Can A Man Be Two Different People?

multiple personality

Jonathan Delavan explores the idea of two apparently contradictory natures being able to coexist within someone.

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For Men, Honoring Women Is Not Optional

Men are aching to honor women photo by Bryan Reeves

Reflecting on the remarkable women who raised him, Bryan Reeves calls for men who honor women to stand up and teach men who don’t know how.

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Men’s Work: Supporting Equality for Women

men and women, feminism,

James Maynard believes good men ought to be good feminists.

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The F-Word for Black Men

The Good Men Project, black men feminism, black history month, black women in history, women celebrated in black history

Introducing a new weekly column on The Good Life by popular contributor “Dr. Bill” Johnson II on black masculinity. This week, he addresses people with common values, separated by a word.

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Men May Be Disposable, But They Are Not Ending


Pelle Billing calls for greater respect for the men who build everything from bridges to the internet.

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Why Do Strong Women Get Bullied?


Certain criticisms don’t mean what the critics think they do.

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My Gain, Your Loss: Hair Removal, Feminism, and Interdependence


An ideology that lacks compassion for half of humanity will not secure freedom for anyone.

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Men and Feminism: A Personal Essay on Finding a Common Ground

photo by centralasian

Amalie Steidley responds to Tom Matlack’s article on men and feminism.

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The Transformational Power of Listening: Why Tom Matlack is Right


Mark Greene explains why Feminism (or any ideology) is not a large enough container to hold the Good Men Project.

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Men’s Stories in Context – Why Feminism Belongs at the GMP

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 8.43.03 AM

Joanna Schroeder believes that stories matter, but without analysis, the conversation is stunted.

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Men and Feminism: A Good Men Project Roundtable

Men and Feminism Graphic

If there’s one thing we’re all about here at the Good Men Project, it’s discussion.

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Why Being a Good Man is Definitely a Feminist Issue


Noah Brand makes the case that gender theory applies to both genders.

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Men’s Goodness Hinges on Hearing Women’s Voices: A Response to Tom Matlack

photo by knowingPark

Hugo Schwyzer sees a world where men can be better, happier and different by including women’s voices in the telling of stories about men.

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SlutWalk: Why They Walk, Why I Walk


Higher Unlearning and White Ribbon Campaign’s Jeff Perera looks back at the initial Walk heard ’round the world, and forward to this

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Ozy Frantz takes down a humor article that tries to be forward-thinking on gender issues and ends up the butt of its own joke.

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Five Ways Feminism Helps Men

Betty Friedan

Justin Cascio names five ways feminism helps men.

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