If You Have Kids, This Ad Will Change Your View of War


A young girl’s life is turned upside down by the chaos and loss of war in a “one second a day” video.

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Edward Snowden Speaks Via Video Feed at SXSW In Austin


Edward Snowden addressed the SXSW audience on issues of privacy and security on the net. Here’s some of the response on #SXSnowden

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Dark Waters


Sleep is one of the unspoken fears of new parents. When our children sleep, we put our hands to their chests to check their breathing. Night is when sickness strikes.

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Black Male Achievement ≠ White Male Failure


There is increasing backlash from white men who feel vilified and targeted as being the source of all cultural ills.

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What Does “Sexual Success” Mean?


There’s a way out of the trap of sexual success. All you need to do is redefine what it means.

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VIDEO BREAK: Dogs Shaking Off Water + Super Slow Mo = Hilarious


State of the art high speed video and good natured soaking wet dogs shaking off. Say goodbye the the finer social graces for a few mesmerizing minutes.

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Why Men’s Friendships Can Feel So EMPTY


Men’s avoidance of emotional risk when making friends can often result in friendships that are impersonal and inauthentic.

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I’m Doing What I Love…and I Want Everyone To Feel This Way

I took the leap...and love what I found.

After working at jobs he liked, Dillan DiGiovanni took the chance and jumped into what would become his First Love.

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VIDEO BREAK: 60 Seconds of Kick Ass Baby Kung Fu


C’mon over and see this darn baby video! S’FUNNY!

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POWERFUL VIDEO: Bikers Standing Guard for Abused Children


This will make your day! Bikers Against Child Abuse make it their mission to support and protect children who are abused.

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Respect for Stay at Home Dads? Nine Reasons Why We’re Not There Yet


Stay-at-home dads look forward to a time when there are no articles about stay-at-home dads, because there is nothing seen as unusual about it.

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Standing Up For Dads: An Open Letter to the Chicago Tribune


Modern Village Founder Lisa Duggan responds to Janna Karvundis’s self-confessed angry rant on Stay at Home Dads.

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The Perfect Little Video One Dad Can’t Stop Watching: A Child Discovers Rain


The miraculous moment of a child’s discovery is caught perfectly in this little video.

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AMAZING VIDEO: Super Heated Volcanic Flow Spawns Series of Tornados


In a YouTube video posted by Photovolcanica, a pyroclastic flow is followed by series of tornados on the slopes of Indonesia’s Sinabung Volcano

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Why I’m Glad Bill Nye Debated Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham


Mark Greene believes we all have to engage the debate that Bill Nye took on.

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Babies And the Rebirth of Men


I wasn’t ready to be with a baby. I didn’t understand the rhythm of it. What was the beginning, middle, and end of this task?

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