There Is a Public Health Issue In the USA That Affects 130,000,000 People


It’s probably not what you think. Chris Anderson explains, and compels us to take action.

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Chris Pratt Saves the World, On and Off the Big Screen

chris pratt 600

Chris Pratt gives the only 2 pieces of fitness advice you’ll ever need.

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Airing My Dirty Laundry – On The Discussion of Mental Health

Talking about mental illness makes people uncomfortable. But Anne Theriault is going to do it anyway.

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No One Ever Says ‘If He Loved His Wife, He’d Have Put That Cancer Behind Him’

new day

“What everyone, including sometimes the sufferer, fails to see is that recovery from mental illness, like cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or any other illness, is not an issue of willpower.”

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Talking Yourself To Wellness


Taking control back from mental illness. Could a personal directive buy you time in a mental health crisis? It just might…

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5 Foods Men Should Eat to Increase Muscle Strength

5 foods mens should eat photo

Tomatoes, almonds and more. Dr. Josh Axe has the scoop on what foods you should be eating for muscle strength.

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Inside My Depression


Norbert Brown opens a window into his own chronic depression in hopes that it sheds some light for someone who needs it.

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Is Suicide Selfish? (And Other Impossible-to-Answer Questions)

robin williams 600

Christian Lyons’ depression followed the same trajectory as Robin Williams.

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Depression Is a Murderer. RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams attends the "The Crazy Ones" Junket - Los Angeles

Eric Shapiro is heartbroken to learn that the lovable genius lost the fight.

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Functional and Fashionable Clothing with a Greater Purpose 


Founded by a Stage IV gastric cancer survivor himself, CureWear is functional and fashionable clothing with a greater purpose.

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How Playing Hookie is Good for Your Health

Self Care Photo for GMP

5 Self Care Rituals for a more relaxed, more fun life. Guaranteed. And yes: playing hookie is one of them.

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Manopause and Men’s Health

Manopause and Men’s Health jeronimoooooooo:Flickr

Is the 70 year controversy over Manopause coming to an end?

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4 Top Fitness Trends: It’s All About Longevity

sunset soccer kick 600

Fitness hacking, Plasma-rich-platelet injections, concussions & how sitting is killing you.

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The First Half of Your Life Doesn’t Determine the Second Half

james fell

James Fell has a few wise words on how to take control of the rest of your life – for health and happiness.

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Men Have Higher Rates of Skin Cancer, But Women See The Dermatologist More


Joanna Schroeder wants guys to take advantage of the tools at their disposal in helping save their own lives.

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5 Reasons To Start Running That Aren’t Weight Loss


If you’re able, running could save your life and make it more enjoyable. Here are five ways running could do just that, and none of them are about looking a certain way.

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