Adam Cohen and the Warm Shadow of His Legendary Father


Joanna Schroeder interviews musician Adam Cohen about love, success, and the perilous allure of pursuing fame over art.

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The Nick Flynn Interview

Nick Flynn

Tom Matlack interviews Nick Flynn, author of “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” and “The Ticking Is the Bomb.”

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Michael Guglielmo: Family Man, Ex-Con, Savior


After 17 years in prison for eight counts of attempted murder of a police officer, Michael Guglielmo became the country’s most successful bone-marrow recruiter in an effort to save his dying son.

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Comic Rob Delaney on Porn, Sobriety, Twitter, and Feminism


Delaney talks sobriety, why he’s a feminist, honesty, and the finer points of his social network of choice.

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Is Being a Cat Guy Manly? Mark Moll Says Yes

Biker Cat Guy

L.A. ad wiz Mark Moll is a football-watching, beer-drinking, pickup-hoops-playing guy’s guy who also happens to be a devoted cat owner. Now more than ever, men are proud to call themselves Cat Guys.

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A Conversation With Steve Buckley

buck pic

After Boston Herald columnist and sports-radio personality Steve Buckley had his “coming-out party”, we talked about the reaction of the Boston sports world, from the fan on the street to the owner of the Patriots.

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Behind ‘The Fighter’ With Filmmaker Keith Dorrington

Dorrington Headshot

Keith Dorrington left a lucrative career to pursue his love of film. His documentary about a local boxer’s comeback inspired the award-winning feature film “The Fighter.”

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Man-to-Man With Russell Simmons


Fresh off the release of his new book Super Rich, hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons shares the secrets of his success.

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Man to Man With Dave Carnie


The editor in chief of the defunct but highly influential magazine Big Brother Skateboarding talks about abusing his penis, the “Jackass” guys, and his first book, “Boob.”

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Man-to-Man With Doug Flutie

Division 1 College Sports Award Launch

We catch up with legendary quarterback Doug Flutie to discuss the Capital One Cup, politics, the art of catching a foul ball, and, of course, being a good man.

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A Conversation with David Thompson, Writer of ‘The Scottsboro Boys’


Pages: 1 2 3

Tom Matlack talks to the acclaimed writer about his show and its protesters, the myth of a post-racial era, and dialogue as a force for good.

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Man-to-Man with Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky-1 (1)

Dr. Drew Pinsky on treating celebrities, his own struggles with codependency, and being confused with Dr. Phil.

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Man-to-Man with Todd Mauldin


Todd Mauldin, a bluesman and Good Men Project Magazine contributor, gives better advice than most of the celebrities we interview.

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Exclusive Interview with David Kohan

shit my dad says

Tom Matlack talks manhood, fatherhood, sexuality (and profanity!) with David Kohan.

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Man-to-Man With Michael Schiavo

Poet Michael Schiavo, author of “The Mad Song,” recommends Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Essays” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

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Man-to-Man with Nick Flynn

Author Nick Flynn (“Another Bullshit Night in Suck City”) on fatherly limitations, weeping when the mood strikes, and learning about manhood from his mother’s many boyfriends.

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