A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 2)


The ambulance. I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the ambulance in Part 1.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

the art of doing nothing

When was the last time you went through the entire weekend without checking email?

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Too Busy For Sex? What To Do


Dr. Stephen Petteruti talks about how to train and plan for sex so you never find yourself saying “too busy” again.

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7 Reasons Your Sex Matters When It Comes To Health

gender medicine man doctor

Jed Diamond investigates the ways in which the female and male bodies tend to be medically different, and require different treatments and approaches for the same conditions.

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Stressed Out Men Are A Turnoff; Learn To Turn Stress Off

stressed photo by Hotfield

We know reducing stress can help your health. What about your love life?

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A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 1)


Tweet This morning, clad only in a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs, I stepped on the chilly glass of the digital scale in my bathroom. — As the numbers “172” began to flash, I pondered how this same exact scale read “222” only 24 months ago. I used to dread looking down to see the […]

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Empathy and the Gendered Brain: 7 Things Men and Women Need to Know


Yes, men can be naturally empathetic. But like a lot of other findings in the field of gender-specific medicine, men may express these traits differently than women do.

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10 Things About Sperm That May Surprise You


A quick primer on the seed of life.

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Recipe for a Flat Stomach


How to put down the beer, and pick up a barbell.

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Guys, If You Want To Live a Long Time, You Need To Manage and Prevent Diabetes


Dr. Osama Hamdy explains how losing just a little bit of weight – the healthy way – can change your medical outlook.

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What Every Man Should Know About Menopause


Tweet Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains how understanding menopause can help prevent couples from simply toddling off into old age but instead, embracing it. Any man who makes the bold attempt to spend the arc of his life with a woman would be wise to understand menopause. This event is second only to childbirth in its impact […]

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Tony Horton Gets Candid About His Latest Book, The Big Picture


The inventor of P90X found success and happiness in helping others fulfill their fitness goals. But none of it came without a whole lot of work. Lauren Lobley reports.

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The Good Thing About Injuries


Tweet Injuries are part of sports and exercise. Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains how to make them a positive thing. I’m a firm believer in anti-aging medicine. Not as a pill, or hormone, but as a way of living. A pursuit. The brave fight against the ticking clock. Marching all of our forces to fight the […]

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Three Persistent Myths about Heroin use and Overdose Deaths

Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan

Myths matter. Only by a clear understanding of the life course of heroin dependence, and the ways in which the drug kills, can we make evidence-based interventions to help people.

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Explore Your Space: On Noticing the Wonders Around You


Extreme athlete Dane Rauschenberg with an essay about the unappreciated art of traveling without traveling.

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How NOT to Motivate People to Lose Weight


James Fell takes to task authors and trainers who fat-shame and refuse to see the science behind fitness and health.

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