Hack The Fitness Secrets Of 5 World Cup Elite Pros

World Cup Yuri Article

Just because you’re not a pro athlete doesn’t mean you can’t train like one.

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Everyone wants optimum health, but what are we doing about it?

trail runner

Get out of your own way. Take these 5 steps toward better health and well being by Ted McDonald

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Keep Your Power – Ditch the Pain

aching back

In order to step up your game, forget those painful beliefs about “manning-up” and “pushing-through”.

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ED, Low T, and Men’s Relationship With Their Sexuality

Worried Man

The expert scoop on some surprise symptoms of Low Testosterone, and the safe route to balancing your hormones and improving your life (and not just your sex life either.)

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How (and Why) to Have a TV-Free Summer

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.09.04 AM

Want to spend less time in front of the tube this summer? Kate Bartolotta shares 4 big reasons to do just that.

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A Social Movement to Fight AIDS, Malaria and TB


In the past decade we’ve made huge advances in several important global health indicators. Why? Stronger relationships between science and social movements.

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Neurosurgeon Recommends Building Muscle as Best Protection Against ‘the Disease of Aging’

photo croftoncrossfit

Dr. Brett Osborn offers 5 exercises for a solid strength-building regime.

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How to Bust your Routine with Abnormal but Healthy Uses of Time


Dr. Stephen Petteruti shares creative ways to remain fit and healthy this summer.

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Mind Over Medications: 6 Ways Men Can Be Healthier


Jed Diamond, PhD, shares some very simple steps to improving health — without having to step into the pharmacy.

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With Fitness, Half the Battle is Showing Up


James Fell didn’t want to run in the cold rain, but he forced himself out of his car and was glad he did.

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Fight Polio and Be Part of a Guinness World Record


Rotary has masterminded perhaps the largest polio awareness initiative of all-time. It just broke the Guinness World Record, and there’s still time to be part of it.

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Running for Clean Water


Rick Matz is 56-years-old and he’s not a runner. So what has him logging the miles? A cause he believes in with the whole of his being.

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Male Menopause or Mid-Life Crisis?


Dr. Bill Cloke asks us what we’re thinking about when it comes to aging and love – and subsequently, how those thoughts affect the rest of society.

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4 Straightforward, No Cost Steps to Stress Relief for Men

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Jed Diamond’s four step system to stress relief can help you lead a happier life.

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Bringing Meditation to a Child (and Celebrity) Near You

Bob Roth

Bob Roth talks about bringing meditation to celebrities like Oprah, and sheds light on his inspiring work for the David Lynch Foundation.

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12 Crazy Alternatives to Tough Mudder


Tough Mudder is an extreme fitness challenge. Not ready for that? The Distilled Man has a list of other ways to get your workout on. Zombie Evacuation, anyone?

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