3 Ways to Reduce Spending for the Holidays


I love to give the gift of time rather than an item for birthdays or holidays. The holidays are a stressful time of year. There are parties to attend and throw, gifts to buy and wrap (and put on a credit card), decorations to buy and put up. There are cookies to bake, candy to […]

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Rudolph’s Dad Is a Jerk: What My Daughter Taught Me About Modern Christmas


Jim Gray watches his all-time favorite Christmas Special with his daughter, and is taken aback by her insightfulness. When did things change?

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5 Worst Christmas Songs Ever


Tor Constantino is not a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas cheer, but to these songs he says, “Bah humbug!”

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7 Steps to Surviving Dysfunctional Holiday Gatherings

7 Steps to Surviving by MOVIECLIPS

You’ll thank Thomas Fiffer for this helpful guide to surviving hellish holiday dysfunction.

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Patriotism Is Perplexing

flag copy

  Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that patriotism isn’t just red, white and blue or merely black and white, either. This Independence Day holiday has been unique for me. For the first time in a while, I’ve considered how perplexing patriotism can be. For the past few years I sat along the Charles River on the Cambridge […]

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I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

happy holidays photo by C K Hartman

Michael L. Stoller would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays. Shouldn’t that suffice?

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A Mother, A Son, A Metal Christmas Tree

sincerest tree

It’s not the tree that matters. It’s the memories.

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What Happens When Santa Doesn’t Deliver

santa photo by bart fields

Craig Playstead is humbled—once again—by his son and a simple truth about Santa.

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Why I’m Not Threatened by the “War” on Christmas

war on chrismas photo by nicholas jones

It’s the secularism, gluttony and consumerism threatening our most glorious holiday that gives me that warm Christmas feeling.

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The Call of the Red Suit: Santa is Still Here

I love my Merrimack Hall kids. Heck, I just love being Santa.

Santa Bob has a new heart and will be listening to the secret wishes of children and adults for many years to come.

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The Caroling Protocol

caroling protocol

CJ Kaplan is surprised by some visitors of Christmas present.

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The Call of the Red Suit: Santa Needs a Miracle

Every Santa needs a Santa Chair.

A heart attack lead to unbelievable news – Santa Bob needed a new heart. Bob Boyer writes about his journey from transplant patient back to the Red Suit.

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The Call of the Red Suit: Becoming Santa

Santa Bob

Being Santa is a calling, and when the red suit called, Bob Boyer answered.

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Why Men Don’t Like Decorating for the Holidays


In all the ways decorating can feel feminine, men can feel inadequate

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Have Yourself A Tacky Christmas: Thanks for the Vacuum (and by Thanks I Mean Where’s My Real Present)

hoover detail

Give her the gift that sucks year round.

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Are You Okay With a Black Santa?

black santa billboard

Danny explores whether the “Can Santa Be a Black Man?” bulletin board was inherently racist.

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