How to Find (and Keep) the Love of Your Life


8 things you may not know

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A Guy Won A Free Vacation, But Couldn’t Take His Wife, So He Made A Hilariously Miserable Photo Album

sad photo album

Kevin Blandford clearly had a terrible time.

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What Should Your Vows Have Been?

wedding vows

Most of the promises we make don’t reflect real-life love beyond the ceremony. If you could re-write your vows, what would they be?

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A Simple Shift to Make Your Marriage Better

A Simple Shift by David Goehring

Quentin Hafner suggests celebrating your spouse with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate your kids.

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3 Ways to Keep Great Sex from Becoming Mediocre

keeping great sex

You know your partner like the back of your hand. Make sparks by forgetting all of that.

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10 Intimacy Breaking Behaviors That Will Make Your Life Hell

Wrong move bro

Why do men and women dive into relationship, then do everything to avoid intimacy?

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Husband Records Love Letter from 5 Different Countries

Seth Adam Smith Anniversary

How do you stay close when you have to travel? If you’re Seth Adam Smith, you do this.

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Forgotten Childhood Traumas


These past echoes can destroy your marriage and harm your children

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If Your Relationship Feels Like Work, You May Be Doing It Wrong

you don't have to fight

Brian Haapala explains that when career and relationship are approached with the same mindset, the result is burnout.

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When You’re the Couple at the Restaurant Not Talking

couple not talking

You didn’t just run out of things to say. Richard Gatley has some guidance for how to start talking again.

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For Relationship TLC Try Date Day

Playing together

Date Night is Great, but Date Day is better. Dr. Steve explores the need for dedicated time to work and play in your relationship.

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I Don’t Love My Wife

darrell Jamison

Derrell Jamison explains why he doesn’t love his wife, at least not the way he’s “supposed” to.

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Real Love is a Marathon

real love with a rose

From new love to lasting love, relationships go through five phases.

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Why Couples Need to Buy Stock in Monkey Business

silly1 - Edited

In the midst of levity and release, play reinforces teamwork.

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The Michelangelo Marriage Manual


How modern science and ancient wisdom combine to offer new hope for couples

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How to Make Your Wife Feel Like the Luckiest Woman in The World!

How to Make by Tela Chhe

Mike Berry understands how to make the woman you’re married to feel special.

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