Take Off the Man Glasses

man glasses

Sean Swaby wears man glasses and they do strange things to his vision.

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How Weekly Letters Saved My Relationship

writing letter partner

While I dare not claim that regular letter-writing could solve all issues in a romantic relationship, this habit does help to mitigate many problems.

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This Hero is Embracing Change at All Costs, One New Trick at a Time

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.37.09 AM

After being a stubborn, lazy, cowardly idiot, our hero has finally come to fight to hold on to the one who means the world to him.

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A Man’s Intense Fear Of Being Broke and Not Making It

man needing money

I go back to what was once home and I’m reminded that the struggle never ends, it only shifts.

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Just starting out? You’re gonna suck

Just starting out You're gonna suck_Frustration

Matthew Sweet asks, “Are you willing to be bad long enough to get really good?”

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Note From a Cis ‘Man in a Dress’

Jeremiah Traeger

A lifelong supporter of LGBTQ Rights movement, Jeremiah Traeger demonstrates that neither clothing nor genitals make the man.

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The False Dichotomy About Work and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and Work - The False Dichotomy

Andrew Lynch has found that job-related misery is optional. Work is what you make of it.

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The Power of Uncertainty


We can’t escape uncertainty so we may as well learn to embrace it and in so doing we open a door to possibilities…

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The Power of a Man’s Mind


There is a difference between thinking you can do something and making a decision to do it.

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What You Need to Do to Avoid Rejection

managing rejection

Once you understand this one thing, you may hurt again but you’ll never be hurt that much again.

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I Didn’t Like Prince, But He Taught Me Some Things About Being a Man

I Didn't Like Prince, But I Learned a Lot From Him

13 Things I learned from Prince about masculinity.

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My Biggest Struggle as an At-Home Dad Wasn’t What I was Expecting


Modern men know that family is their most important job.

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Every Man Has a Full Monty Story. What’s Yours?


The most effective leaders of tomorrow will do one primary thing—keep top millennial talent.

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I Live My Life, I Just Do This Job

man at desk

Sean Gentilini shares how sub-par work fits him for now.

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Coming Up For Air in Iraq

Coming Up For Air in Iraq

Paul MacAlindin shares his business wisdom learned from years as an Orchestra Conductor.

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A Comedian Apologizes – Sort of

stand up comic

Part of me is apologizing because I’m genuinely sorry for offending you. But I’m apologizing to myself too.

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