Why Volunteering is Good for Us All


Alexander Lowe shares why volunteering is the gift of giving, not just to others, but to ourselves.

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These Parents Had The Perfect Reaction To Their Sons Coming Out Of The Closet


The parents of Luke and Adam Monastero are most certainly in the running for Best Parents of The Year due to this video.

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My First Time at a Gay Bar, and What I Realized [video]


Activist and writer Andrew Morrison-Gurza shares his first experience going into a gay bar.

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When Straight Men Fall In Love: A Brief History

straight men in love photo by phlubdr

How long have just “regular guys” been falling in love with other men? Oh, since about the beginning of time.

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I’m a Bisexual Man. Yes. Really. [video]


This gent’s decided to set the record “straight” about what it means to be bisexual.

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It’s Healthy for Men to Question Our Sexuality

its healthy for men to question photo bryan reeves

The four months I spent questioning my sexuality in the military when I was 22 has made my life vastly richer.

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Discarding the Labels and Embracing the Gray


Imagine being a person whose label and legal status change based on where you are, and may or may not match how you identify yourself.

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Traveling While Gay

gay travel

With increased rights in many places, there’s a world of LGBT-friendly travel options. World traveler Adam has 13 tips to get you on the road.

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How a Straight Man in a Gay Relationship Made it Work


After telling how he fell in love with another straight man, Mike Iamele heard countless stories of other people creating relationships that feel right to them.

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Queer History 101: Transmen


Have you met these guys? Tobias will be highlighting five fascinating (mostly) men profiled on The Queer-A-Day-Project.

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Gay Men Like Me

gay men like me

Ben Shaberman discovered something interesting about himself when he moved to Miami Beach in the late 1990s.

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What Love Is & What Love Isn’t

love is isnt 2

After the overwhelming response to his story about falling in love with his best friend, Mike Iamele wrote down some of the things he’s learned about love.

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High School Bully Has a Secret [video]


The next time someone says that maybe the bully is gay himself, think about it. Justin Taylor’s bully was.

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I’m an Otherwise Straight Man (Who Fell in Love with His Best Friend)


It didn’t matter if it didn’t fit my identity. It didn’t matter if it didn’t fit my sexuality. It just mattered if it brought me love.

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Dispelling Myths, Misconceptions and Lies About Gender-Nonconforming Children


As more families open up about their gender-nonconforming children, it becomes increasingly important to put facts before fiction.

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How Not to React When Your Child Tells You He’s Gay


There’s a video currently making the rounds on the internet that highlights what many gay youth face when they come out to their families.

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