When “Check Your Male Privilege” Becomes a Bludgeon


Mark Greene believes a monolithic view of male privilege will impede progress toward gender equality.

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Now That I Have Checked My Male Privilege…


JJ Vaughan believes men, while unable to see their privilege, are also unable to see their disadvantage.

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Why ‘Manning Up’ is the Worst Thing You Can Do


How we can heal male trauma and the resulting illnesses it creates.

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Rubio vs Trump: Religious Anarchy or Religious Surveillance?


Okay, so where are we going with this, guys?

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From 50 Plus Year Old Confirmed Bachelor to Full Time Dad


Lawrence Samuel never expected to become a Dad later in life. Now he can’t imagine being otherwise.

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Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Muslim IDs for Americans


Donald Trump is throwing American religious freedom under the campaign bus.

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Why the Endless Arguments? Caring Curiosity vs. Hostile Curiosity


Do we attack or do we inquire? Do we seek to connect or to dominate?

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Who is the Modern Man?

modern man

The New York Times tried to define him and failed. John Glass is trying now. Should we be defining him? Isn’t it up to men to define themselves?

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In Defense of Men Who Say, ‘We’re Pregnant’


Is the man saying “My body has a child in it?” I think not.

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Why Are Death Rates Rising for Middle Aged White Americans?


The cult of emotional toughness and the constant drumbeat of bootstrap thinking among whites has unleashed an epidemic of social isolation.

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How the Man Box Can Kill Our Sons Now or Decades from Now


Bullying and murder are bad enough, but the meta risk factors of the Man Box can kill our sons decades in the future.

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Dads Are 24/7 Improvement Machines


Your baby is placed in your arms and you start learning. Written in partnership with Toyota and #TheToyotaEffect.

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You Are Not Destined to Be The Man Others Tell You To Be

choose man to be

Your destiny is to be the man you choose to be.

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I Was Scared to Death. My 14 Year Old Son Got Me Through It


Rock climbing on Mohonk Mountain, Bill Reynolds’ 14-year-old son helped him get past the Lemon Squeeze.

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US Troops Ordered to Turn a Blind Eye to Child Rape By Afghani Troops


There was a startling report this week that U.S. troops were told to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse and enslavement of young boys by Afghani army commanders.

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Discussion: A TV Comedy Titled Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Really?


This comedy show’s title implies that woman can never represent a psychological or physical threat to a man. That women can’t be stalkers or abusers. We know this is not true.

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