The Thoughtful Man’s Guide to Marrying the Right Woman


Any marriage can be a happy marriage if both spouses are committed to each other.

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How Important Is Romancing Your Partner On Valentine’s Day?

Romance all the way

From Chaucer to Shakespeare to modern researchers, Steven Lake explores the romantic gesture and Valentine’s Day. Forget it at your peril!

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Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?


After 55 years of being by his side every day, being apart was more than she could handle when my dad became ill.

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Aren’t You Just a Doormat?


I’ve “expressed my feelings” gracefully instead of saying something stupid that could be misinterpreted as a personal attack/insult towards my wife.

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In Defense of Traditional Marriage… and all the Other Options


Traditional marriage isn’t for everyone, but that’s okay.

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Is Sex So Important That You Would Leave Me and Our Kids?

Is sex so important photo

Have you ever had this conversation? It’s not really about the sex…is it?

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Hold On! The Information You’ve Been Given About Divorce is Wrong


Someone in the relationship has decided to break up the family, why shouldn’t it start with the assumption that the split is going to be a 50/50 on all counts?

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Are You Afraid Of The “C” Word?

The "C" word.

Dr. Steve explores not one, not two, but three “C” words and how they affect men’s ability to be in a long-lasting relationship

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3 Valuable Lessons I Learned About NOT Dating My Wife


It’s really easy for men to forget the romance once the kids come along.

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The 4 Secret Ingredients for a Passionate Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.15.33 PM

If you want a great marriage, you have to make it a priority. Jed Diamond on how to achieve success in relationships.

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What Super Power Would Your Wife Say You Had?


We have the opportunity on a daily basis to impress our wives, save the day for her, and take on the “bad guys” our families face.

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Are You Having Fun In Your Relationship?

Where did the fun go in your relationship?

The vagaries of life can teach us much. Steven Lake had a serious accident that brought a new level of fun into his life.

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How to Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage

couple walking in park

Keeping the flame alive is a matter of daily decisions, choices, and actions.

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Want Your Marriage to Last? Have A Good Fight.

have a good fight

“Maybe the answer lies in the fights just as much as the hugs. Maybe arguing just means you’ve hit a bump climbing the uphill together.”

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The Only Two Hacks You Need to Stay Married for Over 40 Years

older couple in love

Here’s a hint; marriages do not last when the love is based on looks and hot sex.

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My 7 Reasons for Supporting Gay Marriage

gay men marrying

Seven men, seven ex lovers, each of them a reason for her to support marriage equality, and love.

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