens in the world which calls the collective Boy out, and invites us to expand into something greater.

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Celibate by Choice


In a time where sex is everywhere and expected of most adults, some people choose to say no.

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Why I’m A Conservative And Support Gay Marriage


Todd Hagopian stills stands on the conservative side of things, but he recalls the day he heard a convincing argument that changed his mind on gay marriage.

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Liberal Gay Hollywood Not So Liberal And Gay After All, Study Suggests


While the media portrays Hollywood as an open and friendly place, the reality is very different for many LGBT actors.

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I am the T, a Global FtM Documentary


I am the T is a new film that will highlight the stories of trans men from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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Why Volunteering is Good for Us All


Alexander Lowe shares why volunteering is the gift of giving, not just to others, but to ourselves.

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These Parents Had The Perfect Reaction To Their Sons Coming Out Of The Closet


The parents of Luke and Adam Monastero are most certainly in the running for Best Parents of The Year due to this video.

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My First Time at a Gay Bar, and What I Realized [video]


Activist and writer Andrew Morrison-Gurza shares his first experience going into a gay bar.

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When Straight Men Fall In Love: A Brief History

straight men in love photo by phlubdr

How long have just “regular guys” been falling in love with other men? Oh, since about the beginning of time.

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I’m a Bisexual Man. Yes. Really. [video]


This gent’s decided to set the record “straight” about what it means to be bisexual.

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