6 Ways to Prevent Irritable Male Syndrome from Ruining Valentine’s Day

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How men can be attuned to those around them and prevent ruining the rest of their lives.

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One Man’s Quest For Peak Performance


Meditating daily as part of his morning routine, Jiro is pairing his passion for adventure with the historically proven benefits of mindfulness.

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Do You Listen to the Brain Under Your Belt?

laughing buddha

Your gut is telling your brain what to do. The best way to get into a better mood is simple: eat better food.

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9 Things You Can Do if Adult ADHD has Friended You

Adult ADHD has Friended Me

Do you wonder if you have Adult ADHD? This post is for you. Here is your opportunity to laugh, cry and be moved to take action.

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A History of the Hand of Man


History can teach us a lot about how society viewed different trends, including body shapes.

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The Greatest 4th Quarter Performance I’ve Ever Witnessed!

lauren pregnant zuma ridge 588

My wife’s final month of pregnancy has surpassed anything I could’ve imagined.

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The Infamous Dr. Foulkes: The Villain of 18th Century Physick

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Dr. Alun Withey reviews the studies of Wales doctor, Dr. Folkes.

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My Body: The Temple, Part I


Nick Ward shares his memories of his body not looking and acting like everyone else’s.

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How to Shrink That Santa Belly in 3 Simple Steps

man eating healthy

There’s no need to keep that extra weight around. Follow these simple steps to say bye-bye to belly fat.

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Doctors Outside the VA Need to Know More About the Veterans They Treat

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Civilian doctors might not know that their patients have served in the military.

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Why are Deaths from Drug Overdose and Suicide Among White Males on the Rise?

man addicted to heroine

Drug deaths are on the rise, and understanding who they affect and why is key to fixing the problem.

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The Depression Demon in Men and How to Fight it

depressed man

You can protect yourself and the men you love

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Appreciating the Doctor in Early Modern Britain

victorian medicine

What was the position of the practicing doctor within the seventeenth-century community?

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Stress is Killer

man sleeping

You know stress kills, but do you know how to get rid of stress?

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‘Weird’ Remedies and the Problem of ‘Folklore’

folk medicine

The term “folklore” may be keeping us from some very important treatment discoveries.

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Why Many Guys Today Are Looking Outside The Gym For Their Fitness

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If you love the gym, continue to embrace it, but if you’re looking for a change, this could be a good time to embrace all of those fitness options that reside outside the gym.

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