DIY Project: A Flamethrower Ukulele Inspired by Mad Max


Ukeleles aren’t just for making sweet music anymore.

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Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Destroyer

destroy, punch, break, shatter

Within great destruction, a chance for renewal is possible as long as it is properly fostered.

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Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Green Man

green man, archetype, nature, gardening

That which is within the planet is within you.

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The Fallacy of Comparing Pain

pain, grief, disappointment, anger, sadness, depression

Is it possible, or even worthwhile, to rank your pain against the pain of others?

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The Collapse Experiment: Living the Apocalypse One Day at a Time

collapse, apocalypse, disaster, bug out

Budgeting my money for the summer, I left my job of fourteen years to embark on a journey into what the downfall of society might be like.

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Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Warrior

warrior, strength, power, restraint

My body is strong, my mind is sound, my soul is fierce, yet quiet. I am slow to anger and swift to action. I am just, and I countenance no evil.

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Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Lover

Lover, archetype, intimacy

The Lover is the experience of intimacy with another human being who can hurt us at a very deep level.

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Stay With the Pain, Don’t Shut It Out

Pain, Fight Club, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton

Not all of Tyler Durden’s advice in Fight Club was sound, but this piece has merit.

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Can a Commercial Make You More _____?

Chevy, truck, commercial, advertisement

Chevrolet’s “focus group” is a truckin’ flatbed of societal male stereotypes.

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Past Olympic Hopeful Rediscovers Self in Unlikely Way

Siphiwe Baleka, Yale University, swimming, trucker, truck driving

Former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka is transforming truck driver wellness one rest stop at a time, and in the process, he’s finding himself.

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Emergencies on Campus: How to Be Prepared For Anything

Bugout bag, emergency preparedness, survival

We may feel indestructible in college, but it can’t hurt to prepare just in case we’re wrong.

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Don’t Apologize for Wanting to Embrace Bromance and Intimacy


Long-term, meaningful relationships with other men are a strong endorsement of manhood.

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5 Tips For Maintaining Humanity During an Overnight Stay at the Airport

airport, sleeping

Humanity Tip #1: Don’t tell fellow travelers you hope they choke on their coffee

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Michal Kapral and the Male Joggling Circuit

Joggling, Michal Kapral, world record

We tend to write off men who participate in sports outside the mainstream, but joggling and its world records are the real deal.

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When Everything is Labeled Broken, Do Broken People Ensue?

broken world

I gave up hope years ago. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Consider the Pipe

pipe smoking, pipes

Despite American’s cultural condemnation of smoking, pipes have retained their cultural panache free of scrutiny.

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