Islam’s Way To End Violence Against Women? Civilized Men.


Qasim Rashid sets the record straight when it comes to dealing with the real reason violence against women exists, and how to solve this issue.

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Cutting our food bill by a third for Lent


With so many people genuinely struggling to make ends meet and put food on their tables, it felt like it would be good to remind ourselves what it can feel like to struggle to pay for our most basic needs.

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The Theology of Toys

gifts under tree

We need only go deeper than our wounds, habits and opinions to return to our original joy

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To Be Like Jesus, Does Meekness Mean Weakness?


Gil Flores shares his thoughts on the Christmas season and what the way of Jesus shows us about meekness.

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Tattooed Jesus? Rethinking A Warrior Theology

buff Jesus

Both men and women were created in the image of God, thus God must portray both masculine and feminine traits. So why do we only hear about the masculine ones?

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Call for Submissions: Our New ‘Good For the Soul’ Section

Large version meditating man

At the Good Men Project we are all about having the conversation no one else is having — in all areas relevant to being a male in the 21st century, from work to relationships to gender and sexuality. Now we’ve decided to take that conversation to the heart of spirituality and faith.

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God and a Crimson Porsche

crimson porsche photo by thedalogs

Who do you call on when nothing else will help? Jason Helveston watches a story unfold before his eyes and gains insights.

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Why Honest Faith Requires Honest Doubt


How do you deal with doubt in your own spiritual journey?

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The Black Church: Slain in the Spirit or Out For the Count?

Pastor Tyler

The black church represents—more often than not—a time where the pulpit is laced with bulls*** and the pews and are filled with few. The disconnectedness in faith and freedom prompts the question: is the black church slain in the spirit or out for the count?

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Confessions of a Believer

sandoz gmp spirituality horiz

Jason Helveston was always a believer. And for a believer, doubt is perceived as the enemy. Can that enemy be faced with opportunity and grace?

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The Gospel According to Facebook: Evangelism in the 21st Century?


Can you “Like” your way into heaven?

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A Manly Walk Away from Sin

Tone Bennett

Faced with temptation, one young minister remembers his parent’s voice, and his promise to live holy.

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The Bible Only Tells One Story


Biblical characters are often not examples of righteous living but a reminder that no matter what happen we can always find our way back to God.

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The Jewish Guy at Mass


Pete Wilgoren reflects on raising children in a mixed religion family

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But Now I See: An Urgent Call to My Fellow Evangelicals


How should Christians respond to hateful laws towards LGBTQ communities?

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What My Daughter and Her Sleeping Habits Taught Me About God’s Love


I stood behind the door wanting to fly in with my red cape, but I can’t this time.

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