What if There is No Man Box?


What if the only reason the man box exists is because we built it?

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How To Become A Master of Mindfulness

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.50.58 AM

Mindfulness isn’t as complex as we think. Samuel Gentoku McCree shows us that it is simply that practice of being what is.

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5 Things Divorcing a Good Man Taught Me About Life


If I could tell the younger me one thing about marriage, I would tell her to not take for granted all the things that her husband does.

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How to Heal After Heartbreak

Heart Half Chastiy

You feel broken in a place deep inside. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to think. It hurts to be. Until one day …

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Flee Unto God: My Muslim Faith Makes Me Strive to Be a Better Husband, Father, Citizen, Neighbor, Writer and Physician

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Hesham A. Hassaballa shares how his faith shows him day-to-day how blessed he is.

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None of Us Can Solve the Problem, But All of Us Can Try

kids holding up the world

It’s time to stop pointing fingers, stop crying that it’s never enough, and remember what we are here to do.

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Why Confidence Is the Sexiest Thing a Man Owns


There is nothing sexier than a confident man. We don’t care if you are tall, dark, and handsome; if you are insecure, we are not interested.

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6 Struggles For A Single Dad: Now I Know How Single Moms Feel


If you know a single mom or dad, you can help. Give them a break. Volunteer to watch their kids a couple times a month. Help out with a ride or a healthy meal. And try to have empathy. Put yourself in their shoes before you judge.

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Embracing the Unconventional: Craft, Masculinity and Soul


A ball of yarn and a Navajo loom: weaving a new masculinity and a connection to the soul of the world.

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From Bullets to Tears – How to Help our Boys and Men Reclaim their Emotions and End their Suffering


Our uncomfortable feelings are what we want to conquer in our internal struggle for recognition, so we turn them outward onto the mass collective.

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Hey Man, Will You Live Before You Die?


Life is short. Everyone has regrets. But more tragic than dying young, is dying with your song unsung.

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The Birth of My Fourth Son Awakened My Faith

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.29.15 PM

Lisa Bevere on how her son catalyzed her leap of faith into Christianity.

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6 Ways Guys Can Get in Touch With Their Feelings Through Writing


When you write to get in touch with your feelings, you help yourself to feel better emotionally, improve your brain health, and allow yourself to lead a more authentic life.

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What’s Your Oath?

Army Oath2

You may not think you have an oath or a code you follow, but we all do. We just may not think about it every day.

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Good Men Project Live Storytelling Event—Meet You At The Gate


Edie Weinstein tells a story about her parents, now gone, and the special way they had of connecting.

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Hey Guys, What Will Spark Your Start?


Become a great husband, father and provider out of a sense of honor, pride and obligation. Let those items be your sparks to start.

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