Surfing: Embracing the Open Palm of God


James Robbie writes about the joys of surfing and the greater force behind the powerful waves.

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How to Consciously Create Your Life


You can live your life or coast through it on auto-pilot. It starts with getting honest.  — “Your biggest risk isn’t failing, it’s getting too comfortable.” Dropbox CEO Drew Houston It is time to wake up and become aware. Awareness marks the beginning of change. Start to notice little things around you––in a conscious way. […]

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Learning Life’s More Important Lessons


Be patient. Be perseverant. Be pliant in your placement of power, and precise in your pursuit of peace.

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Dealing With Dad


It was a “gift” they weren’t expecting but have come to fully understand.

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Sometimes Life’s Greatest Lessons Come From Unexpected Experiences


After being ripped off by a family friend, this man learned a valuable life lesson when his father refused to help him out. — One of the greatest lessons I learned from my Dad was to know the value of my work. This lesson was gained as a 13-year-old after three days with a scoop, […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Follow Your Dream


At 38 years old, this man decided to ignore his doubt and made his dream his reality. He says it’s never too late. — Are you living with regrets? Are you ignoring your passion? Did you have a dream when you were younger but never pursued it? Maybe someone said to follow your passion was […]

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How a “Plus One” Can Be Your Ticket to Success


You can be the “lone wolf” but you may be missing this important component to a success. — Like most days, I grab the mail out of the box out front and flip through it to find the “good” mail. My fingers touch a higher quality envelope addressed to me.  Catalyst John, your presence is […]

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What Happens When a Man Follows his Passion with No Plan B


Plan A Looks like The King of Kirtan, Singing For The Last 50 Years As If His Life Depended On It

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16 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

Edie Weinstein almost worked herself to death. Now she’s sharing tips to maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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Men and Beauty: Evolving the Masculine

beautiful food

If only women and gay men are the celebrants of beauty, men will continue to be estranged from their wholeness and authenticity.

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How Can We Get the Life We Want?

life we want

We may not be getting what we want, but we’re always getting what we believe.

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Easing Into Retirement


Enjoying life and eventual retirement are not about the pursuit of possessions. — “God rested and He wasn’t tired” Anonymous Sometimes change doesn’t come easy for us. Why? Our life can be viewed as a book with many chapters. I had a decision to make about when to retire from a position I had enjoyed. […]

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Syndactyly: Fusion of Fingers

photo (1)

Stephen Bell explains his rare condition and how it has made his life rewarding and valuable.

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Are We Rushing Past Our Lives?


Are we racing through life so quickly that we forget to stop and appreciate everything we’ve accomplished?

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You Can Always Have Another Beer


Charlie Scaturro finds the beauty of life is in beer… um, no, that’s not it. The beauty of life is in choices made… or not, or another beer…

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Tears and Comfort

Tears and Comfort by Joel Bombardier

We are born with sacred water inside us. Releasing tears is the soul’s call for help.

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