In Defens(iveness) of Religion

In Defensive of Religion

Why people of faith feel a deep sense of responsibility to their religion.

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Take Away the Tears? A Cry For Male Companionship

Take Away the Tears A Cry for Male Companionship

Steve Hinkle, founder of Not a Male Fail asks, “Is there something wrong with men wanting a genuine relationship with other guys?”

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The Fool’s Way to Merriment


Making comparisons can spoil your happiness

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Inspiration Unpacked: 5 Steps to a Healthy Mind


When you change your messages to yourself you change your mind, and that is what it takes to change your life.

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15 Nuggets for 2015


Forget having just one “resolution”, here are 15 ways you can better your life this year.

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In God We Trust?

In God We Trust

Based on his own experience and observations, Dr. Richard Norris seriously questions how much we truly trust God.

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You Are Loved

You are loved by momo

Thomas Fiffer talks about where love really lives on the day of romance.

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Inspiration Unpacked: You Are Enough to Make a Difference

mother teresa quote

Everywhere we look we see a need for change, and sometimes we feel we’re too insignificant to matter. But that’s simply not true.

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Inspiration Unpacked: The Key to Making Progress

change your mind

Feeling stuck? The roadblock is probably all in your head.

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Living Between the Lines of Faith and Uncertainty


Pastor Ryan Bell’s “Year Without God” experiment gained him national attention for simply daring to question out loud.

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Inspiration Unpacked: Being the Light in the Darkness

liberty torch

Fear and doubt create shadows in our life. How do we become our own torches of freedom?

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How Do You Think and Talk About Money?


“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan

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The Way To Avenge The Prophet Of Islam Is To Spread Peace – Not By Killing People In His Name

timthumb (1)

Dr. Abdul Alim demonstrates that through love and compassion comes the real avenging of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

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The Trap of “Leaving it to the Universe” (and How W.O.R.K. Will Set You Free)


The Sufis say “Trust in Grace, but tie up your camels.” Here’s how to combine spiritual wisdom with common sense.

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It Could’ve Been Worse. McDonald’s Could’ve Banned Me For Life.

mcdonalds 2

A tale of one inexperienced dad and one not quite potty-trained daughter…

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Do You Have Authentic Connections? Take the Test

Do You Have Authentic Connections

Are we making authentic connections in real life and on social media? Anthony Goulet explores our perception of connections.

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