Wisdom of the Ages on How to Be a “Good” Man

father and son knights

If the criteria for being a “good” man seems to be a moving target, go back about 1800 years and you’ll find nothing much has changed.

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Dear Mr. Manly Man: We’re Different But We Need Each Other

Dear Manly Men

Everyone’s story matters and it’s important that we take the time to listen to each other.

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Do You Know All That Love is?


Such a simple word, and yet so much behind it.

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The Healing Power of Gratitude


This one shift in your mind can lead to true happiness.

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Choose Your Input


Choose what goes into your ears carefully, your peace of mind is at stake

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My Self-Righteous Inner Accountant


The things we do echo in other peoples lives, and it adds up.

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Four Times When I Smiled From my Heart


Every day try to find beauty in the mundane.

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Beyond Survivorship — How to Own Your Life

man walking into the sea

We have all been victimized, in some way, at some point in our lives. One way to know you’re over being a victim.

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They Didn’t See It: A Call For Mentors

They Didn't See It, A Call to Mentors

There’s a young man today who needs a word of encouragement and he is waiting on you. If not you, then who?

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Meet a Muslim Family Campaign Aims to Bridge Gaps

meet a muslim family

What if we could stomp out Islamophobia in the West by helping people become friends? A new campaign is giving it a shot.

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Why That Special Someone Needs to Break Your Heart


First love loss is the toughest of them all

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Ten Reasons I Am Not the Christian I Used to Be


He thought everything he was taught growing up was true. — I grew up in the Southern Baptist and Missionary Baptist traditions. I was raised in a very conservative religious environment. I thought my father’s musings about organized religion—and its shortcomings—were blasphemous. At the age of 18, I was licensed to preach the Gospel. I […]

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What is Enlightenment? A Quantum Shift in How You See Reality


Travis Eneix thinks “Enlightenment” is a loaded word for many people, meaning many different things. But, perhaps it’s just a shift in perception.

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The Face of Joy

Face of Joy by Bob Bob

Where does pure joy come from? John Faithful Hamer can tell you.

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In Defens(iveness) of Religion

In Defensive of Religion

Why people of faith feel a deep sense of responsibility to their religion.

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Take Away the Tears? A Cry For Male Companionship

Take Away the Tears A Cry for Male Companionship

Steve Hinkle, founder of Not a Male Fail asks, “Is there something wrong with men wanting a genuine relationship with other guys?”

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