Feel Your Wounds Through: A Guide To Emotional Healing

Man holds his head down in sadness

Jonathan Delavan encourages people, especially men, to be willing to undergo the extraordinary task of healing one’s wounds through one’s heart.

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How Does Aging Affect Athletic Performance?


“I’m old” is the common refrain for why we get worse at athletics as we age. But here’s what’s really happening in the body through the years to make world-class performance less possible.

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Why Dancing is Great for a Man’s Mental Health

man and woman dancing

Overcoming depression, improving sleep, and even increasing life satisfaction may start with hitting the dance floor.

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8 Delicious Vegan Protein Sources for Your Next Meatless Monday

Vegan protein

Getting tired of your usual protein sources? Give your body a break with these 8 vegan sources of protein from former pro Ironman triathlete, Brendan Brazier.

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Taking Gym Steroids Can Affect Your Learning and Memory


The physical impact of anabolic steroids are well known but there are also mental effects.

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A Day In The Life Of The Human Body

body daily

Your body has daily peaks and lows for everything from shaving to conceiving a child. Asap Science helps us understand what’s up with your body’s rhythms.

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Is More Testosterone Better?

The Testosterone Project Strong Man

An interview with Dr. Harry Fisch for The Testosterone Project.

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How I Changed My Life In 7 Days


This man is on a journey to change his health, mind, and sex life in 66 days.

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Playing Your Trump Card to Win


Three men discover the key to sustained weight loss and improved health. — The first time we met Tony, a successful entrepreneur, he looked fearful, sad and desperate. Tony, a handsome Italian in his early fifties, had recently buried his wife. “I want to get healthy and stay healthy.” Shortly after his wife’s death, Tony […]

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How You Eat is How You Live

Man eating burger

Wellness expert, Jason Gootman, explores the idea that how you do one thing is how you do everything, particularly as it relates to how we eat.

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Staying Fit in Today’s Busy World


This man says that what we have been taught about exercise takes up too much of our time and doesn’t get the best results.  — I’m busy. I mean like very. Starting with a full-time job, a  four-hour commute every day, three kids, church obligations, a writing career. Add participation in a few online communities, […]

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Creating Family Traditions Among Brothers … Among Men

the brothers

Our parents left behind 4 boys. We’re all 5 or 6 years apart in age and we all have our own set of life experiences. 5 years ago, our oldest brother called a family meeting for just the brothers. Johnny, Teddy, that’s me, Charlie, and Billy.

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Universal Sperm Bank Would Strike at a Core Human Freedom


Freezing young men’s sperm might remove worries about them fathering children in later life, but do we really want the state routinely meddling in conception?

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Let’s Hear It For The Boys


Mike Johnson from Human Parts talks about keeping the boys healthy.

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Using The Power of Your Mind to Help You Heal During Grief

grieving man

Have you lost a loved one? Here is the best tool to help you heal — your mind.

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Are Plastics Making Men Infertile?

A white plastic mannequin hand lit from the upper left side of the image in a store window. Two other palms are visible out of focus in the foreground and background.

Recent research into the health effects of the plastic-making chemicals phthalates has reignited concerns about low sperm counts. But the evidence is far from conclusive.

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