What Tinnitus is Teaching me About Recovery


Recovery can give you new music, but first you have to embrace your silence.

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Your Immune System and Vitamin C: A Man’s Best (Cancer-Fighting) Friend


New cancer research could mean less-invasive treatment is on the horizon.

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Listen: I Don’t Care if You’re a Burden. If You Need Help, Ask for it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.41.22 PM

I’m done — I mean, really, really finished — with the attitude that having a mental illness makes us a burden.

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Mental Health: Call For Submissions

We want to hear about what you have learned from your mental illness, how it is making you a better man.

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Are we Addicted to Happiness?

Addicted to Happiness

Is the pursuit of happiness making us unhappy?

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What Survives the Centuries: Children’s Sketches and Home Remedies

boy drawing

One child’s lost drawings in a 19th-Century medical manuscript.

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Powerhouse Pensioners Who Prove You’re Never Too Old To Get In Shape

older man lifting weights

Strength training only gets more important as we age, these folks prove it’s never too late to start doing it.

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Depression and the Personal Politics of Blame

Depression and the Personal Politics of Blame

Sean Swaby has found that blame is toxic and dangerous, just like gasoline.

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Men Love Women Who Love Themselves (Through Thick and Thin)


L.M. Dalton says that no matter what a woman’s body-type a man loves her unconditionally.

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4 Motivation Killers and How to Overcome Them

workout inspiration

Yuri Elkaim explains how men can overcome their perceived hurdles and achieve their fitness dreams.

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What’s Good About Living With Depression?

faith sadness depression

Who would guess that a lifetime of sadness could offer gifts like grace and sensitivity?

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The High-Price of Emotional Constipation and Denial in Men


Instead of “manning up,” let’s create an environment where the greatest warrior is the one who unearths his emotions and emerges victorious.

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The What-Not-To-Do For Depression Checklist


Several gestures taken to help a depressed person recover, actually cause setbacks. As told from the vantage point of one survivor.

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Less Than 3% of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle, Really!

ted on zuma ridge w clouds 588

Here are my top 10 things to get you into the 3%.

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Genes and Jeans: How Genetics Impacts Obesity in Men


How dangerous are genetics, and how are they linked to men’s obesity rate? Brittni Brown takes a look at the statistics.

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Dear Pastors: Be Careful How You Talk About Mental Illness

man praying

Church leaders have many talents and skills. However, they should be aware of their limitations when it comes to mental health and understand the important role of mental health professionals.

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