An Open Letter to My Husband


Thank you for loving me.

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17 Lessons I’ve Learned From 17 Years of Marriage

17 Lessons by Judit Klein

Mike Berry has learned a few things about how to make a marriage happy.

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Do I Get to Ask Her to be the Woman in our Marriage?”

what the hell can I ask her photo

It’s a logical question. Can you ask her to “Woman Up”?

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Love Bites: 6 Steps To Avoid Hurting Our Partners When Fighting

The distance that separates

The reptilian brain makes communication challenging when emotionally stressed. Kyle Benson shows us how to work with this beast.

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How to Have the Same Fight Differently

fight differently

Engaged couples are told their first fight is the one that they’ll have over and over. Here’s the solution.

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Thinking About Love Behind The Wheel

carro 2

LM Dalton drives and reflects on what makes her partnership last.

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3 Things She Wants When She Says “I need you to be the man in this relationship”

3 Things She Wants Photo

If this is what she means by “being the man”, is it asking too much?

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What Love Laws Are Breaking Your Relationship?

What we don't know harms us

Kyle Benson believes we are affected by unconscious forces. These “love laws” determine relationship success or failure.

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Private Facebook Group Romance

private fb

My wife and I have a private group. Yes, a Facebook group … for just the two of us.

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Is Your Wife Ice Cold While You’re a Hot Mess?

Is your wife ice cold photo

Steve Horsmon explains why your “hot mess” of vulnerability may be pushing her farther away.

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Would You Give Your Life For The One You Love?

Selfless love

Steven Lake asks himself the ultimate knight-in-shining armor question, and discovers a few surprises.

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How My Wife And I Travel The World (Without Killing Each Other)

a husband and wife traveling together

It’s about silence, strengths, fights, and why NOT thinking of each other as a soul mate is actually a good thing.

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3 Urgent Divorced Guy Secrets for My Struggling Married Brothers

3 Urgent Divorced Guy Secrets photo

It’s funny how divorce opens your eyes to things you never realized when you were married.

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Your Soulmate Will Always Cause Problems

Which way to the land of bliss?

When looking for perfect compatibility we may be overlooking priceless gems. Kyle Benson shows us the value of accepting imperfection.

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Marriage Struggles: The Partner With The Least Desire Controls Sex

No sex tonight

We mix up sex, intimacy and desire with disastrous results. Kyle Benson guides us through this slippery topic.

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Our Marriage—the Steam Train

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.34.21 PM

Marriage is that sturdy, long-distance engine in need of constant energy.

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