Do You Move Like a Man?

Do you move like a man

Cass Phelps believes that the way men have stopped moving in these modern times is creating a “dampening of the spirit.”

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The Day Rock Hudson Got AIDS: A Turning Point in American Culture

rock-hudson-rock-hudson-30783385 fanpop

ndrew Smiler reflects on the cultural changes that followed the announcement that Rock Hudson had AIDS.

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The Real Reason You Can’t Stop Eating

Food addiction July 23

Carbs and sugar have been described as being as addictive as heroin. Some very revealing research sheds some light on the real reason you can’t stop eating and wellness coach Jason Gootman breaks it down for us.

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Focus on These Five Proven Nutritional Habits to Lose Fat


Here’s why too many guys are struggling to lose weight and live an amazing life. — Do this. Do that. Actually, do this instead. With health and fitness, we’re always chasing the next “it thing.” The “it thing” that quickens our fat loss while reducing our efforts needed. To sum it up, we’re always looking […]

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I was Hacked and I Lived to Tell About it!


I was hacked in the fall of 2014. My first clue was my Task Manager was on overdrive. Stressed and sleepless, eventually panic overtook my healthy habits and replaced them with old comfort-junkie habits.

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10 Mindful Practices to Soothe Chronic Pain

10 Mindful Practics by Mycatkins

Chronic pain can feel hopeless. Kathryn Hogan offers 10 ways you can consciously make yourself feel better.

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RACE REPORT: Tahoe Trail 100

tahoe trail finish 600

Speeding downhill at about 35 miles an hour, I was watching the miles click away, 52, 53, 54. Making sure, at every moment, to keep my eyes peeled for danger, rocks, roots, twigs, flying water bottles from other riders. Mountain biking has the wonderful characteristic of heightening your experience and keeping you in the moment like very few sports.

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3 Reasons To Exercise That Don’t Involve Losing Weight, Getting in Shape, or Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans

3 Reasons by Izzard

Terry Lancaster works out the real reasons it makes sense to get in shape.

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How To Get Your Nutrition Game On Track


You can’t out-train a bad diet so do yourself a favor and make a healthy diet the cornerstone of your health. — It all starts with the diet. Exercise is obviously a very important part of getting healthy, but if your nutrition is not on point, you will be spinning your tires.  The average person […]

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The Breakfast Breakthrough: Carbs in the Morning – Friend or Foe?

Breakfast cereal

What’s in your breakfast bowl? If it’s too many carbs, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

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Adventure, Yoga and Endurance

bike meditation 600

Yoga is the only thing, besides breathing and sleeping, that I’ve done consistently for almost 20 years. My first class with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica 2 decades ago was incredibly challenging, rewarding, and revitalizing, all at the same time. It felt like a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental cleanse all in one session.

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Can Exercise Improve More Than Just Physical Health?


This man says lessons learned from working out can be applied to each of our lives. — I am addicted. Not to vodka or Hold ‘em or Walter White’s blue stuff. I am addicted to nothing—doing nothing, thinking nothing, feeling nothing. Also, my life is not as miserable or pathetic as the previous paragraphs would […]

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The Good Side Of Bad Dreams

bad dreams

Do your bad dreams about your boss stress you out? Well, they may actually have a positive effect on your mental health.

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Feel Your Wounds Through: A Guide To Emotional Healing

Man holds his head down in sadness

Jonathan Delavan encourages people, especially men, to be willing to undergo the extraordinary task of healing one’s wounds through one’s heart.

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How Does Aging Affect Athletic Performance?


“I’m old” is the common refrain for why we get worse at athletics as we age. But here’s what’s really happening in the body through the years to make world-class performance less possible.

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Why Dancing is Great for a Man’s Mental Health

man and woman dancing

Overcoming depression, improving sleep, and even increasing life satisfaction may start with hitting the dance floor.

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