The Last Taboo—Is It More Acceptable to Have an STD Than Depression?


Limpet Girl asks why we don’t talk about the mental health issues affecting men—those who are least likely to seek help and most likely to need it.

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Men and the Stigma of Mental Illness


Men are subjected to a culture where the standards of masculinity are literally making them sick.

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Lessons For the Mind: A Dozen Quotes from Yoda


“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose” and more from the master.

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Looking to De-stress, Calm Down, and Revitalize?

savasana on the peak

Is your day full of appointments, calls, driving from here to there and back again? Do you find that when you arrive home, you take a huge sigh of relief? Do you have too much stress? If you’re like most of us, the answer is yes or at least a little bit.

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Staying on Track For A Better Life


A local High School inspires a man in need of a life change.

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Our Exclusive Conversation with Dr. Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon-GMP

Lead Editor Mike Kasdan’s far ranging conversation with Andrew Solomon covers mental health, issues of identity and gay rights, parenting, social justice, and the storytelling that ties us all together.

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Follow These Essential Rules To Build A Fitness Program That Actually Works


Looking to write your own fitness program? Keep these essential rules in mind.

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You Survived a Heart Attack!


When can you start having sex again?

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Eight Weeks (And One Testicle)

man with surf board

Cancer offers a spiritual gift if you know where to look for it. Even if you have to defy doctor’s orders to go there.

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What Holds Men Back From Healing?


Men are socialized to be tough, stoic, even impenetrable. Learn to release these emotions so you don’t burst from within.

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Boys Should Get the HPV Vaccine Too


Human Papillomavirus is a very male issue.

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This One Nutrition Tip Could be all You Need For a Healthy Life

Eat real food

Could the key to nutrition and a healthy life be as easy as simply eating real foods? Wellness coach, Jason Gootman thinks so. What’s your take?

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5 Ways Not To Be A Jerk To Your Friend With A Chronic Disease


You’re capable of treating people with chronic diseases with compassion. Sometimes we all need a little help.

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The Sun Still Rises: Surviving and Thriving After Grief and Loss


When all seems lost, keep pushing forward.

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Posture, Pain & Graceful Aging

Melissa Put Aging piece

Aging is inevitable, but who says you have to age badly? Fascial specialist, Melissa Putt, says this information will almost guarantee you a walker-free future.

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Can Men Really Re-Grow Foreskins?

Eric at Foregen

Savas Abadsidis chats with Eric Clopper about the new medical technology that may help circumcised men regrow a fully functional foreskin.

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