Good Men Are More Than a Test Score

GPA, grades, testing

Men should be intellectual, but intellectualism should not be limited to a GPA or letter grade.

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Illinois State University’s Gender Neutral Bathroom Isn’t a PC Issue, It’s Humanity

gender neutral, gender neutral bathrooms

As Taro Gomi states in his famed book, “Everyone poops.” We all deserve a safe place to do so.

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The Cleverness of Pete Holmes and Realistic Mario Bros.

The Pete Holmes Show, Realistic Mario, Mario Brothers

These animated clips harken back to a simpler time–a 16 bit time. But the magical world has suddenly become very real for Mario & Luigi.

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“I Need My Space”: Why Environment Matters When Creating

creation, artistry, creative space

The environment I am a part of is draining me. I find that the amount of productivity I experience in a shared, community creation space is much more powerful than any times I try to work from home.

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Hatch of Adolescence or Stupid Boy Tricks?


At age fifteen, I found myself locked in a stupid death struggle with my best friend—for the attention and love of a girl.

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Walter Dean Myers’ Death and What It Could Mean For Young, Black, Male Readers

boys reading, African American boys

The passing of such an influential black author could revitalize young, black, male readership and authorship, or it could deepen the dearth of existing books for this demographic.

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No “I” in TEAM, But Plenty in World Cup

there is no i in team

It’s important to remember that without the other ten men on the field busting their asses, the team ‘star’ would implode quickly.

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Carnival Strongmen and Sledgehammers: Behind the Scenes of a July 4 Fireworks Show

strongman, carnival

I never knew how fireworks operated until an embarrassingly late age, but I had a seemingly iron-clad theory.

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Hungry: A Year in the Life of Competitive Eating

Joey Chestnut, competitive eating, Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, July 4

As men and women converge on Coney Island, NY in two days for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a newly available documentary shares the ins (not outs, never outs … that’ll get you disqualified) of competitive eating.

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Finding a Mentor Matters For Young Men, But Formalizing the Relationship Matters Most

mentor, mentee, advisement

My experiences taught me not only how powerful mentoring is but how wrong we generally tend to view mentoring in our personal and professional lives.

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Why Seth MacFarlane Backing Reading Rainbow is Such a Big Deal

Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, Kickstarter, Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was monumental in the 80′s and 90′s, but it has less luster with today’s students. Perhaps Seth MacFarlane’s support is the generation bridge it needs.

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Guyhood Call for Submissions: Get Outside, Because “Out is In”

nature, hiking, backpacking

July is National Parks and Recreation Month and Henry David Thoreau’s birthday. GMP wants your stories about outdoor adventures, misadventures, and everything in between.

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Infectious Male to Male Irrationality Transmitted Via Automobile

road rage, drivers,

When the driver threw the full sports drink bottle at my wife’s car, it’s as if his irrationality drilled through the passenger door and seeped into my brain.

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Why Men Need to Touch Each Other More

touch, importance of touch

Michelangelo once said, “To touch can be to give life.” Science has proven his words correct.

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The Necktie That Binds Us: Why, Oh Why, Does a Man Wear a Tie?

necktie, cravat, ties

From Occult connections to a not-so-subtle, suggestive arrow pointing at the groin, the myths behind why men wear neckties are just as fun as the truth.

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