Coming Out is About All of Us


A FTM transgender man on how he learned patience in terms of understanding, with himself and with others.

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How Same-Sex Couples are Redefining the Big Day

Wedding Survey photo Laura Dye

As more same-sex couples choose to marry, they are changing what weddings look like and mean.

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The Year of Dating Invisibly


My first steps as a young bisexual man.

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My New Big Gay Agenda


So much has changed in the past year that JJ Vincent decided his Big Gay Agenda needed an update.

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Quiz: Which Of These Guys Are Gay?

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.52.51 AM

Justin Hubbell wonders why, when he draws a male character, people automatically assume that guy is straight…

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An Open Letter to Gay Guys Who Look Down On “Fem Guys”


We should be united, but instead we’re worried about how someone else who’s going through the same struggles as any gay man might make us be perceived by others.

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5 Misconceptions Gay Boys Have About Other Gay Boys


Josh van Sant wants to clear up a few things that young gay men are thinking about each other.

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A Good Man: One Gay Man’s Story, Animated by StoryCorps [Video]


This the story of Bryan Wilmoth, and how he reconnected with his family many years after being thrown out for being gay.

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Was Founding Father Alexander Hamilton Bisexual? His Letters Suggest So.


Was the guy on the $10 bill bisexual? Personal letters to another soldier shed light on this mystery.

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How Punk Music and Feminism Changed My Life [Video]


Rudy Garcia was expected to become a doctor or a lawyer, but found his early calling in punk rock and new wave music.

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The Queer-A-Day Project Monthly Roundup: June 2014


Tobias brings you a monthly round-up of queer folk from history, some familiar, some not.

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Pride Around the World

Tel Aviv Pride 2014

What does Gay Pride look like around the world in 2014? Take a look.

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Hear The Amazing Advice A Dad Gave To His Gay Son In The 1950s

Haggerty performing in drag in 1959.

A 70-year-old gay man shared his story about the advice his father gave him in rural Washington in the early 1950s.

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Google Your Pride

google pride

Want to make that spreadsheet a little more colorful? Google’s got a nifty hack for you.

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Gay Life, New York City, 1960s


From a conversation with Tennessee Williams to finding friends in the few bars there were, a legendary literary agent recalls the Gay 60s.

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What Orange is the New Black Teaches Us About Relationships

A few of the women of OITNB - out of jail.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what relationship we are (or aren’t) in. There’s something we can learn from the women of OITNB.

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