Beginners Cologne Guide For Men


William Mize on how to keep the guys smelling fresh.

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I Am Just a Regular Guy Who Happens to Have a Disability


Life is full of endless possibilities. It’s time to seize these opportunities, says Martyn Sibley.

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Hey Man, Get off Your Butt and Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

Groundhog Day-screenshot

Joe Rutland looks at how staying in a comfort zone for too long can become a nightmare and looks at how to avoid this life trap.

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When a Relationship is Lonelier Than Being Alone

couple apart

Emotional withdrawal can be a confusing and painful situation to deal with in a relationship.

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3 Steps Towards a Life of Hope and Healing After Childhood Sexual Abuse

3 Steps Towards by Thomas Fiffer

Recovery from childhood sexual abuse is a difficult, painful process, but hope, healing, and happiness are possible.

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Eight Important Relationship Lessons I Learned from a Dog


Perry Brass on how a man’s first dog changes him forever.

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3 Ways to Change Your Short-Term Mindset into Long-Term Goals

long road

3. Control your ego

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Why I Love Men—A Feminazi’s Confession

Love sign with man

Carlota Zimmerman might identify as a “feminazi” but she thinks women who hate men need to take a closer look in the mirror.

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Sex In The Bermuda Triangle – What Boomer Men Are Doing Wrong

boomer sex ken solin

Ken Solin believes dating and sex for the Baby Boomer generation can be a mutually hot experience, but he has some tips he wants to share.

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Putting Your Past in Perspective


Our pasts can either empower us, or immobilize us. The choice is yours.

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Vulnerability is Sexy


Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt is here to take our knowledge of conscious relationships to the next level. Today we talk vulnerability.

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What Do We Truly Know of Heaven & Hell?


Shawn Henfling speaks to his journey from Christianity to Humanism.

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Why I Cheated on All the Women I Loved

Kissing by the train tracks

An ex-cheater explains why he cheated, how he stopped, and who he had to become in order to not cheat again.

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Opportunity isn’t Luck, it’s Earned Through Struggle, Effort and Hard Work


We live in a universe in which uncertainty is a certainty. What we know compared to what we don’t know is literally nothing.

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When Should You Become a Parent?

older man and baby

Older parents are becoming the norm, but are they better than younger parents?

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How to Be Yourself When Everyone Pressures You to Be Something Else

unique bwc

In a culture so focused on individuality and “every man for himself,” there’s a lot of pressure to conform.

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