Sex and Tarot: Surprisingly Good Combination


Natalie Vartanian’s used to looking for insight in unusual places, but not used to finding quite this much.

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Why I Gave Online Dating its Pink Slip

online dating

Natalie Vartanian, on why she decided to let go of online dating. —- How long would you say is a good amount of time to give something a go before you let it go? 1? 5? 10 years? How about 15? Well that is how long I have been online dating. 15 years. On and […]

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Second Dates Guaranteed

b and w kiss

Natalie Vartanian offers guys one single tip on how to turn a first date into something more.

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Unconventional People Need Love Too


We can’t keep thinking that one size fits all when it comes to romance.

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Love Advice from Mr. Unicorn


Natalie Vartanian talks about what she learned from the Best Boyfriend Ever.

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Lessons Learned Getting Back on the ‘Dating Horse’


Haven’t been in the market for a while? You may be afraid you’ve lost your swing.

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Purge, Forgive and Thank your Ex


An honest woman’s perspective on letting go of a man who wasn’t right for me.

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Just Be Your Damn Self


Want to be liked? Then rock out with… whatever you’ve got out.

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Timing Isn’t Everything, But It’s Enough


You can’t hurry love… or can you?

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The Dichotomies of Open Relationships


Natalie Vartanian talks about how to explore beyond monogamy.

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Break Ups: A Bitch or a Blessing?


Understanding one woman’s perspective on a painful breakup.

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Story of a Recovering Man Hater



Getting past the hang-ups and insecurities that make men feel scary or hostile.

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Take Care of Your Lover


Love is a verb. Act like it.

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