5 Unexpected Lessons About Grief From the Deaths of My Parents


Tor Constantino shares insights learned about grief while coping with the loss of his parents.

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A Chance Encounter With Lifelong Repercussions

A Chance Encounter by Anders Ljungberg

Shawn Henfling tells the story of a man whose spontaneous confession changed his life.

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Here be Dragons, and Here be (Hopefully) How to Slay Them


Quiet waters do not make for a skillful sailor, and let’s face it, that is not why we were hired anyway.

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Inspiration Unpacked: Healing from the Inside Out

chains of unforgiveness

Being unwilling to forgive can be your greatest disadvantage in life.

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13 Things That Make Guys Insecure

insecure men

Don’t let us fool you, we’re quaking in our boots.

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Why We Love the Video of Twenty Strangers Kissing

strangers kissing

What was it that gave me goosebumps and a smile from within watching strangers kiss, and then also again as strangers undressed each other?

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Please Just Tell Me It’s Going to Be OK

Please Just Tell by Steven K

Ty Phillips learns what he needs—what we all need—by being there for his daughter.

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Motivating Myself and Achieving My Dreams

finish line

Joe Rutland understands that even at 50 years old chasing dreams is possible and noble.

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I Don’t Know Your Monkey


While empathy is primarily intellectual, compassion is based in a desire to help.

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The Nerd’s Guide to Improving Willpower

nerd guide will power milk duds

The facts behind why humans have trouble making meaningful change, and Dr. NerdLove’s guide for how to level up in your life.

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Is Fatherhood Still the Best Choice for a Man?


‘Normal’ doesn’t exist anymore for a man deciding to start, or not start, a family in the 21st century.

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The Night is Darkest, Just Before the Dawn: The Psychology of Family Trauma


Adam Crawford takes a deep look into the darkness of loss, and asks how to find the light.

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How To Break Up With Your F-Buddy


Is it time to end your NSA relationship? Here’s a how-to guide.

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I Almost Died on New Year’s Eve

died new year

Robert Cowan’s night out ends in the emergency room, and no one knows how he got there.

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Discussions About Death; It’s an Act of Kindness

mother and son on the beach

Meditating on our own death might seem morbid, but it is responsible and loving.

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3 Ways to Hold on During the Relationship Doldrums

relationship doldrums

Defined as a state of stagnation, doldrums moments create the glue your relationship needs.

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