This Video Isn’t Sexy, Funny, or Cute. Watch Anyway.

male breast self-exam

Heather Gray follows up last month’s piece on male breast cancer with facts, figures, and a potentially life-saving video.

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The Taoist Weather Report: Is The Climb Worth It?


On the cost of climbing too high or too quickly on the social ladder. Be mindful.

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The Taoist Weather Report: The Pendulum of Life


Tired of all the days of gray? Remember that they are merely part of a pendulum. And that you need them as much as any of the other colors.

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Pill-Popping Nation: Half of U.S. Adults to Be Eligible for Statins

drugs medication prescription

Nearly 13m more adults in the US will be eligible for statins after new guidelines widened the criteria for use of the drugs to treat high cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes; but experts question at what risk.

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The Lonely Sex: Why Men Die Sooner and Live Sicker

man alone

Jed Diamond, PhD examines what is making men so sick, and how we can live longer and better.

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The Shame of Fat-Shaming


Dr. Sayantani DasGupta looks at the ways in which fat or obese patients are disregarded or even abused by the medical industry.

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Do You Need a Refresher Course on Safer Sex?

condoms mural2

It’s 2014, but new reports show condom use has stalled among singles and STIs are on the rise.

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I am a Male Breast Cancer Survivor


Bret Miller cautions us all. Breast cancer is not prejudiced. It chooses whoever it wants to.

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6 Things a CrossFitter Won’t Tell You (but maybe they should)


Alan Bishop gets brutally honest about some CrossFit secrets he wishes some were let in on.

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A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 2)


The ambulance. I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the ambulance in Part 1.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

the art of doing nothing

When was the last time you went through the entire weekend without checking email?

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Too Busy For Sex? What To Do


Dr. Stephen Petteruti talks about how to train and plan for sex so you never find yourself saying “too busy” again.

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7 Reasons Your Sex Matters When It Comes To Health

gender medicine man doctor

Jed Diamond investigates the ways in which the female and male bodies tend to be medically different, and require different treatments and approaches for the same conditions.

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Stressed Out Men Are A Turnoff; Learn To Turn Stress Off

stressed photo by Hotfield

We know reducing stress can help your health. What about your love life?

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A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 1)


Tweet This morning, clad only in a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs, I stepped on the chilly glass of the digital scale in my bathroom. — As the numbers “172” began to flash, I pondered how this same exact scale read “222” only 24 months ago. I used to dread looking down to see the […]

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Empathy and the Gendered Brain: 7 Things Men and Women Need to Know


Yes, men can be naturally empathetic. But like a lot of other findings in the field of gender-specific medicine, men may express these traits differently than women do.

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