Spending Money In Your Twenties


When to spend money foolishly in your twenties (and when not to).

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Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?

santa ornament

For kids, it’s the little things that matter. If you do Christmas in any way, Santa’s a pretty influential guy. Why not let him represent all the diversity of the people who love him?

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Why Men Need to Tell Men “I Love You”


After a late night phone call with a best friend, Tim Mousseau realized it shouldn’t take tragedy for men to tell each other “I love you”

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10 Ways to Avoid Misery, Despair and Depression This Holiday Season


Ira Israel reveals that authentic well-being means getting off the hedonistic treadmill and instead cultivating these surprisingly simple habits for happiness.

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Holiday Wars? Sorry, You’ve Been Duped


Whatever happened love, joy, and good cheer?

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The Anger-Addled Brain

anger addled brain

Does anger dependence lead to memory loss?

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Dear John: Going From One Bad Relationship to Another


Dear John handles old love, friends with too much time on their hands, and crushes.

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Sporting Goods: An Alternative Gift Guide


A different approach on gift giving for the outdoorsman

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Celebrate Christmas as a Kid

Celebrate Christmas by Shan Jeniah Burton

Jay Forte remembers the merrier Christmas celebrations of his childhood and offers a path to creating your own today—show up with kid-like enthusiasm.

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I Can Do This: Parenting Through the Haze of Mental Illness

I can do this by Jarmo Puskala

Ty Phillips remembers a day with his three-year-old daughter when anxiety and depression almost got the better of him.

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Nerd Masculinity: They Won’t Give Up Without a Fight

nerd masculinity

Arthur Chu explains how there are angry nerds who have built careers on casting themselves as victims.

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Working Through Self-Destructive Behaviors During the Holidays


Seeking professional support and guidance as well as the encouragement of loved ones is a way to create new associations and positive memories, which can be the first step towards feeling joy during the holiday season and all year long!

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The Superpower in Us All: Lessons From My Father


John Patrick Weiss learned what it was to be a good man from his father, who was a superhero of the everyday variety.

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10 Ways to Be Your Family’s Leader


Jason Kiesau believes that creating a culture of respect, love, trust, togetherness, and fun in the home can lead to closer families.

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Why You’re Missing Out If You Refuse To Dine Out Alone

2013-04-28 10.14.45 HDR copy

You may think it’s strange, but there’s a joy to dining solo that I haven’t been able to recreate anywhere else.

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