Shopping Cart? No Thanks, I Rode My Own.

shopping cart hobo drifter

Steve O’Neill decided that riding beat walking, and what better to ride to the grocery store than a shopping cart?

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Genie, You’re Free-RIP Robin Williams

Genie, You're Free

Jason Francis shares his childhood memories of Robin Williams and how the comedian gave to others the peace that he ultimately could not find here on earth.

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How to Beat Advertising and Find Happiness Daily

happy balloon

Leo Babauta knows the reason advertising works is because many people are trying to fill a void, but he believes the tools for true happiness are not found in material possessions at all.

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Smoothing Out Awkward


An awkward dating blogger shows other awkward guys how not to be, awkward.

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5 Crucial Things Every Step Parent Should Know

Our first trip as a blended family.

Being a step-parent has a unique set of challenges and rewards, as Lori Ray found out.

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Are Comedians Sad? A Stand-Up Comic’s Response

kermet stage

As the world struggled to make sense of Robin Williams suicide, a friend asked stand-up comedian Kermet Apio if it’s true that comedians are sad people. This was his answer.

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How a Smiley Face Chart Showed Me I Was Happy

smiley face chart by Rob Azevedo 2

Rob Azevedo started charting happiness level every day for a month. The results surprised him.

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Make Her Laugh


“The best oral pleasure you will give or receive is making each other laugh after ten years.” -Luis

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Man to Man: How to Heal After a Break-up

empathy J Buzin

Some people who leave a relationship, and leave us with our hearts in our hands, are hurting and bleeding just like us. If I’d learned that sooner, I’d have healed faster.

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Types of Women I Avoid Dating


A dating blogger respectfully describes the kinds of women he won’t go out with.

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8 Reasons Why A Real Man Would Never Cheat On Someone He Truly Loves


Mature men don’t cheat. Here’s why.

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Hiding Weakness Kills Men

Hiding Our Weaknesses is Killing Us photo by JJJJJPPPPP

Most men think we have to bear our burdens alone. We don’t confess our worries, our sadnesses, our confusion, our despair. And that kills men.

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10 Gifts a Dad Should Teach His Daughter

10 gifts dad daughter Shardayyy:Flickr

10 gifts a daughter will treasure forever, no matter her age.

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Hiding Hinders Healing: What Helped Lift My Depression


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that depression sucks and he shares what helped him through it. —- I was sitting down to write a paper for grad school about How We Determine Our Worth and I saw the news about Robin Williams. He allegedly committed suicide after years of battling depression. I’ve long considered writing about my […]

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10 Definitive Ways To Tell You’re In Love With The Right Someone


A writer details the ten signs when a man truly knows when he’s in love with a woman.

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The Art of Listening


Adrienne Brown explains real listening is an art form

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