Damien Horne: A Modern-Day Minister


His experiences of abuse, homelessness, and the death of two brothers have led this musician to a passion for ministering to youth.

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What a Man Does for the Woman He Loves

What a Man Does by Tyree Gibson

This husband takes devotion to a whole new level.

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How The ‘Silent Treatment’ Can Help Couples Grow Closer


Bex vanKoot and her husband went on a ten day silent retreat. What they came home with was far from what Bex was expecting.

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In Our Darkest Times, a Path is Revealed

Kelly Kiyoshk

Anthony Goulet interviews world renowned Native American musician, Kelly Kiyoshk on his journey as a Native American man and what it means to be a “good man”.

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You Can’t Push the River

you cant push the river photo by Randen Pederson

Men are often taught that we can create whatever we want; that we only need a strong enough will to make things happen. Perhaps we can. But at what cost? That’s a question we rarely ask.

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Put Your Pain Into Perspective


Cadence Turpin felt like her pain didn’t matter in comparison to the big problems of others, until one of her guy friends set her straight.

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Tara Pretends Eagle Weber: A Voice of Advocacy, Hope, and Healing

Tara and Harry Blefonte

Anthony Goulet interviews Tara Pretends Eagle Weber, a Native American from the Hunkpapa band of the great Lakota nation who continues to be an advocate and the face of hope and healing for families.

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The Sacred Rite of Birth: A Ceremony Men Need to Remember

Sacred Rite of Birth

Men, the way we treat women shows how we think and feel about the Creator and ourselves.

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Live For the Subtle, Not the Spectacular


Sarah Thebarge would rather live for experiences than events.

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3 Tips for Practicing Meditation in the Office

3 Tips for by Joe Shlabotnik

We all know work can be stressful. Lodro Rinzler offers three simple ways to meditate during the workday.

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Control: The Downfall of the Masculine and the Poison of Civilization


Lion Goodman and John Jones contend that when men unravel the need for control they will heal themselves, and the world.

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30 Simple Ways to Cultivate Beauty

30 Simple Ways by Thomas Fiffer

We all want more beauty. Adrian Millar offers 30 surprisingly simple ways to bring more beauty into our everyday lives.

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Why is the Church Silent About Sexuality and Sexual Desires?

Why is the Church Silent about Sexual Desires

If God doesn’t have a problem talking about sexual issues with His people, then neither should the Church.

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What It Means to Chase a Dream


Like many of us, Kyle Luetters is chasing a dream. What do those words mean?

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Finding Happiness in the Vulnerable Self: Rikin Vasani’s Journey

Finding Happiness by Rikin Vasani

Sometimes, a guy just sits down in front of the camera and spills. This is one of those times.

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Wash Your Bowl


It’s about mindfulness, about completing what we started, about being present in all we do instead of rushing to the next activity.

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