The Generation of Change

alex-david-marriage-Elvert Barnes

When I met my now fiancé, he didn’t believe this future would be possible. But here we are.

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The One Thing Everyone Wants to Know About the Baby


What’s the first thing people usually ask about an soon-to-be born baby?

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Raised by PFLAG and Pride


When Raymond Miller came out, his parents did something totally unexpected. They joined PFLAG so they could march in the local Pride Parade.

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My On-Again, Off-Again Relationship with Shame

shame-man-shman-rfm II

Sometimes I can hear the world insist there’s something essentially wrong about me.

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Have You Ever Said These Things?

transphobic top pic

How would you feel if people asked you deeply personal questions before even asking your name?

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Can Men Be Objectified By Women?


It’s the question we’ve all been asking, and Shannon Ridgway is here to clear a few things up.

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Why We Need Positive Gay Images in the Media

tom wicket driftwood

When the only reflections you of yourself are negative, it can change your entire outlook on life.

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Wherein This Real Life Gay Couple Moves In With An Anti-Gay Preacher


It was bound to happen. A reality TV show reaches the bottom of the explosive cliche barrel.

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The Conversation About Sexism In Tech That We Should Be Having


Why we need to find talk about this persistent problem in one of the most rapidly growing fields.

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How to Say “I Love You” Around the World [video]

love you 1

Love is everywhere. Here’s what is sounds like.

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Guys, Are You Being Tricked Into Buying Gendered Products?

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.48.49 AM

Are gendered products dividing us to take more of our money, or tailoring products to fit a market need?

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What You Missed in Gender & Sexuality

missed gs july

Didn’t have time to check in with The Good Men Project’s Gender & Sexuality section? Here’s a sample of some recent offerings.

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Dear White Gay Men: You Don’t Get a ‘Race Card’ For Being Gay

Listen-300x252 (1).jpg

As gay men with white privilege, we want to explain to you how oppressive and embarrassing you are.

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The Queer-A-Day Project Monthly Roundup: July 2014


Meet some queer folk from history. Some you may know, some you may not.

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The Ungayborhoods


As being gay becomes more acceptable and accepted, will gayborhoods become a thing of the past?

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My Shame Identity

shame-identity-David Mican

Dennis Gilsdorf remembers a time when shame was his primary identity.

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