When You Say No to LGBT Rights, You’re Saying Yes to This


People think that equal treatment and equal protection are not important. They might want to reconsider.

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It’s Not Hip to Delete Your Tweets

Twitter Cartoon by Bill Day

You can sanitize your Twitter account, but it won’t remove the stain of prejudice.

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Why ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ Belong Together


Brynn Tannehill explores what the ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ have in common, and why it’s important that they work together for the good of everyone.

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Stock Photos: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Women

thinkstock (2)

According to Thinkstock, when women are ready to fish, there’s a certain stance they like to take in their waders. A spread-eagle one.

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3 Misperceptions About LGBT Kids in Christian Schools


Coming out as LGBT in a conservative Christian family can be difficult, but coming out in a Christian school can be even harder.

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This is Leo’s trans-story. Pay attention.


There is no one kind of man. There is no one kind of trans-man. And every story matters.

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Bully My Son at Your Own Risk


When Amelia’s young gay son faced a bully, she found herself having to adjust to to their new reality.

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Being A ‘Guncle’ Changed My Life


Matt Jacobi and his partner are proud gay uncles, and their nieces remind them of why they want a family someday.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Coming Out


A young man named Adam learned there’s more to coming out than saying the magic words.

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We Didn’t Plan to Be Activists


Steve and Jim are LGBTQ activists. Then didn’t plan to be, but they found themselves moved to go door-to-door for the cause of marriage equality.

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Evangelical Theologian and Minister Finds a New Mission as Transgender Activist


Adam Ackley was fired after 15 years as a professor of theology when he came out as transgender.

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Boy Toys, Girl Toys is There any Connection to Career?

boy toys and career

Making guys play with dolls won’t create an army of men working as care givers.

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Are You in the Closet? You May Be Surprised!


Whatever part of yourself you’re hiding from the world, it’s holding you back from opening the door to your life.

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We Didn’t Do It For Other People. We Did It For Ourselves.


Bob Lanning tells the story of his 46-year polyamorous relationship with two other military men.

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Should All Bathrooms Be Gender Neutral? [video]


For most people, the question of where to go is a given. But for trans*folk, it can be a daily issue. Can this be fixed?

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In Loving Memory of His Wife in Combat Boots


Shane Fairchild lovingly remembers his truck-driving, motorcycle riding, 6-foot tall redheaded woman.

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