My Mentor Didn’t Just Change My Behavior, He Changed How I Think

Anton Moore

BMe Leader Anton Moore praises his sixth grade teacher for helping him achieve in school and succeed in life.

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In Mentorship, Collaborative Self-Discovery is Key

college graduate-y Will Folsom-flickr

Zachary Hawkins knows that “the importance of mentorship in helping shift the future course of our most precious resources is greater than ever.”

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Mentoring Begins at Home


Michael Taylor Urges: “Now is the time to begin mentoring our young.”

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I Rejected The Idea of a Mentor, Now I am One


BMe Leader Lewis Colson, now 66, wasn’t thrilled about having a mentor as a young man. As his life went on, he realized mentoring was a necessity.

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Mentors Needed: Super Heroes Need Not Apply

1-Kenneth Braswell

Kenneth Braswell asserts: “You don’t need to be a Superhero to mentor children.”

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A Mentor on a Mission to Embrace, Impact and Encourage

1-Keith Brown

Keith Brown knows the power of mentoring, so when he recognized the need for more black male mentors in his community he stepped on to center stage to play the role of a lifetime.

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I Just Realized My First Boss was My First Mentor

Norris Barnes

It wasn’t until I started telling my mentee the things my boss told me, that I realized how influential my first employer was.

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How My Final Suicide Attempt Attracted My First Mentor

photo (4)

Six years ago today Chicago native Richard Taylor was recovering from a suicide attempt, today he’s a best-selling author and a mentor to countless youth. If you ask him how he did it, he’ll tell you: Mentoring works!

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A Speechless Conversation Between Mentor and Mentee


I had no words, he had no words; we just had sighs and long periods of silence when we learned of a 16 year-old black boy in Philadelphia sexually assaulted during a stop-and-frisk.

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I Coach Because He Coached: Inspired by Men Who Mentor

1-Isaiah Coaches

Coach of the award-winning Chosen League, Philly Roots Fellow Isaiah Thomas says he coaches to mentor instead of coaching to win.

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One Man Reflects on the Role Mentoring Had on His Life

1-Pop Pop Johnson

They didn’t call it mentoring back when Bruce “Pop-Pop” Johnson, III, was growing up, but that didn’t stop him from benefiting from the culture that was created.

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Brutal Honesty: How Being Tormented Made Me a Mentor

Mentoring Pic 1

All Joshua Rivers wanted was validation from a male elder. What he got was that and whole lot more.

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The Truth About Black Male Mentors

1-Alex Peay BMe

BMe Leader Alex Peay sets the record straight: “Black men mentor everyday.”

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How A Young Father’s Death Made me a Mentor


Although he didn’t plan to become a parent while still in college, Andre Dandridge took on the responsibility and years later has serviced more than 20,000 young fathers through his interactive educational website,

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You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be a Mentor

2-Men Who Mentor

Attempting to become a better person, I’ve introduced several new practices into my life; the most impactful of them all thus far has been being a mentor.

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Paying it Forward: I’m Still a Mentee but now I Mentor.

2-DJ Reeey with Mentee

I didn’t realize I was being mentored until I began to see how I played a role in other young people’s lives.

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