Most People Make One Simple Mistake That Screws Up Their Fitness Goals – Here’s How To Avoid It


Creating healthy habits — not binge diets or boots camps — is the true secret to getting in shape.

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4 Ways To Bust Out of Your Gym Rut

Collin Messer 1st post

Peak performance coach Collin Messer says these 4 tips will gain you steady progress.

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It’s Okay to Cry.

JH 2-2015 group shot 600

So many of us get into a job, fall into a routine and miss out on all the amazing, fun and exciting things to do in life! I recently read something that Einstein said. “How many people are trapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we’re living.” Now is your time to choose!

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Soul-Searching of an American Insomniac

Insomnia 2

I am an American and an insomniac … and that link is not coincidental.

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Ask Dr. Austin: Stomach Fat & Your Back – What you Need to Know

stomach fat 1

Dr. Austin Davis explains why you’ve got excess weight around your middle, and how it could be negatively affecting your back.

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If You’re Considering Suicide

man darkness photo by sopasnor

“A few years ago, I was seriously depressed, looking for a reason to stay alive. I couldn’t find one. Now I’d like to help others.”

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8 Reasons Why Men Suck at Self Care

RSO&I/FE '07'

In a world of so much pressure and craziness, you might think we would be a bit more enlightened about healthy self care in our current age.

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Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous


How does your sleep compare to famous men from history (and Margaret Thatcher)?

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How A Home Gym Helped Me Stick to An Exercise Routine

Home gym post

5 reasons to consider working out at home instead of at the gym, from Good Men Project newcomer, Logan Bryant.

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‘Bigorexia’ and the Male Quest For More Muscle


James Fell explains that the extreme workouts and diets actors like Hugh Jackman and Terry Crews endure can set the average man up for a deep sense of inadequacy.

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Ask Dr. Austin: What does a Chiropractor do?


Ever wondered what a chiropractor does, and how it could improve your life? Dr. Austin explains the nuts and bolts behind the practice.

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The Value of a Smile in Overcoming PTSD

smiling clerk

Dr. Ari DeLevie shares a personal experience that reminded him why people with PTSD need to smile more.

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The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty


Welcome to the Beauty Myth, boys.

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3 Beliefs That Keep Me Whole


How satisfaction in life flows from creating meaning

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Reflections of a Mental Health Care Intern

reflections by hiking artist

Ariel Gordon shares some insights from her work in mental health care.

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The Benefits of Walking in the Face of Your Fears

fear of falling

Avoiding things that you fear only increases your anxiety. Here’s how to face fear head on.

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