The 4 Problems With Reparative Therapy Laws


A former “ex-gay” movement leader rips up the argument against laws that ban therapists from trying to convert LGBT kids.

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7 Ways Parents Can Help Their LGBT Teens Stay Healthy


Jan Kaminsky gives helpful guidelines on caring for the health of your LGBT teen.

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What You Need to Know About Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills

Brae Carnes (L) and Michael Hughes (R)

Bills filed in three states could make these pictures a reality.

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5 Ways I’m Learning to Be a Better Feminist Ally

5 Ways by Flazingo

Matthew Facciani understands that for a man, becoming a feminist ally is an ongoing process, not a fait accompli.

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Mom…I’m Gay, Own a Film Company, and am in a Polyamorous Relationship


Growing up in a religious household, Benjamin was concerned enough about having to come out to his mom as gay.What he learned from the experience was that “honestly is the best thing in life.”

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45 Years Old, Never Held Hands


Do you think much about the simple, seemingly small things you do in public?

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If Two 13-Year-Olds Kiss On TV, Does Anybody Care?


The answer is probably not…unless they happen to be boys.

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How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People [video]

homophobia sounds

In this new video, Girl Pants Productions demonstrates, in under two minutes, just how ridiculous anti-gay comments sound.

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Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community


It’s a problem that transcends labels and identities. So why is no one talking about this?

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Let Him Dance: Protecting Gender-Expansive Youth


The importance of safety and support for gender non-conforming children cannot be over-stated.

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Sneaky Homophobes Are Undermining Gay Rights Progress


Matthew Rozsa explains how bigotry and lack of honor go hand-in-hand.

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Looking for Love as a Single Gay Dad


After Azul comes out to his wife – it turns out she’s gay too – he learns how to be a single dad. And then he goes to a coming out group.

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Homophobic Bullies Who Turned Out Gay Share Their Struggle


We all know bullying is wrong. Here’s a look at some former bullies.

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Trans-military: A Personal Perspective on Serving


Why would a person serve in a military that doesn’t want them? One trans-officer offers their (anonymous) perspective.

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Why Friendships Matter to Gay Black Men


Khary’s story is about being black, gay, and Greek, and how important it is to have a friend who gets you.

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Charles Blow: “Up From Pain,” Sex Abuse, and Bisexuality

charles blow - Fire Shut Up in My Bones

In his memoir, New York Times’ Op-Ed Columnist Charles M. Blow revealed not only his own startling truths, but some truths we all need to examine.

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