9 Things I Learned About Women By Working at ‘Maxim’

i worked at maxim

A former ‘Maxim’ editor reveals the wisdom he gathered while working at the men’s magazine.

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Headgear, Horse-face, and Withholding Encouragement

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.28.21 PM

Words are important – they effect our community and our environment. Justin Ricklefs shows us how we can use them to be better.

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Circle of Trust – Online Friendship Boundaries


How has the digital age impacted how we choose and interact with our inner sanctum of true and trusted friends?

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How Teen Vaping Can Mask Potential Drug Abuse


Vaping has some hidden dangers of which parents should be aware. Tyler Jacobson is here to point them out for you!

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8 Essential Practices To Leaving Your Mark In The World, An Open Letter To My Son

young man with bag

We all want our children to be prepared to make their mark in the world on their own terms. One mother’s advice.

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Living Lightly With the One-Bag Lifestyle

man traveling simply

Love the way you feel on vacation? Try bringing some of your travel habits home.

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What Your Kids Need to Know About Sexting

talk to kids about sexting

If your kid is in middle school, you MUST be talking about the ethics of sexting. Joanna Schroeder shows you how.

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“Codependency” No More—Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder

Codependency by Syahmir

Ross Rosenberg drops codependency for a new term and turns psychology upside down.

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Do Something for Yourself Today

Do Something by Pexels

Aaron Tang says it’s not selfish to live for yourself.

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Learn All You Can Through Your Challenges

man sunset

Challenges are a normal part of everyday life. As you overcome them, gain as much knowledge as you can from the challenges.

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Does Your Partner Feel Safe With You?

Does She Feel Safe Photo by Renee Baron

Bryan Reeves discovered an absurdly simple secret to better relationship communication.

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Impressing the Independent Woman

Business Woman

Sami Jankins provides input on how to go after the independent woman.

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We Others: A Conversation with My 13-Year-Old Self

We others

Jackson Bliss has ten essential pieces of advice for his younger self.

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Re-Scripting Reality—an Exercise in Changing Your Life

Re-Scripting Reality by AllieKF

After suffering a serious brain injury, Theresa Byrne asks, if you could alter your reality through the power of thought, would you?

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Are You Really Ready to Be Successful?

let go to find success

According to Ellory Wells, you need to make room for your dreams by letting go of these 7 things.

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One Man’s “Spiritual Awakening” In A 12-step Recovery


“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” – Step 12

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