Minimalism vs. The Corporation


How to live a life free from the corporation.

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Pushing Boundaries


A reflection on how our childhood bad habits can follow us and hold us back as adults.

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How to Be Alone (or Not) for the Holidays


James Rigdon is single for the holidays, but he has a novel plan for getting through them.

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Having a Healthy Imagination is Good for Men


Joe Rutland offers a clarion call for all men to tap into the power of imagination and let their lives become fuller and richer every day.

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49 Reasons Why We’re Never Really Breaking Up Anymore


Lauren Martin on why we stay together even if it’s not meant to be.

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A Case of Infidelity, Is It Ever OK to Break a Vow?

wedding rings

A story of one man’s desperate decision to break his vows and maybe save his marriage.

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Embrace Your Fear: 5 Reasons to Stop Living Small

flying leap live bravely

Dan Mahle would rather fail miserably than be stuck in the choke-hold of fear and shame.

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Learning Love is a Choice Kept Me From Ruining My Relationship

lovers on the wall

One idea she’d never entertained showed Hilary Lauren how “real love” works — and kept her from sabotaging another relationship.

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Happy to Be Homeless: 3 Things We Learned From Living in a Van

Tree and Soleil

What might have been a tragedy turned into an amazing lifestyle of freedom and simplicity.

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I Gave Up on the “Perfect Man” and I’m 10 Times Happier


Revising an old “Ideal Partner” list sparked realizations of the difference between conscious love and the scripted love we learn from books and movies.

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5 Regrets Every Father of a Daughter Will Face

father and daughter wedding walk

Being a dad is never easy, but you don’t have to look back on your little girl’s childhood with regret.

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Accidental Wisdom


After two years filled with physical and emotional pain, Alex Brennan shares what he’s learned, much of it by accident.

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Are You Really Crazybusy or Are You Just a Stressed-Out, Fear-Based A-hole?


Are people living happier and more fulfilling lives since technology enabled us to “do” more? Or are people increasingly stressed out due to overstimulation, due to being over-connected?

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A Post (Part Four of Four) For People Wanting to Enter the Job Market


Vaughan Granier on how to own the interview and get the job.

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10 Essentials


Leo Babauta on consumerism — and how you really don’t need it to be happy.

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The Night I Bumped Into Cesar in a Laundromat

ny school

On one of the worst nights of his life, this teacher’s student showed him that good kids are still out there.

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