Time Machine: 6 Things I Wish I’d Known About Marriage When I Was 26

joanna Ivan

There’s no such thing as unconditional love for your spouse. Really.

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Do I Owe it to My Spouse to Stay?

owe spouse

Lisa Arends says “no” but offers 7 things that all relationships deserve.

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Great Sex Won’t Help Your Not-So-Great Marriage


Great sex is great—says a self-confessed sex addict. But mastering technique doesn’t guarantee long-term satisfaction.

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How’d You Bring Your Marriage from the Brink?

from the brink

Not every marriage can be saved. If yours was, GMP wants to learn from your experience. Now accepting submissions.

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10 Reasons Christmas Makes Me Love My Husband Even More

New Year's Eve last year

Holidays weren’t always simple for Joanna Schroeder and her husband. But over the years they’ve come into traditions that bring them closer every year.

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12 Christmas Stress Tips To Get You Through The Holidays

Is That Real?

Dr. Steve gives us some tips on how to chill during the holiday rush – without taking drugs!

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Calling All Catcallers, I Want to Say Thanks!

catcalling men

You guys know who you are, and Tim Bell just wants you to know you’re making his life a whole lot easier!

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5 Ways To Survive Seasonal Widowhood

beer and football

A tongue-in-cheek look at getting through what, for some, is the darkest season of all.

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Don’t Marry Someone For Their Good Qualities. Marry Them for Their Faults.

mandy lackey

Sue Nador re-examined her husband’s “faults” and made her relationship stronger.

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When She Uses Your Feelings as a Weapon


“Let her know how I feel? Are you crazy? The last time I did that, she threw it in my face the very next time we had an argument. I felt like a fool for letting my guard down with her.”

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Dear Spouse: I Can’t Get Close Until You Back Off

Woman comforting anxious husband

She chases. He retreats. This pattern destroys marriages. Steve Horsman intervenes.

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Why Marriage is Just Like Baseball


The best marriages are built on teamwork. Whether you strike out or hit it out of the park, you’ll have another chance at bat.

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Can You Act Silly And Still Be A Man

The height of silly.

Silly is for kids and comedians. Steven Lake explores the forces that make silly and manly mutually exclusive.

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In Marriage No One Can Hear You Scream

Archie and Edith

Has marriage outlived its purpose? Ira Israel would like to know.

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How Soon is Too Soon to Start Dating After a Loss?

couple in the park

It’s hard to move past the loss of the one you love, but if life is short should we not try to seek out as much happiness and joy as possible?

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Why Some Happily Married People Cheat


“Routine and predictability, the two pillars of stability, tend to stifle erotic spontaneity and creativity.”

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