The Way Passers by Respond to a Woman Attacking a Man in the Street Will Take You By Surprise


A new video showing our different responses to violence against men and violence against women is taking the internet by storm.

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Why Do Men Still Love the Film The Great Escape?

Film "The Great Escape" 1963

To mark the 70th anniversary of the mass escape from Stalag Luft III, Glen Poole examines the enduring masculine appeal of the Great Escape

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Five Reasons Men Love to Leave Christmas Shopping Until the Last Minute


Men over the world men are proving their is truth in the rumour that we shop late for Christmas. So why is that?

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I Used to Think it was a Man’s World and Then I Became a Dad

A Dad and Pram Baby

UK Daddy Blogger John Adams says he’s celebrating International Men’s Day this year, something he wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before he experienced fatherhood.

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International Men’s Movement Gathers in Australia

Australian Men's Health Gathering Brisbane

Some of the world’s leading thinkers on men’s issues are heading to Australia this week for what is probably the world’s biggest conference on men’s issues. Our International Men’s Movement editor, Glen Poole, will be there.

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Four Ways Great Dads Are Discriminated Against and What We Can Do About It


Could equal rights for fathers be the key to helping more mums and dads to have it all?

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Men, We Have a Problem With Online Abuse

online abuse gender

Shouldn’t we be pleased that men who abuse women online are being held to account?

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Are Men or Women Better at Teaching Boys?

Male Friendly Teachers

Professor Miles Groth says it’s attitude, not gender, that makes for a good teacher of boys and young men.

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How Do I Protect my Son?

Father Son Surfing

Australian dad-to-be and men’s counsellor, Adam Blanch, shares his fears of raising his son in a world of changing gender relations.

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Does the World Need a Global Men’s Movement?

Global Men's Movement

An online poll has sparked a lively debate between the different factions of the global men’s movement.

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Why We Have To Talk About Male Victims of Domestic Violence

male victims domestic violence

Nick Smithers works for a Scottish charity that wants male victims to be included in the public perception of domestic violence.

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Is Lady Di the Perfect Parenting Role Model for New Royal Dad?

Royal Father Baby

The birth of a royal baby has sparked a debate about who Prince William should look to as his parenting role model—his mum or his dad?

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Schoolboys in Skirts Fight Sexism

Sexism Against Boys

Could teenage boys protesting in skirts create gender equality for men and women?

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Mayor of London in Malaysian Sexism Scandal

Boris Johnson London Mayor

The Mayor of London stumbled into a sexism scandal last week, so what did he say and just how sexist was his remark?

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Introducing Canada’s New Centre for Men and Families

Canada Flag

The Canadian Association for Equality has launched its latest initiative for men in Toronto last month. Who are they, what is it, and why should we care?

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Why is Samuel L Jackson Calling Men Dumb?

Samuel L Jackson dumb

Is getting celebrities to tell men they’re dumb the best way to prevent male cancer?

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