The Best Man I Ever Met

The Best Man by morizo

Jeff Goins shares how a teenage dad living in the Guatemala City dump taught him how to be a better man.

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Teddy Roosevelt Has Some Advice for You

photo by sakraft1

Ken Goldstein reflects on courage and creativity.

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What Makes a Hero in These Times?

photo throughmyeyes

“Heroes are out there every day, all around, everywhere you look.”

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New American Heroes

photo gersonworks

“Who are the real heroes?” Fredrick Marx believes it’s the men who are mentoring and initiating teen boys.

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The Hero in Each of Us

manhands cheryl vanstane

There comes a moment when our very manhood is up for grabs.

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A Practical Guide to Bravery


Carl Pettit offers a taxonomy of bravery for the rest of us to emulate.

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The Heroes of Aurora

empty movie theater

There were more heroes than villains in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater where 12 were killed.

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Which Virtues Are the Most Underrated?

photo by whappen

“Acts of heroism and accomplishment are always prepared for with millions of small actions that make up a person’s moral fiber.”

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Why Not Me?

photo by changeiam

“I want to represent an idea. The idea that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything, all you need is a crazy work ethic, faith and perseverance.” — Tyrre Burks

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Why I Read Superhero Comics

photo tom1231

The best superhero comics show us that you don’t need superpowers or gadgets to be a hero.

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I Don’t Need a Hero, Just a Loving Man

no hero

Jasmine Peterson wants men to help women become the heroes in their own lives.

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Hero Worship Always Ends Poorly


“Let’s not forget: Grand heroism involves luck.”

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The Art of Being a Hero

rememberance of things past

My friend Marcel would never consider himself a hero. But wages a daily war against daunting foes: ignorance, apathy, intellectual and cultural atrophy, and an increasingly dimmed recollection of the wisdom of a bygone age.

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Discarding My Hero


What happens when you realize the person who has shaped your beliefs doesn’t even hold those same beliefs?

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The Man Without Fear: Heroism and Elementary School


Dr. Matt Finch knows fear. He has taken a class of first graders to the beach.

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