7 Reasons Why People Stay In Unhealthy Relationships

The distance that separates

Dr. Steve examines why leaving a dysfunctional relationship is so difficult. It’s deeper than you think.

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The Surprising Role Conflict Has In Relationships

surprising role of conflict

Justice Schanfarber knows you’re not really arguing about chores. You’re avoiding talking about this.

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The Magic of Marriage; Loving Both Sides of the Coin

man searching fridge

At first it was endearing, then irritating, then she realized it was just part of the same trait that made her love him so much.

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Evolving Men Have Two Choices – One of Them Will Ruin Your Life

Two Kinds of Evolved Men Photo

Steve Horsmon explains the critical difference between reacting to your environment and shaping it. Picking the wrong one almost never has a happy ending.

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Contemplating The Death Of My Relationship

Death becomes us.

To appreciate what you have, sometimes you have to imagine life without it.

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How to Create Epic Love in Your Relationship: Falling in Love with Falling in Love


Nate Bagley speaks on how to create epic love in your life (even if you’re already in a relationship).

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The Day I Asked My Best Friend to be My Wife

the proposal

She was all I saw, all I thought about, all I wanted, all I needed. I was terrified, but I had to ask the question.

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How to Get Your Wife in a Horse Trailer (and make her glad she did!)

How to Get Your Wife in a Horse Trailer Photo1

What does your wife know that YOU know? Steve Horsmon explains how this powerful concept builds trust and safety.

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Spicing Up Your Relationship With Micro-vacations

A good holiday.

Strapped for time? Want a holiday with your loved one? Steven Lake shows how less can be more with a micro-vacation.

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How Two Weeks Out of the Year Can Help You Have a Happy Marriage

man and woman shopping

What a 57-year-old man learned about love by celebrating his birthday.

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Real Guy Confession: Your Husband Loves Your Body

husband loves wife

Seriously, your partner can’t get enough of you

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5 Ways to Get Your Needs Met if Your Spouse Isn’t a Mind-Reader

Spouse Not Mind Reader by Melissa Mowry

Melissa Mowry, a young mom of two boys, struggled at first in her marriage, frustrated that her husband couldn’t read her mind. She realized communication was the way they’d both get what they needed and preserve harmony in their marriage.

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How Finding True Love Showed Me What a Self-Absorbed Narcissist I’d Become

In trying to figure out what love is, and whether or not he was in it, he become suspicious, confused, and noncommittal.

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How Love Changes (And Why That’s Not a Bad Thing)

cameron and husband

How has the idea of a softer, gentler, deeper love become synonymous with “boring” when in fact it’s what we all say we crave?

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Loving Men Means Never Shaming Them For Having Emotions

sensitive guys

The “macho man” stigma is getting old

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The Surprising Secret Men Wish Their Wives Knew But Never Tell Them

The Surprising Secret photo Hamed Masoumi

This interview with top men’s coach, Karen Brody, spills the beans on what men secretly crave!

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