Comics For Anyone Struggling To Explain What It Means To Be Queer


We may be growing in visibility, but it doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes feel alone.

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I’m Living Proof You Can Be Catholic AND Support Gay Marriage

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 5.35.57 PM

Before you nail me to a cross, hear me out.

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Speaking OUT: Visualizing Queer Youth


Realistic depictions of queer youth are missing from the media. Photographer Rachelle Lee Smith is working to change that.

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A Lesson in Confronting Homophobia in the Classroom


When performing teaching artist Karen Anzoategui was faced with a student who admitted to being homophobic, their response was not what anyone expected.

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Words of Hope for a Young Boy Who Is Gay

Words of Hope by Humans of New York

“I’m homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.”

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Who Are Anti-Gay Pastors Really Hurting?


With the passing of marriage equality, some conservatives have declared an all out war against the LGBT community, catching some of their own in the crosshairs.

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This Dad Rode 545 Miles For Gay Son Who Died Before He Could

David Flannigan and his son, Joshua.

When David Flannigan lost his son to AIDS, he decided to honor him, one mile at a time.

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A Monument to Marriage Equality

A Monument by Judy Clement Wall

Let us celebrate the uncommon valor of those who battled to make marriage equality the law of the land.

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Call for Submissions – Gay, Bi, Trans Like Me


It’s time to talk about the “right” way to be gay, or bi, or trans.

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Getting Gay Married Doesn’t Make You Rape Children

Getting Gay Married by Robert Couse-Baker

Christopher Anderson explains that marriage equality is a level playing field, not a slippery slope.

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When Going to the Store With Your 10-Year-Old Gay Son Is a Political Act


I’m 6’4” and people tend to keep their stupid opinions to just words and nothing physical when I stand by my kids. If it was only that easy all the time.

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We Have a Son, In Spite of a Homophobic Nurse


What happened when these “two boys” in Texas decided they were ready to start a family?

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Men Are Actually More Emotional Than Women, They Just Hide It Better


Men are often ridiculed for being emotional, so they’ve learned to hide what they naturally feel.

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If You’re Against Marriage Equality, You’re Against This


Something huge happened today, and a lot of people didn’t see it coming.

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#LoveWins on #MarriageEquality Because of One Brave Man: Justice Anthony Kennedy

Justice Kennedy

The four liberal judges on the Supreme Court were expected to support marriage equality, but the fifth is going to take a lot of flak for it. A doff of the hat to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

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Are Women Really Less Ambitious Than Men?

Are Women by anton petukhov

Sue Nador hates to agree with Fox News, but she finds common ground on what’s holding women back in the workplace.

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