Blessings, Miracles, and Gifts Will Often Appear When You Feel Unworthy

Blessings, Miracles

Anthony Goulet shares how seeing ourselves through the lies that lie within us creates a distorted view of who and what we truly are.

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A Moment of Gratitude

A Moment of Gratitude by DJ Sancho

Watch this boy as he receives a gift he never imagined his cash-strapped mother could give him.

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Serving Up Sunshine? No, Thanks.


Dillan DiGiovanni asks that if you really want to share yourself, you share the dark along with the light.

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Can We Tell the Santa Story Without Undermining Kids’ Faith?

Hysterical santa small

Kristie Christie shares four ways families can share the Santa Claus legend without creating mistrust in kids.

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Has Religion Become a Taboo Subject?

Church Audience

Sitting in church awaiting the still common Sunday service, I cannot help notice the dwindling numbers and lacking newcomers, and ponder possible reasons why.

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Love Out of Balance? 5 Ways to Get Back in Alignment

balancing heart

Do you really think you’re just born to love more than you’re loved in return? That’s simply not true.

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Why Won’t Major Media Report on Muslims Combatting Terrorism?


The terrible truth of the media: war sells, peace doesn’t.

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Don’t be so Spiritual That You’re no Earthly Good

Don't Be So Spiritual

“Spirituality isn’t about believing in God and then going around trying to prove the God of your understanding exists.” -Anthony Goulet

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How to Avoid Mindfulness Charlatans


The brain is the hardware; the mind is the software.

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No, You Should Not Be Ashamed of Yourself

No, You Have Nothing to Be Ashamed

Anthony Goulet wants you to know that in moments when you struggle with shame and are ready to sabotage an opportunity, a relationship, or simply deny a compliment, remember the people in your life who are going to miss out on being blessed through you.

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Back Pain, Stress, and Prayer: A New Perspective on Healing

@Glowimages MKP07145.

Cynthia Barnett explores the idea of prayer for healing back pain.

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7 Ways Men Can Choose Peace Every Day

introspective man

Does fear of appearing weak cause men to give up on peace? Ike Lasater’s ideas can help break this cycle.

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“Frozen” Dads Launch TV Pilot From Viral YouTube Fame


Suburban every day So Cal dads join forces with TV icon, Jerry Mathers, to create a family friendly TV show out of their “Frozen” YouTube video success.

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That Which Fills Us When We Give It Away

Believe in Miracles

Anthony Goulet shares the power of getting out of the way and letting the God deliver what needs to be said to reach those who have been deemed unreachable and to teach those who have been labeled as unteachable.

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Don’t Let Despair Have the Last Word in Your Life

Dr King

Jim Rigby finds inspiration in the life and loss of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“What is a Good Man?” A Conversation with John Trudell, Human Being

trudell movie

A powerful interview with acclaimed poet, actor, and activist John Trudell on how inter-generational healing is stronger than inter-generational trauma.

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