Three Ways to Strengthen Your Family

successful parenting

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin doesn’t think your relationship should come second to parenting. Taking care of your relationship will make you a better parent.

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9 Things I Learned From My Parents’ Divorce

divorce, family, children, parents

TaLisa’s parents divorced when she was a child. Here’s what it taught her about how parenting and relationships intersect.

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Results of comment poll for, “You don’t want sex? Ever!”

Sharing a moment

The results are in. See what you had to say when sex is not on the table – or under it for that matter.

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Comedian Alex Falcone on Bringing the Romance

Alex Falcone, sexting, marriage, parenting

Alex Falcone thinks his wife could maybe improve her sexting skills …

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Do You Hate Your Ex More Than You Love Your Kids?

kids, divorce, parents, marriage

Ben Stich knows you love your kids more than you hate your ex. Here’s how you can show it.

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Affair Repair: Four Ingredients for Healing After Betrayal

affair repair

Amy Daves specializes in helping couples recover from betrayal. She simplifies this painful process into bite-sized pieces.

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Two Hearts … No, Make That Three.

three hearts, marriage, love, children

When Stephane Wahl and her husband, Mike’s, daughter was born with a heart defect, it added a new level of complexity to their marriage.

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Everything I Need to Know About Marriage, I Can Learn From a Sports Movie


“All your strength. All your power. Everything you’ve got. Right now.” -Duke, Rocky IV

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Am I a Bad Dad? Am I a Bad Husband?

dads, fathers, husbands, helping with kids, changing diapers

Nature or Nurture? Todd Adams wonders whether that question matters when it comes to being a good husband and father.

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3 Ways to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage, (Even with Kids)!

romance with kids

You don’t have to throw the romance out when kids come along. Andy Smithson shows you how to stay connected no matter what.

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GMP Video: Talking About Sex and Marriage

selfie, youtube, married sex

We’re crowdsourcing a video of everyday people talking about sex and marriage on the Good Men Project’s YouTube channel!

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“You don’t want sex? Ever!”

No sex

What’s a guy supposed to do when his partner tells him she doesn’t want to have sex anymore?

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Call for Submissions: Marriage and Parenthood

parenting, marriage, relationships

We want to hear from you about how you balance your marriage and your kids.

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We Used to Be in Love, But Now? 5 Tips for Sustainable Love

break up

Christian Pedersen knows that there is work—real, honest work—involved in keeping love sustained.

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Great Sex Doesn’t Happen When You’re Sitting Still

Great sex

Dan Bolton knows the secret to better sex. Hint: You’ll have to move.

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She’s Coming at 10…Is Scheduled Sex Sexy?

scheduled sex by dawn huczek

Hilary Silver knows something we don’t. Scheduling sex is sexy.

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