Inspiration Unpacked: Being the Light in the Darkness

liberty torch

Fear and doubt create shadows in our life. How do we become our own torches of freedom?

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How Do You Think and Talk About Money?


“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan

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The Way To Avenge The Prophet Of Islam Is To Spread Peace – Not By Killing People In His Name

timthumb (1)

Dr. Abdul Alim demonstrates that through love and compassion comes the real avenging of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

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The Trap of “Leaving it to the Universe” (and How W.O.R.K. Will Set You Free)


The Sufis say “Trust in Grace, but tie up your camels.” Here’s how to combine spiritual wisdom with common sense.

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It Could’ve Been Worse. McDonald’s Could’ve Banned Me For Life.

mcdonalds 2

A tale of one inexperienced dad and one not quite potty-trained daughter…

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Do You Have Authentic Connections? Take the Test

Do You Have Authentic Connections

Are we making authentic connections in real life and on social media? Anthony Goulet explores our perception of connections.

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Yoga Is Official! United Nations Adopts International Yoga Day


The world is shifting. An unprecedented 177 countries signed on to make June 21st an official day for all aspects of yoga — body, mind, and spirit.

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A Man In The Winter


Vic Sizemore follows his bliss and looks back on his life, recognizing his failures and successes —- happy that he at least tried.

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Having it All Means Surrendering to Despair, Disillusionment and Desire


It’s not enough to think positive. Tamara Star reveals why.

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5 Signs That You May Have Spiritual Bling Syndrome and How to Kick the Habit


Is your spiritual practice holding you back instead of opening you to the secrets of the Universe?

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Philosophy and Despair in the 21st Century


Before our contemporary salves and self-helps, there were the arts, foremost among them philosophy. Jeremy Brunger uses a range of media to process his own melancholia.

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Can You Handle the Truth Even When it Changes?

truth lies

Knowing your personal truth can protect you from being bludgeoned by everyone else’s, but it takes a brave look at yourself to learn it.

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Free to a Good Home – Dreams

closet w superman suit

How do you let go of dreams that don’t fit anymore, and choose new ones that are the perfect fit for you right now?

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A Practice of Gratitude Makes a Healthier Start to the New Year

tangled christmas ornaments

Letting go of expectation, and focusing on gratitude, moves you past the holidays and into the New Year healthier in mind and spirit.

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How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

How does a homeless by Josh Paler Lin

What happens when a homeless man receives a bonanza of $100? Josh Paler Lin followed Thomas to find out.

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Celebrating Together on December 25th – But it’s Not Christmas

snowman family

Gena Raymond’s Christmases have changed dramatically over the years, but they’re still centered on the people she loves.

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