On Gaslighting and Male Privilege

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This all boils down to how we handle differences of opinion.

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Raising Teenagers For Dummies (Like Me)

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Tom Matlack thinks about how to best raise his kids all day long, even now that they’ve grown into teens. Here are some of his insights.

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Daddy Pick-Up


I am defined by what I love. That includes the ritual of getting my son from school.

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GMP Founder Admits to Use of Make-Up

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Call me a cross-dresser, a hockey-player-groupie, a wanna be hard rocker. I don’t care. Because I still love my wife.

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This Much I Know To Be True

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Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

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2012: A Year of Outrages


It was a year of zany attacks from all sides. I’m thinking that might just mean we are onto something.

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A Man’s Gift


A dad who is unable to participate in buying gifts reflects on what is really important to give as a man.

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20 Reasons Dads Matter

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Lisa Belkin, arguably the best known parenting blogger, left dads out of her list of parenting trends. Here’s why that is wrong.

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What Do You Think This Means?

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My Mother-in-law just gave me this card for my 48th birthday. It’s a hologram without a caption. Please provide one in the comment section?

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Why Our Boys Need The Good Men Project

belmont hill

We need to love our boys so they learn the power of their own love as husbands, fathers and men.

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This Is Why I Love Being a Dad

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My son’s card for my 48th birthday.

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Hug Your Kids Today


To be honest, I don’t know what else to do.

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Men and Goodness

Strike Zone

Tom Matlack believes that good isn’t something we are, it’s something we do.

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Should Health Care Be Prorated by Your BMI?


A chance meeting with a cardiologist had me thinking twice about our national priorities about health care and the fiscal cliff.

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10 Things I Want for Christmas

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My list for Santa is a little different than most.

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Attempting to Make Christmas Not Suck This Year


No amount of repenting and stretching and bitching is going to change anything. We are already all right.

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