A Little Christmas Clarity- The Unveiling of Santa

Santa Claus, bad Santa, Santa

My father, looking to peddle some stolen items, walks into a bar with my sister and me. Who do we see perched on a stool?

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Reconciling the Red Man Ruse


For my brother and me, Santa was mortal. In fact, he was many a mortal.

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Call for Submissions: How Did You Find Out Santa Isn’t Real?

santa, Christmas, Santa Claus,

Apologies in advance for opening childhood wounds, but some stories are just too good not to be shared.

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Greyhound Grammys and Black Cat Billboards: Why I Sing to My Pets

greyhound, brindle, singing to pets

Zero judgment, full creative freedom, and unconditional love.

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Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Magician

magician, magic, illusion, archetype, Merlin

I can make you wholly new, but it will require ingredients and sacrifice. Are you willing to become new?

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5 Key Elements to Discuss About the Safe and Fair Campus Acts

Safe Campus Act, Fair Campus Act, Congress, rape, sexual assault,

Division and debate regarding this legislation stems from the question, “Who is this meant to protect–the accuser or the accused?”

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Battling Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan, Peter Pan Syndrome, youth

Saying goodbye to my first vehicle has triggered a flare up in my lifelong battle with Peter Pan Syndrome.

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How Fear and Shame Are Killing The Modern Man


If you can’t handle your s**t, can’t keep it together, then you aren’t a real man….right?

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Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Trickster

trickster, trick, prank, practical joke, joy, comedy, humor

In all things, take amusement and laugh because it may not matter tomorrow, and you will be the wise fool.

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Major League Baseball, Let’s Talk Consent When It Comes to Hazing

rookie, MLB, hazing

Just because rookie teammates go along with childish requests from veteran players doesn’t mean it’s not hazing.

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“It’s Out of Our Hands”- A Story of Young, Male Poverty

Poverty, college, youth poverty

While touted as the gateway to a better life, school has seemingly ruined mine.

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Call for Submissions: Young Male Poverty

poverty, poor, male poverty

Data suggests that 1 in 5 American young adults, ages 18-34, are living in poverty. We’re looking for stories about the experiences of these millennials.

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LoL and Varsity Video Gaming is Nothing to Laugh At

video games, gamer, League of Legends

Robert Morris University Illinois offers competitive eSports scholarships to prospective students who excel at League of Legends. And the interest in gaming as a collegiate varsity sport is growing.

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We Quarrel Over Names Because We Want to Feel Valued

name, label, margin

It’s not political correctness gone wrong or an attack on freedom of speech. It’s a call-to-action to empower those on the margins to have an equal role in authoring our National and global story.

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52 Tasks To Being A Good Man: Week 33 Go Homeless Young Man


Should I feel good about myself? After all, I was going home to eat from my refrigerator and sleep in my bed while those poor souls were back on the street.

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The Male Face of a Mental Breakdown

mental health, mens mental health, nervous breakdown, anxiety

I had been manning up and powering through things for years. I thought I could live the rest of my life without having to actually face the horror of the past. I was foolish.

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