Marriage Does Not Have to Wait for Money


When can a man afford to marry?

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Is Sex All You Have to Offer?

photo by beograd

Katarina Ilic goes on a short rant about how soon is too soon when first dating.

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The Golden Ratio of Attraction

Photo by jitze

“Men love bitches, women love bad boys.”

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Condoms

Photo by Spec-ta-cles

There is more than one reason to use a condom, and Jackie Summers has made a list of those reasons.

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Wabbit Season Redux: The Icarus Syndrome


Jackie Summers paints a picture of the irrepressible urge to flirt with women as the warm-weather clothes come out.

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16 Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date


Want to sabotage a first date before it even starts? Then ask this set of inappropriate and inflammatory set of questions.

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Men and Their Inner Goat

photo by despedidairene

Bettina Arndt discusses “the vexed business of accommodating male and female sexual needs.”

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Never Again: Figuring Out What to Commit to, and Why

Photo by tacit requiem

Nas Who talks about how sometimes, commitment can be the wrong move.

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Hegemonic Heterosexuality

Hegemonic Heterosexuality

Why are we told that miserable relationships are the romantic ideal? Noah Brand breaks down the assumptions underlying the cultural messages.

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In One Basket

easter basket

For Shawn Shinneman, a sophomore-year breakup leads him to answer the question: What kind of man do I want to be?

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Dating Advice From a Shaman: Keep Calm and Carry On


Are you having your first date in years, or first date of the night? Either way, you might be navigating some nervous moments.

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Two Abortions, Herpes, and 69: Some Things That Made Me Not Go on a Second Date


“I was too much of a coward to say I was sorry.”

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The Fakir


Jackie Summers offers inspiring Valentine’s Day advice for would-be Cupids.

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10 Tips for Using Online Dating Sites to Find Long-Term Love

photo by unlisted sightings

Mika Doyle responds to commenters who are sick of reading dating “don’t” lists.

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Your Soulmate Isn’t Who You Think It Is


Mark Radcliffe thinks you should skip the supermodel and go for the one who loves you even on your worst days.

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Be The Man


Jamie Reidy has just three words for you to remember on a first date: Be. The. Man.

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