5 Tips to Help You Support Colleagues With Mental Health Issues

5 Tips to Help by Star5112

Mental illness is a serious workplace issue. Sam Fisher offers five tips to deal with colleagues who are suffering.

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Ask Dr. Austin: Got erectile dysfunction? What you need to know about your Psoas.

Psoas article GMP

Could a tight psoas be the culprit behind erectile dysfunction? Turns out, it could be. Dr. Austin explains.

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A Plan For Surviving the Holiday Blues if You’re Flying Solo

alone on christmas

“Happy, happy, merry, merry” doesn’t always come easy when you’re alone for the holidays. But you can escape the Blues if you plan ahead.

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‘Working Out’ PTSD – Exercise is a Vital Part of Treatment


Targeted exercise programs can improve the physical and mental health of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Why Fat-Shaming By Doctors Really, Really Matters

doctor tools

Between 210,000 and 440,000 people die every year as a result of preventable hospital mistakes. How many of those are casualties of weight bias?

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5 Simple Ways to Live Healthier Every Day

walking the dog

You don’t have to overhaul your life to make an impact on your health. 5 things you probably don’t do enough of, plus one fabulous bonus.

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The Great Prostate Hoax

doctor hand

Why PSA Screening May Be Harmful To Your Health

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A New Approach to Six Pack Abs

6 pack abs GMP Jason Gootman

A more sustainable approach to getting ripped could be just beyond the crunch. Exercise physiologist, Jason Gootman, has the details.

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You Don’t Know Jack About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


You Don’t Know Jack About MS™ was created for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their loved ones by Jack Osbourne, in partnership with Teva Neuroscience.

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Ask Dr. Austin: Running in Minimalist Shoes: Good, Bad, or Neither?

Minimalist Shoes Post GMP

How high is the heel on your running shoe? And how much does it matter? Dr. Austin weighs in.

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How to Welcome Loneliness During The Holidays

how to welcome loneliness photo by joe jukes

The holidays are a time when we are expected to be social and connected—which is exactly what can make it such a lonely experience. Bryan Reeves has learned to welcome the loneliness.

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Mental Toughness: What Professional Athletes do Differently

Mental Toughness GMP

Dr. Haley Perlus, sports psychologist and former alpine ski racer, says these 3 signs of mental toughness will improve the way you train.

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Sleep Better to Feel Better

Sleep Better by wellcast

Lack of sleep can turn you into a monster. These 5 simple tips from Wellcast help you rest so you can be your best.

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7 Minutes to a Healthier Holiday Season

7 minute workout

Science shows that 7 minutes of intensity will slow your appetite, improve metabolic and cardiovascular health.

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Ask Dr. Austin: Does Having a Desk Job Mean I’ll Always Have a Tight Back?

Chiropractor pic GMP

Introducing Ask Dr. Austin:
Your medical and health questions, answered.

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Reconciliation and Decolonisation in Suicide Prevention

australia rainbow

The founder of LGBTI Indigenous Australian social network Black Rainbow, Dameyon Bonson, pens his thoughts on the lack of solid mental health data available among LGBTI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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