China In Your Hand: A Humble Warrior Podcast


Chris Forte is back from China and shares his trip with us in this touching podcast.

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3 Ways to Be A Ray of Sunshine in Your Community

be a ray of sunshine in your community

Embed from Getty Images Being socially responsible is not only good for business, but it is also good for your health. ___ Are you a ray of sunshine in your community? Does your personal or corporate brand give a sparkling image? Unfortunately, many brands believe that a great product or service is enough to warrant […]

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The Courage of Vulnerability: Becoming Better & More Whole Men


Showing our emotions is a strength.

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Bring Back Masculine Etiquette


Mark Mathias believes that men should have manners.

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Serenade Me


His words are more precious than gold.

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What Happens When a Man Chooses to Live in Front of the Mirror

hand on mirror

Looking out the window was easy, but true rewards are discovered when you look within.

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A Blessing in Aisle #9

grocery story

William Reese discovered that sometimes blessings truly do come in disguise.

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How Prince Gave All the Freaks a Dance Floor

Prince on stage

Prince showed us that spirituality and sexuality are not divergent entities in the world, but beautiful expressions and experiences of God.

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By Looking Within, Men Can Overcome Their Fears


Do you only want to dream or truly wake up?

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What Does a Man See When He Looks in the Mirror?

Man in Mirror

For some, self-examination can be revealing and painful.

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The Power of Prevailing Prayer: 7 Principles that Will Get God’s Attention


Here’s how to enjoy a stronger, more powerful prayer life.

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Lessons from the Man Who Learned to Say Yes

successful business man

When you’re dealing with depression, turning down offers becomes part of your norm. So what happens when you make yourself say yes?

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When a Man Friend Opened My Can of Worms


He tried. But it wasn’t the right can opener. ___ I’ve opened a few cans of worms in my life.  You’ve been there–out of curiosity, a game of poke the bear, or sometimes you are clueless about the effect your words or actions may have on others.  It’s a tricky one, balancing between thinking you’re over-important […]

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The New Barter System


What’s a bird in hand worth?

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Travel Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

man traveling in China

Chris Forte’s reflection on a trip to China.

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Dealing with My Depression Through the ‘Lens’ of Nature


Wasim Malakshy found help, hope, and clarity through photography.

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