Why We Need to Keep the Heat on Josh Duggar


The body count of victims is just too high for Josh Duggar to simply walk away.

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The Stark Power of One Male Rape Survivor’s Story [video]


Christopher Anderson, Executive Director of Male Survivor, shares his personal story of being sexually molested as a young boy.

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Some Thoughts For the Folks Who Call Us Beta Males


Here’s the most used insult against men who might occasionally consider the point of view of women on the internet.

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‘I Never Had Any Friends Later On Like the Ones I Had When I Was Twelve.’

stand by me 1

Dr. Steven Hanley on “Stand by Me” and male friendship.

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Storytelling Video: Mark Greene, “The Last Late Show With My Father”


On June 4th, 2015, Mark Greene shared his story, “The Last Late Show With My Father” at the Good Men Project story telling event in New York City.

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Why I’m Furious at the Phrase ‘Broken Heart’


Halfway through my rant, I realized I was telling this to myself more than him.

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Why Do Men Go Along with the “Men are Useless” Club?


Writer Karen Jones wants gals who catch men doing self-deprecating humor to encourage them to stop. Then tell them how great they are, instead.

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Too Close for Comfort: The Male Struggle to Connect

male struggle to connect

While working out at the gym, Richard Nicastro looked male intimacy in the eye and named it. And almost got punched out for doing so.

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Shaving at the Cottage and Other Gifts My Grandfather Gave Me


Ben Kinzett shares impressions of his grandfather: sight, sound, scent, and the abiding sense of one man’s place at the pinnacle of Ben’s family pantheon.

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Why the Legalization of Gay Marriage is a Gift for All Our Sons


Generations of boys have been forced to suppress their authentic emotional selves because of the fear of being kicked out of the man club and called a queer.

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So, Now Beards are Stupid? GDYATH!!!!, Mashable!


The world is literally falling apart and the seams, and suddenly, beards are stupid, too? Dang.

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3 Life Saving Steps to Take Back Your Divorce


Divorcing? America’s shaming meta narrative about divorce can destroy your life.

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13 Photos Taken After Midnight


Walking the late night halls of a retirement community.

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Yes, Men Grieve. Please Let Us.


Two years after my son died, I am still broken into little pieces. And no, I am not “over” it.

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Moms! We Need to Check Our Mother Bear Privilege!


Moms are agressively confronting men for talking to children. In a world of engaged parenting by fathers, this is doubly destructive.

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7 Double Standards that Hurt Men (and Women)


Men who live life differently often run into these tough double standards.

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