Podcast: All In The Family And Interview With Andrew Brewer, The Rock n’ Roll Psychic

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Chris Forte talks family dynamics with Andrew Brewer. Listen to the podcast here.

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Your Heroes Determine Your Trajectory

Supervisors by JD Hancockon Flickr

The people we admire will influence our lives and our choices, if only on a subconscious level.

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What Does it Mean to #MakeLoveLouder at Chicago’s Pride Parade?

Darren I'm sorry shirt with Love flagcropped

Activists Darren Calhoun and friends apologize to the LGBTQ community at Chicago Pride Parade for the way extremist Christians have harmed them.

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What is Authenticity?

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Is “being yourself” bad advice? Ira Israel takes a look.

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‘Love Wins’ – A Tribute to Orlando

Vigil for Orlando Pulse victims

Because light is greater than darkness, the human spirit is stronger than fear, and love is the most powerful force in the world and will always win.

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Radical Love: Is It Finally Time?

dog and cat radical love

Almost inevitably, separation breeds ignorance in like measure.

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Dear Offended Christian, From a Very Tired Christian

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John Pavlovitz pens a letter to those with damaging “Christian” beliefs.

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The Heart of a True Worshiping Father

Mark Williams edited

Modern day ‘Rennaissance Man’ is this author’s pick for a 21st-Century father figure.

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How do We Choose to Listen to God?

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Are we listening? Chris Forte on how he decided to pay attention.

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He Remains Nothing


I am Now. I am only ever Now. I never was before. I’m not Now, I’ve gone and all that remains is Nothing.

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Is it Possible to Find Zen in the Kitchen Sink?


J. Parrish Lewis is looking for peace while washing dishes.

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A Conversation With Grief

man crying tears

John Pavlovitz comes to terms with an old friend.

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Can We Be Both Spiritual and Successful?


Embed from Getty Images How to Reconcile Our Identities. — The other day I walked past my bookshelf, and this juxtaposition caught my eye—two books that have no business being next to each other. The one is an Advent devotional titled Preparing for Jesus: Meditations on the Coming of Christ, Advent, Christmas and the Kingdom […]

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Through Questioning Everything


I chose the road less traveled by and I have no regrets.

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Balance is Hard When You Have More Priorities Than Appendages


Do you want to be brilliant at one thing, or live a life where your family and friends find joy in your presence?

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Delivering ‘Soul’ Food to Men in Prison

prison buddha

Where the alchemy of intention, hope, action and chaos meet.

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