Have a Sweet Tooth? Enjoy Ecstasy With These Healthy Snacks

Addicted to Sugar? Enjoy Ecstasy With These Healthy Snacks

If sugar is bad and artificial sweeteners are worse, then what are my options?

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Men Get Depressed Too

hooded man

Mental health advocate Jasmin Pierre speaks out on how depression affects men.

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What Health Problems Are Men Avoiding? (Call for Submissions)

men's health running

What physical, emotional, and/or mental health issues are you (and fellow men) ignoring until it goes away (or becomes undeniable)?

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Why Astute CEOS Should Address the Mental Health of Their Employees

Why Astute CEOS Should Address the Mental Health of Their Employees

Mental Health awareness can be a source of hope, and with hope comes life and new possibility.

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The Humanity of Others Helped Him Recover After Testicular Cancer: #IAmBallsy Stories—Gael Emonnot

ballsy 2nd chance

This healthcare specialist learned the humanity and compassion of the industry after beating testicular cancer.

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Use the Future to Create a Better Life for Yourself: The Ebenezer Effect

Recovery and Your Future The Ebenezer Effect2

Want to see your future? What you see may shock you. ___ Imagine that you could glimpse into your future. Would it change you? Some people imagine that a vision of the future would change them: To see yourself in your successes, your loneliness, your struggles. We live life on cruise control Life is every […]

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10 Reasons Men Should Be Drinking Lemon Water


Although water is not a magical cure for cancer, world hunger, or childhood diseases, it does hold a top position in a healthy lifestyle and it’s essential for life!

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After Losing Both Testicles, He Started a New Community #IamBallsy Stories–Andy Coles

lefty ballsy

Since losing both testicles to TC, he’s become a voice for the gay community and the TC community.

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Foot Acupressure Points for Foot Massage

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.59.13 PM

This infographic shows the acupressure points on the human foot, check it out!

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Jay Scott: The 6 MOST USEFUL Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment!

Jay Scott portrait

You don’t need a gym or a lot of cash to get in shape.

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5 Ways to Get Healthy After 35—with Minimal ’30splaining’

ZMA 30s

Men in their 30s need that boost to get them to the next adventure in their large and wonderful lives.

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5 Keys to a Healthy, Long, and Active Life

old runner 588

How to do what you love to do, for the rest of your life!

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Guys: Take a Hike!

Man Hiking

The Healthy Benefits of Hiking.

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Quit Complaining About Your Nagging Wife—She May Be Saving Your Life


Happy marriages usually lead to happy, healthy lives. If you’re a man with diabetes, your rocky relationship might be keeping you alive.

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The Shrink… and You Thought You had Problems!


Richard McLean spent time working on a psychiatric ward as a Consumer Consultant. As a mental health service user, he shares his unique viewpoint.

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What Men Should Know About Heart Disease and E.D.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.35.26 PM

It really isn’t all about sex.

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