Manopause and Men’s Health

Manopause and Men’s Health jeronimoooooooo:Flickr

Is the 70 year controversy over Manopause coming to an end?

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4 Top Fitness Trends: It’s All About Longevity

sunset soccer kick 600

Fitness hacking, Plasma-rich-platelet injections, concussions & how sitting is killing you.

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The First Half of Your Life Doesn’t Determine the Second Half

james fell

James Fell has a few wise words on how to take control of the rest of your life – for health and happiness.

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Men Have Higher Rates of Skin Cancer, But Women See The Dermatologist More


Joanna Schroeder wants guys to take advantage of the tools at their disposal in helping save their own lives.

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5 Reasons To Start Running That Aren’t Weight Loss


If you’re able, running could save your life and make it more enjoyable. Here are five ways running could do just that, and none of them are about looking a certain way.

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How to Recover Like a Younger You


Remember your 20s? Food science expert shares 5 nutrients that help you feel younger.

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How Do You Yoga?


If yoga is for everyone, then why are so many people arguing about the what the “right” yoga is?

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Where’s the Beef? One Man’s Journey From Burgers to Broccoli

Real Men Eat Plants

Barbeques, beer, and broccoli? Fitness coach Andrew Raines says eating your greens is the manly thing to do.

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What It’s Like When You Weigh 380 Pounds and Order a Salad


It doesn’t matter that the giggles may not have been directed at him. Tony Posnanski shares a powerful moment in his recovery from food addiction.

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Just Redefine It: My Broken Neck, CrossFit and Kevin Ogar

Kevin Ogar

With a broken neck and chronic pain of her own, Alyssa Royse knows exactly why the paraplegic CrossFit superstar has stayed loyal to his workouts.

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How to be Brave


Three steps to being brave.

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Bodybuilder & Neurosurgeon Debunks 5 Training Myths

Weight lifter

What you don’t know — and what you think you know — can hurt you, says Dr. Brett Osborn.

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Sudoku & Exercise: Which One is Making You Smarter?

Ted and Lauren running

UCLA professor of neuroscience says that exercise – not your morning crossword – is the key to brain function. Lauren Lobley has the scoop.

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Why Does Everything Have to Be SOOO Amazing For You?

Why Does Everything Have to Be So Amazing

Why do we need to be epic and amazing at everything? Why can’t we just enjoy and explore movement?

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Blow Your Own Mind: From Party Guy to Endurance Athlete

Ted post tahoe trail 100

While ripping down a mountain at 40 MPH on a bike, Ted McDonald realized that he’s finally becoming the man he wants to be.

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Muscles: Are You a Grower Or a Show-er?

Pitt vs Jackman

Each type requires a different fitness regime. Matt Wilson explains how.

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