I Want to Raise Grateful Children


Hearing “no” is a vital life lesson for children.

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The Complete List of Secrets for Men and Women to Better Sex, Happiness and World Peace


1. Leave people better than you found them. That’s it.

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The Trials and Triumphs of a Joyful Black Man in America

Photo by Viajar24h

The media-generated perception: being black is synonymous with being poor, uneducated, unmotivated and a burden on society. Michael Taylor is having none of that.

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Humor Lessons From a Third-Rate Comedian

How to be funny

Walking embarrassment Evan Jacobs tells you everything you need to know to alienate friends and irritate people.

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Flying Dadless


Erik Proulx is parenting without a script—or a father’s influence. And he’s doing a damn good job.

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A Modern Indignity

Photo by Youssef Hanna

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When David Perez was 11, he had two stated goals: to become president of the United States, and to meet his father. Thanks to LinkedIn, he’s halfway there.

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Daddy’s Gunslinging Daughter

marilyn monroe sings happy birthday

In 1962, when Marilyn Monroe was queen, Ina Chadwick could never keep her union-leader father’s attention—until she picked up a .22-caliber rifle.

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The Not-So-Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Three months after we married, Celia and I up and moved to Italy. Six months later we returned to the States, almost broke and, somehow, still married.

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Why Cold Weather Makes Me Think About Masculinity

Photo by Gianni Cumbo

“Baby, it’s manly outside.” Gint Aras reflects back on the ways he was reminded that he needed to take the cold weather like a man.

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Somewhat Deaf and Completely Scared


Doug Zeigler was born with a hearing defect. He tried all he could to hide it from everyone for one reason: FEAR.

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Your Dad Is In Jail. You Are Not Alone.

photo by dave goodman

Veronica Grace talks about the challenges of raising two sons while their father was in jail.

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Obstruction of a Passageway

Ready to bust some drunk drivers photo by figgenhoffer

The first time Timothy Braun ate pizza and watched movies with his dog in the face of adversity, he wrote an essay on it that made him almost famous. When he did it again, it landed him in jail.

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Lies Women Tell One Another About Men and Love


Vironika Tugaleva thought she was showing her man how much she loved him by being the perfect Cosmo Girl. Instead, she almost lost him.

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What Can Happen to You When You Read

photo by slightly everything

Jamie Iredell brings us on a rollicking tour of his life through books.

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Invisible Father

Invisible Dad Stephen Sheffield

Robert Peake believes that for fathers and non-fathers alike, “the best in us involves us giving back in ways that are uniquely male.”

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A Lesson on Manhood Courtesy of a Special Olympian

special olympic thumbnail

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he beamed, smiling as wide as the sky. My jaw dropped. “But Carl, I’m a boy. Not a girl.”

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