I’m a Guy Who Came Out as Bisexual and Now Can’t Date Anyone, Gay or Straight


In one of the proudest moments of my life, I changed my OkCupid profile from straight to bisexual.

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When Your Family Thinks You’re a Failure


Coming to terms with being gay is hard. Sometimes, all we have are ourselves, but sometimes that’s all we need.

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Because Being Gay is Illegal, There is No Other Choice for Me


A gay Indian man pens a heartbreaking essay about being trapped in a sham marriage.

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Five Ways That Indiana’s Antigay Law Actually Made Things Better For Us


Did you know that it’s still legal for employers to discriminate against gay people in most states? You do now.

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The Ripple Effect: Meeting Harvey Milk


Ron Huberman’s chance meeting with Harvey Milk launched Ron on a journey that would make law enforcement history.

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Tomboys Are Cool But Sissies Are Not. Now What Is That?

tomboy photo by purplesherbert

Why can’t we all get on the same page with the evolution of gender identity?

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Call for Submissions: Why Did You Come Out?


It takes courage to share something about yourself you’ve kept secret. We want to know why you did it.

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About the Boy Scout’s Ban on Gay Scout Leaders


At age 17 years 364 days, you are a gay Scout. At 18 years, you are a gay man unworthy of being a Scout or leader. Unless…

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Transgender? Yes. Invisible? No.


About seven or eight years ago, I forget exactly when, I made a declaration. And then I realized that declarations are not destiny.

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The Indiana State Line

GMP-Indiana2-2 by J Clement Wall

Indiana politicians thought they were holding the line; instead, they crossed it.

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10 Examples of Straight Privilege


We still live in a society where straight people have rights, power, and freedom that influence their lives in so many ways. Here are some examples of how straight privilege comes into play.

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That Time I had Sex with Another Queer Cripple


Doing it “disabled style”. Andrew Morrison-Gurza had never been more excited or more utterly terrified of anything in his whole life.

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What to Do When Your Friend Comes Out to You

What to Do When by wellcast

3 simple ways to be supportive when your friend tells you he or she is gay.

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It Turns Out Male Sexuality is Just as Fluid as Female Sexuality

gender fluid

Why is it that women can retain their heterosexuality if they kiss, but if men do the same they’re labeled gay?

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15 Amazing Responses to Bryan Fischer’s Hilariously Awful “Big Gay” Tweet

muscular christian bryan Fischer big gay

“Do not support Big Gay!! Do your shopping at small, local gays instead!! #DownWithBigGay #SupportLocalGays” – Kalimah Priforce

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A Man in California Wants to Kill My Son


Amelia knew her son might be bullied. She never imagined something like this might ever be proposed.

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