Hey Femme Guys, Stay Your Manly Selves

yin yang

When we talk about “femme guys” it’s usually an insult. Here is why this is so harmful, and why femininity in men is so desirable.

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The Surprising One Thing NOT to Say When Someone Comes Out as Gay

BeFunkyPhoto p

You think you’re helping, but it actually really hurts.

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On Parenting and Compulsory Heterosexuality

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.45.47 PM

The assumption of heterosexuality might seem incredibly harmless, because it’s so pervasive and it’s “the norm.”

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When You Come From a Culture That Does Not See Men Holding Hands as Gay, but You, In Fact Are


This is about men holding hands. In India, where I grew up, men showing affection this way was common and not construed as homosexual activity. I look back on how I interpreted this social action differently and how it has shaped me today as a gay man.

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Get the Message Clear, My Pride will Never Stop Marching

The Rainbow Labor Float at Sydney Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras: The full spectrum of the wonderful LGBTI rainbow on display

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Anderson Cooper Tearfully Profiles Each of the LGBTQ Night Club Slain


“We want you to hear their names”

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What Do I Tell My LGBT Teens After the Orlando Shootings?

pray for orlando

Yes, there are people who hate others that have opposing lifestyles. But there are plenty of people in the world who care and support differences.

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I’m a Gay Man Who Got Sober

chris campbell

Sean Paul Mahoney share his journey to sobriety as a gay man.

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Struggling to Be a Man

man man man

What can you learn about yourself by coping with and understanding the first time you were told that to “be a man”?

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How the World Would End Without Gender


Maybe the world won’t end. Maybe, it will just be better.

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About Love, Toilets, and My Transgender Daughter

transgender girl restroom

To the transgender kids, their parents, to the lawmakers, the bigots… My love does not discriminate.

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I Saw Two Boys Show Affection to Each Other and Assumed They Were Gay

boys hugging

I was probably wrong.

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It’s Not Natural? Nine Gay and Bisexual Animal Species Found in Nature

gay couple

Think same-sex partnering and parenting is unique to humans? Not so much. Check out these love stories.

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Homophobia’s Cruel Mothers Day


There is no love greater than that within the heart of a present and abiding parent. When that love is shattered, and the heart breaks, the only thing the rest of us can say is — we will never let this happen again.

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Confessions Of A Guy Struggling to Understand Transgender Issues


I’d rather make the mistake of referring to someone by their birth pronoun than to mistake them for not being human at all.

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How to Find Peace With Your Soulful Androgyny

androgynous person looking out the window from a room full of memorabilia

Author Andy Hall examines his life compared to stereotypes of the man box and finds peace with his androgyny.

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