Could The Quickest Way for Men to Lose Weight be to Stop Dieting?


Tired of dieting? Wellness coach, Jason Gootman, thinks you should stop. And he thinks it will help you lose weight. Find out what he’s talking about.

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How To Get More Men Using Condoms — Put The Pleasure Back Into Sex


Putting pleasure and excitement at the heart of our discussions with young men provides us with a coherent, inclusive and meaningful starting point from which to talk about sex.

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A 5-Minute Guide to Understanding Depression

A 5-Minute by Craig Sunter

Depression affects more than 6 million men in America each year—and more who don’t recognize its symptoms or are ashamed to seek treatment.

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Remembering Robin Williams: If You are Depressed, GET HELP!


Robin Williams died on August 11th, 2014. It affected me deeply—it was a catalyst which pushed me taking my mental health seriously.

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Working Out vs. Playing Out


Maybe working out is boring and chore-like because it’s so utterly devoid of randomness and playfulness. Maybe it’s time to take the “work” out of working out.

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Do You Honor Your Precious Skin?


Learning to shave later in life, and why a man must teach his sons.

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Looking Through “Depressing” Tweets


Matthew Rozsa explores the latest Twitter trend, #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs.

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If a Vegan Diet can Power a NFL Defensive Lineman, can Plants Power You too?

plant based athlete

How can a 300lb pro football player maintain muscle mass on a plant based diet? David Carter, defenssive lineman in the NFL, shares his top 4 tips for how he stays strong.

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3 Non-Prescription Ways to Enhance Male Performance

3 Non-Prescription by Charlie Phillips

Jordan Kozey wanted to get his manly mojo back without big pharma. And he found some ways that worked.

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Plyometrics and HIIT

air squat - calf raise 588

Interval training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) is all the rage these days and I’m no exception in believing it’s benefits. It’s simple to do, doesn’t take a lot of time and you don’t need equipment. You can use your body and the willingness to push hard for short periods of time; intervals.

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The Healing Power of Compassion

wall by bob hudson flickr 4967295017_bb4b38ded1_z

Dr. Edward Adams talks about how to elicit men’s compassion towards themselves and others.  Ben was a wounded man. His wife divorced him to marry her lover and moved far away making it inaccessible and expensive for Ben to father his three children in a meaningful way. He defined himself as “a man reduced to […]

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Healthy Aging for Men Means Making New Friends

male friends

Social isolation contributes to a shorter life span. This kind of friend can be the antidote.

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Are You a Summer Grill Guy? Here’s 5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy Watermelon


August 3 is National Watermelon Day (duh). Celebrity Nutritionist, Peggy K, has tricks to guarantee your enjoyment of this summer fruit in new and different ways!

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Owning Your Own Shadow


So many of us go through our lives without ever looking inside and without ever contemplating whether we’re doing the “right” thing. Most of us aren’t willing to look closely at our behavior to see how we fit into society. How did we get to where we are? Do we like ourselves?

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One Silent Killer of Relationships, Careers, and Dreams


You could be dealing with something that affects guys most of their life that’s left untreated. — Your wedding day comes and the “I Do’s” are said. All you can think of is “and they lived happily ever after,” just like all the fairy tales you read as a little girl. Time passes, and everything […]

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Do You Move Like a Man?

Do you move like a man

Cass Phelps believes that the way men have stopped moving in these modern times is creating a “dampening of the spirit.”

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