Is it Time to Stop Linking Masculinity With Material Success?

Indian Dad

Gender stereotypes in India—and across the world—crush the possibility of a man wanting to be home while his wife takes on the role of the sole breadwinner of the family.

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Rediscovering What it Really Means to be a Man

dad and son

Open up and stop running away from your emotions.

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What It Really Means to ‘Man Up’


There’s more to being a man than football, guns, and hot rods.

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There is a Price to Pay for Discrimination


Club ordered to pay $15K to trans man beaten and assaulted by bouncers for using men’s restroom.

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6 Ways The Church’s Treatment of LGBTQ People is Actually Damaging the Church

sad man

Bottom line: the church should not be in the business of excluding people.

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“Godly, but Gay”


Speaker and life coach, Joel Barrett, shares his experience as a formerly closeted gay minister.

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Body Positivity and the Ebb and Flow of Self-Worth


Each of us is on a journey, and the detours can teach us just as much as the set path.

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I Know Which Bathroom to Use


Trust me, I know I’m a man.

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Boy, Girl or …? Dilemmas When Sex Development Goes Awry


Sexual development isn’t always black and white.

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When A Straight Teen Asked His Gay Friend To Prom

4564857774_b01d62b366_z (1)

Prom night is about warming hearts and strengthening relationships when you get down to the brass tacks. These folks accomplished the goal.

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Transgender Kids Share What it Means to Be Accepted and Loved

young boy

Should any child have to ask their parents for love? Isn’t that part of the deal?

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A Call for Civil Disobedience in North Carolina to Knock Sense into its Transphobic State Government


Knee jerk impulses and prejudices ran amuck in North Carolina this week as one of the worst transphobic “bathroom” bills was passed. If you live in North Carolina, or any geography that gets a similar law, here is a suggested act of civil disobedience.

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Confessions of a Conversion Therapy Survivor


I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be like everyone else, I sometimes wonder who I really am or who I would have been if it were not for decades of rehearsing to be a different character.

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Gay Men are Hitting on Me Now — and I’m Terrified

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.35.31 PM

It has seemed easier, then, to let the gay dreamboats of OkCupid go unanswered than venture into the depths of that pain and insecurity.

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Sowing Wild Oats: Why Restless Young Men Need to Wander and Wonder


While I happen to be a gardener, sowing wild oats was something I have never done.

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Same Sex Couples are Showing up Everywhere, and It’s About Time


Ads featuring LGBT couples are usually isolated to online spots. This one however, is going full force.

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