See Jane Ask for a Separation. Guess Who’s Not Leaving?

See Jane Ask for Separation photo by Daniela Vladimirova

Despite his optimism, John gets blindsided by Jane’s request to separate. Now he is confused more than ever about what to do next. What would you do?

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Love Your Imperfect Marriage and it will Love You Back

A Good Marriage

Relationships are a collision of worlds. When love chooses you, it is beautifully chaotic.

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How Much Attention Should You Give Your Wife?

We all need attention.

Does “emotional vampire” come to mind when you think of your wife’s need for attention? If so, Dr. Steve suggests you look in the mirror and see if there is a reflection.

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How to Stay After You’ve Considered Leaving

how to stay

You know it doesn’t work when one or both of you have one foot in and one foot out. Heather Gray guides you on what to do next.

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5 Secrets to Parenting as Partners


We have more to navigate as parents nowadays, so we can’t rely on traditional roles anymore.

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Marriage Takes More Will Than Want

couple cuddling on the couch

Lasting marriages are made up of lots of “I don’t want to but I will” moments. That’s just part of love.

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John Tries to Save His Marriage. Jane Isn’t Buying It.

Jane Isnt Buying It photo by Marta Pietruszka

John just gave Jane the speech of his lifetime. Jane isn’t buying it. Then John asks the wrong question.

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The Most Ridiculed Piece of Marriage Advice Might Be the Smartest.

Craziest Piece of Marriage Advice

Elli Purtell has a radical, improbable solution to the marriage statistics that just might be crazy enough to work.

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Sure, You Have Money, But Do You Have A Life?

Money or love?

Sometimes, getting ahead means falling behind in your relationship. Steven Lake examines the choice between Lifestyle and Money. Or is it a choice?

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20 Ways to Love Your Lover: Small Things Men Can Do That Mean Everything

love notes

What really matters to a woman are the small things that let her know you are thinking of her.

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Is “Tradition” What’s Wrong With Marriage?

Nontraditional marriages

How are you defying the odds of marriage? What are your traditions that are defying tradition? Now collecting submissions.

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Fixing the #1 Couples Communication Problem

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.43.49 AM

Please tell me what you want, not what I have to do.

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The Best Thing About My Husband Being Computer Illiterate

older couple and cell phone

View image | A wife realizes her frustration was really a blessing in disguise. — My husband and I speak two different languages when it comes to communication. I speak digital, own more than one computer, an iPad and a smart phone. I text, use Skype, and an assortment of apps that make my life […]

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See Jane Threaten Divorce Again. What Should John do This Time?

threaten divorce

When Jane repeats a familiar threat, John says something that even surprised him.

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You’re So Sweet: What To Say When Reacting To Your Partner’s Annoying Habits

How sweet it is.

An accidental statement becomes a way out of old habitual ways if interacting. How sweet it is!

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See Jane Get Angry. Watch John Make This Common Mistake.

angry wife

Jane is angry. John is about to make a big mistake. What should John do instead?

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