The Gift of a Smile

The Gift of a Smile by Rory MacLeod

People don’t have to be nice. If we can be grateful when they are, we can start being nicer.

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Soul Searching … Enjoy the Journey!

Soul Searching by Justin Scott Campbell

At times, we all find ourselves soul searching. Dave Kanegis offers a “Mind Acrobatics” exercise to help us maximize the benefit of reflection.

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We’re Emotionally Bombarded: Here’s How to Deal With It


When it seems there’s nothing but bad news, and the only choice is to hide under the bed or just stop caring, try Mr. Miyagi’s advice.

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What Good Can ONE Do?


How joining more than ONE million people in more than 135 countries in the ONE Initiative can transform your life, and possibly the world.

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If You Don’t Know Why You’re Doing It, What Are You Even Doing?


In life, we can often get caught up the motions and forget what we’re doing. Josh Eferighe offers us two answers as to how to fix this.

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Count Your Scars as the Number of Times You’ve Been Healed, not Wounded

Count your Scars

Forgiveness is a choice many never make due to not understanding that blame is self-harm, while forgiveness is the highest act of self-love.

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The Buddha Walks Into the Office: Be Who You Want to Be

The Buddha Walks by neonow

Lodro Rinzler has a new take on the question every kid is asked: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Unburdened—Letting Go of 9/11

Unburdened by Alice Popkorn

It took a while, but last fall Thomas Fiffer—who witnessed the Twin Towers exploding—finally made peace with the past and moved on.

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If You’re a Teen Guy Who’s Thought About Suicide, Please Read This

Teen Guy Thinking About Suicide

Jack Ryan hopes by sharing his story other teens who are contemplating suicide to know they are not alone.

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How To Breathe


Life moves pretty fast. Leo Babauta offers you a minute to catch your breath.

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Robin Williams and the Beauty of Everyday Life

Robin Williams and the Beauty by Ted Eytan

Adrian Millar reflects on Robin Williams as a symbol of our own unavoidable vulnerability.

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How We Measure Life And The Secret To Stretching Time


We’ve often been told to hold onto time, but how do we do that? Steve O’Neill shares.

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A Night Much Like Any Other


Steve O’Neill demonstrates to us how even the smallest of measures can sometimes be the most powerful.

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This Doctor Welcomes Newborns to the World With Song

This Doctor Welcomes by UPMC

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center carries on the tradition of singing to newborn babies passed down to him by one of his predecessors.

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Are You Losing Your Compassion?

Are You Losing Your Compassion

What does compassion mean to you and how does it show up in your daily life?

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How to Believe in Yourself


It’s completely fine to try and fail. It’s the only way we truly learn.

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