7 Surprising Benefits of Power Napping


Are you getting enough sleep? If not, a power nap might be just what the doctor ordered. Nutrition expert, Yuri Elkaim, has the details.

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Migrant Labor, High Risk Behaviours, and HIV Awareness: A Bangladeshi Story


Raad Rahman explores the difficulty in fighting HIV among South Asian migrant workers.

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The Boston Marathon, A Year Later.

Boston Marathon Finish Line meditation 600-001

When you find something you love, you want to do it more and more. I’ve learned that some of us lack things that we love. I encourage you to search. Search high and low! Life is made up of experiences and if you are too busy trying to make money and buy things, you’re bound to continue filling an empty hole that will not give back what you put in.

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Why Does Your Penis Hurt?


You don’t have to keep the pain hidden. —- Your penis is probably one of your most valued possessions. But, what do you do when it starts to hurt? When have you, last heard a man complain about penis pain? It probably was not nearly as often as a woman complaining of vaginal pain, but […]

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I Remember When AIDS Was Terrifying

aids picture

AIDS may not be the crisis-of-the-day, but Grace de Rond reminds us of how it still affects lives and how it can be prevented.

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If You’ve Been a Male Caregiver We Want Your Story


Caregivers are heroes among us. And every story can inspire, encourage, and inform others. We invite you to share your story.

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Guys: Spring Clean Your Pantry and Stock up on These 10 Essentials

Brendan Brazier

Plant-based former pro athlete, Brendan Brazier, recommends these 10 nutrient dense foods for your pantry.

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Got Tax Stress?

taxes 600

If you’re filling out a 1040EZ form this year, congratulations, and this post is not for you. But, if you’re like me, and you’re filling out your 1040 with a Schedule C, it’s the time to deal with higher cortisol levels.

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Managing the Household When Your Wife Has Cancer

tired man

Being a caregiver is a stress-filled full time job, Michael Stalter offers help on how to manage it all.

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Diet and Training- Start with WHY


Keep your “why” in front of you all the time.

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What No One Told Me about Chronic Pain

chronic pain

The pain is the easiest part.

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Erasing the Shame From Depression


Kristin Diversi takes an honest look at living with depression, and discusses a few tips on how to deal with it.

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J.P. Sears: The Truth Behind His “How To Become Gluten Intolerant” Video


In the quest for social reflection, one man stands out. And he stands tall.

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How is your meditation practice?

meditation GMP 600

3 quick tips on creating and keeping a solid meditation practice.

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What Physical Fitness in Schools Used to Look Like—and Could Again

What Physical Fitness by Doug Orchard

A group of concerned citizens wants to bring back the original Presidential fitness program from La Sierra High to our schools.

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PTSD, Yoga and Me


When your dealing with PTSD, take what works and run with it.

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