My Sexual Orientation Doesn’t Define Me


A person is more than a label. It doesn’t matter who labels them.

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I’m a Gay Man Who Married a Straight Woman


When religion makes a promise reality can’t keep.

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A Grandmother’s Legacy: A Single Black Gay Man Adopts


When Alvin decided to adopt, he wasn’t ready for response from his communities.

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More “If Gay Guys Said the Stuff Straight People Say” [video]

gay guys straight guys

Inspired by Twitter & YouTube comments, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding creates a conversation you’ll never hear.

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What Does Your Face Have to do With Finding a Mate?

facial recognition

Attraction to masculine and feminine faces may be less evolution, more urban jungle.

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A Gay Man’s Take on Street Harassment


It’s not my place to tell women they are wrong? Why? Because I’m not them.

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Empathy Leads to Understanding


Understanding is not a prerequisite for empathy. Empathy is a prerequisite for understanding.

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These Gay Cowboys are Living Their Dream and Shattering Stereotypes

gay cowboys

Dan and Miki are proof that you don’t have to give up who you are to do what you love.

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The Smallest LGBT (Friendly) City in America

Vicco, Kentucky

The South gets a bad rap for being backwoods and backwards. One Kentucky town is busting this stereotype.

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Are Christians Ready to let go of the Idea of “Ex-gay”?

Are Christians Ready to let go of the Idea of “Ex-gay”?

There’s no such thing as an “ex-gay.” It’s time to put reparative therapy behind us.

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Online Abuse Affects Men and Women Differently

online abuse

…and this difference is key to tackling trolls.

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What Being Mistaken for a Girl Taught Me About Being a Man

What Being Mistaken by Travis Nep Smith

Jeff Goins shares a searing tale of adolescent angst and identity.

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This Year, I’m Dressing as a Man

me- real man post

This year, I’m breaking the rules. I’m a man, dressed up as a man.

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Why Tim Cook’s Coming Out Is Actually Big News

Why Tim Cook by Blake Patterson

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out doesn’t change our perception of him. But it changes everything else.

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Are You Ready to Lose Your Virginity?

Are You Ready to Lose Your Virginity by Wellcast

This instructional video from Wellcast takes young people considering their first sexual experience through a series of helpful questions to help them make an educated choice.

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He for She—Inviting Men to Address Gender Equality


Christian Lyons discusses the reasons for HeForShe and the conversations about gender equality that need to continue.

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