The Romantic Story of Love And Denial


Thank you for breaking my spirit.

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The Magic of Love for Healing Boo Boo’s

dad and son with bloody knee

Research shows that love and emotional support goes a long way toward healing the hurts life deals out.

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It’s Time to Recalibrate our Definition of Fame


Admit it, you’ve fantasized about being famous.

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Positive Thinking Will Not Transform You


The technique of positive thinking simply represses the negative aspects of your personality.

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Wise Men On Distinguishing Physical Needs From Wants


Those things we think we need could be keeping us from happiness.

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Letting Go of Someone You Love


Letting go of someone who meant so much to you, who changed you in a drastic way, is incredibly difficult — but possible!

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There is No Path to Find Yourself

The dark side (cc) [silhouette1 - fire, water, light]

When I looked inside, the person I wanted to be had never existed, I had to create him, not find him.

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What is the Best Way to Respect Parents?


Treating parents just as parents can be the best and the only respect some children can give.

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The Day My Daughter Met a Snake

The Day My Daughter by Greg Schechter

Ty Phillips and his daughter connect with nature and each other on his annual pilgrimage to the woods.

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FRUITY? Maybe It’s A Good Thing

FRUITY Maybe It's A Good Thing

The name-calling didn’t happen much but when it did, the words stung and they stuck.

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Don’t Let Them Pull the Advertisement Over Your Eyes

Blindfolded Leafleter

Travis Eneix muses on the “magic” tricks the 1% use to keep the 99% in line.

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Why Jealousy is Good For You


How much room do we have for painful emotions?

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Bromancepation: We Must Work On Our Male Relationships


God intended for us to find His FULL expression of love from each other and that includes other men.

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Islam Requires Muslims To Protect Christians


Kashif Chaudry on the true relationship between Christianity and Islam.

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Why Life Is Not a Problem to Be Solved But a Mystery to Be Lived


Over dinner at Esalen, Ira Israel reflects on the importance of collaborative community in an age of isolation.

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The Meaning of Life is Ubiquitous


Charlie Scaturro explains why he thinks the meaning of life is ever-present

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