Sizing Up Men’s Body Image

male body image

David Reitan realizes that evaluating your body’s worth against that of a total stranger is a silly, unproductive thing to do. Yet he does it anyway—along with a lot of other men.

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7 Healthy Habits That Helped Me Lose 170 Pounds in One Year

Kimanzi before and after

He’d lost weight the fast way once, but regained every pound and more. This time he’s taken it off, and kept it off, and because he’s changed his habits, he knows it’s gone for good!

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Your Fitness Funk is Contagious!

Fitness funk contagious GMP

Brett Hoebel has trained everyone from Victoria’s Secret models to everyday fitness enthusiasts. He’s noticed one glaring truth: fitness funks are contagious. Here’s the scoop.

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Sample Rate: How The Fast Food Industry Hooks You (And How To Reclaim Your Diet)


Tyler Tervooren discusses the methods for us to take back our health and break bad habits, even when we’re surrounded by them everyday.

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The Apple Watch and the Quantified Self Movement 

Apple Watch 600

Join the revolution or be left behind like rotary phones.

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Finding Balance Between Information Gathering and Experience

Information and Life Questions

Identifying if you are experiencing too much noise in the information coming into your life will be just the beginning of your constant evolution as a wise and caring human being.

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What Movies and TV Get Wrong About Illness

Watching a movie screen

Sami Jankins believes that movies and TV shows are missing the mark on an accurate portrayal of illness. How does this image affect men and perception of masculinity?

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How Autism Holds The Answers To Depression And Mental Illness


Can knowledge and understanding of Autism lead to more effective mental health support? Andrew Lawes believes so.

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5 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation is Good for Your Health


Need a little push to book that next vacation? Apparently, you’ve got science on your side. So get packing!

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90+ Do You Have What It Takes?

elderly couple 600

The top 6 things to increase your chances of living into your 90’s. They’re going to surprise you!

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My Hands Are Cold, But My Heart is On Fire

Dixie Ice Challenge

Challenge accepted! Dixie Gillaspie takes Chris Anderson up on the challenge to spend 60 seconds enduring an ice bath and talking about something that really matters.

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6 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed

charlie brown depression

So you’re sad all the time and don’t want to do stuff. It’s actually way more complicated than that. And you are not alone.

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What People With Depression Want You To Know

being depressed BuzzFeed

Listening – really listening – can sometimes make all the difference.

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7 Steps to Conquering Your Sweet Tooth

Donut for Sugar Cravings GMP

In the battle against the almighty sugar craving, nutritionist Yuri Elkaim has some advice for your certain victory.

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Why Your Kid Shouldn’t Be Guzzling ‘Energy’ Drinks (And What to Do Instead)


Vitamins and minerals, exercise, are safer and more effective than artificial stimulants, says Budge Collinson, food science expert.

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You Can Save Money For Retirement, But Did You Know You Can Save Your Health, Too?

hiking 600

6 steps you should take TODAY to make deposits into your health for later.

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